Mitsubishi To Launch New All-Electric and PHEV Compact SUV Between 2017-2020


Mitsubishi expect high growth of BEV/PHEV sales

Mitsubishi expects high growth of BEV/PHEV sales

Mitsubishi intends to introduce new compact SUV (PHEV) and all-electric RVR

Mitsubishi intends to introduce new compact SUV (PHEV) and all-electric RVR

There has been a lot of media reports and interviews indicating that Mitsubishi will introduce more plug-in models to the market in the near future.

Now we have confirmation in the form of a new production presentation for years 2017-2020.

Mitsubishi expect an increase of plug-ins sales and will introduce two new models.

The first will be additional plug-in hybridcompact SUV, smaller than the Outlander PHEV.

The second one is all-electric ASX (Outlander Sport / RVR), which should draw a lot from eX Concept.

Another slide shows us two smaller EVs, which we believe are i-MiEV and Minicab-MiEV sized:

Mitsubishi lineup (plan for 2017-2020)

Mitsubishi lineup (plan for 2017-2020)

We suspect this news might be met with some skepticism in the US, where the original Outlander PHEV was just delayed for the 6th time.

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If you believe this, I also have some ocean front property in North Dakota to sell to you too…

Don’t know if that is already the ASX PHEV, here are some spy photos from last week from a compact Mitsubishi SUV:

“some” skepticism.

Haha, understatement of the century!

I have no doubts that they will actually build them. It is only whether they will sell them in the US or not. Or whether they will even withdraw from the US market entirely, and be perfectly happy making money selling in EU and Asia regions.

There are plenty of car makers (like BYD) who are making their money building cars just for Asia. Which isn’t crazy, considering how much faster that market is growing than the US market, which is only now in the last 6 months recovering from a year or so of declines. And our market is heavily dependent upon incentives that one political party has officially stated they would eliminate, and replace with “Research only” funding from the fed. gov’t. I would be reluctant to release an EV into a market like that too.

Another Euro point of view

Little news on the pure EV front lately except the usual daily tsunami from Tesla. Car makers still carefully putting a toe in the cold EV water it seems. Water temp. would be sales figures of GM Bolt for 2017/2018. Now if a pure EV platform is designed well ahead, maybe what car makers do think, is that at by the time Tesla is ready with Model 3 (not exactly the day after tomorrow for a number of reasons too complicate to expose here but linked among other things with big cash), they have a sweet time cushion to produce like 48 new EV concepts and see how public do react to them, and put one of them into production when times come.

Most of the car companies who have plans on selling plug-in vehicles already have one or two plug-in’s already for sale. They are mostly sticking to talking either about their current products, or distant future projects.

They don’t want to Osborne Effect their cars they are selling right now by talking too much about cars a year or two away.

This is the normal and typical sales cycle for cars in the US. Car makers will release their next vehicle details only when it optimizes sales.

If they don’t want the Osborne effect then hybrids are irrelevant because with long range BEVs, nobody will need a gas engine anymore..

Must be typo. They mean they will launch Outlander PHEV in US between 2017-2020.

I own an I-miev and I don’t think they will bring any of these vehicles to the US market. Back in 2013-4 the former sales manager at my Mitsubishi dealer told me that Mitsubishi shared these same vehicles with their dealer network.Hey look the future is filled with exciting new vehicles. Then they went on to cancel any manufacturing in the US and delayed any new models. Broken promise after broken promise. The latest is they are going to focus on only SUV’s and ditch their car models. Those prototypes they are showing are basically the same ones from 3 years ago. Mitsubishi is too afraid of misjudging the market to even make a decision to go forward or withdraw from the US market. The market will decide for them sooner rather than later.