Mitsubishi Sold Over 5,500 Outlander PHEVs In Japan In 3rd Quarter


2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sales in Japan stayed strong for the third month in a row after the new 2016 model year launch.

With 1,896 sold in September, the total number for the third quarter stands at 5,592.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi sold just 145 MiEV in September.

Outlander PHEV is still the best selling plug-in car in Japan, while the second best Nissan LEAF has been struggling ahead of the introduction of the new 2016 version (with 30 kWh battery). Only 835 were sold in September.  The new longer range, 2016 model doesn’t arrive until December.

The big news is that, in total so far, Nissan and Mitsubishi combined sold in Japan 100,000 all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars (more than 56,000 LEAFs + some e-NV200 and more than 28,000 Outlander PHEV with 17,000 MiEVs).

Nissan & Mitsubishi comparison for Japan

Nissan & Mitsubishi comparison for Japan

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Oh look, one marque in one market in one quarter outsold all hydrogen cars worldwide

It’s not about hydrogen cars, so relax.

Does Mitusubishi still have a US-based assembly plant? If so, they should be cranking out these Outlander PHEVs. They would sell like crazy here if they were priced right.

Mitsubishi closed their last US factory in July of this year.

If you add PiP sales, last figure reported by Toyota was 21,657 cum through July 2015, then, Japanese cum sales rise to over 120K!

Check here:

Unfortunately sales of other models (Model S, BMW i3, Accord PHEV are not known in the public domain)

They have an interesting smaller than outlander concept – new design will outshine the Outlander on plug in performance.

Inside EV’s get on to it please.

Here you go from Down under …

ASX new Mitsubishi future EV.