Mitsubishi To Present GT-PHEV And eX Concepts At Auto Shanghai


Mitsubishi PHEV And eX Concepts Headed To China For First Time

A total of six China-made vehicles will be on display.

Following their global debuts in 2015 and 2016, two of Mitsubishi’s latest concepts will finally make their first appearances in China. At the upcoming 2017 Auto Shanghai, the Japanese manufacturer will present the GT-PHEV (details from launch) and eX (details from launch) studies to its Chinese fans.

The eX concept was revealed in Tokyo in October 2015 and is powered by an electric system. Autonomous driving technologies and a plethora of safety and assistance systems are on board, as well as Mitsubishi’s all-wheel control technology.

It is said that the car can travel up to 400 kilometers (~250 miles)on a single charge, thanks to “high-capacity drive battery package with compact, high-output, high-efficiency motors.”  But with that said…it can’t go really that far.  Mitsu was likely using some ambitious Japanese JC08 rating system that practically requires a downhill course, as its 45 kWh battery would indicate; think maybe 225-240 km/140-150 miles tops in the real world.

The batteries are located under the floor of the SUV, which give it a lower center of gravity and saves interior and boot space.

Mitsubishi later confirmed at the Geneva Motor Show last year that the eX would be headed to production before 2020 rolled around.

Mitsubishi EX Concept

As for the larger GT-PHEV, it’s a far more recent concept, as it first saw the light of day in September last year at the Paris Motor Show. It is being described as a “high-end Japanese SUV coupé for a new automotive experience” and serves as a preview for the next generation production Outlander.

Speaking of the Outlander, the current model will also be on display in Shanghai, alongside its plug-in hybrid version. A total of six models produced in China will be at the show, including the Pajero Sport and Lancer EX.

Source: Mitsubishi

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Wow that is super ugly !

Stop looking in the mirror Clive.


Mirror didn’t break again, did it?

Water seeks its own level.

Rainbows for both of you.

Damn Clive it was a joke 😉

No need to be both mean and ugly. Sorry if I struck a nerve 🙂

Why does everyone insist the future has to be so ugly?

More like a Mitsubitchi if you ask me.

Will the Oil Mafia finally allow this car to be sold in the US?

Not sure how aerodynamic that EX concept front end is.

burn it with fire

Well, not my style, but people love SUV so much, that everything is possible.
Besides not having equal taste.

I personally find Tahoe and Terminator (Navigator) quite ugly.

Not being able to bring the Outlander since production to America, I would not count on this one either.

I also believe that as long as the batteries remain that expensive, and Superchargers are not everywhere, there is still a room for a new generation PHEV concept, set the opposite way to the German “Electric Turbo PHEVs”. I mean based on a competitive All Electric Drive Train, with a possibly smaller 30 to 50KWH battery like here, that can cover for more than all Local commutes milleages, plus average week-end trips, in a powerfull all electric mode, just adding an optional non-tracting Range Extender ICE engine, working as a pure Power Generator, for when the battery if fully depleated, in long vacation trips, as an alternative full all-purposes car replacement concept, vs Long Range EVs like Tesla…. Say a 3X larger BMW i3 in a more popular formfactor. I understand this is exactly what Mitsubishi is presenting here, which makes sense for sure today. Although very soon, as Superchargers get deployed everywhere, and battery costs are improving, the window for any sort of PHEV versus long range full EVs will narrow rapidly. Plus with Tesla Model 3 starting to ship at $35k by year end, the pricing exercise will soon become tricky…