Mitsubishi Sold Over 21,000 Outlander PHEVs In Two Years In the United Kingdom

APR 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 26

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi is this month celebrating a full two years since the introduction of Outlander PHEV in UK in April 2014.  A very wise decision for Mitsu it would seem.

The Japanese plug-in hybrid SUV has quickly become the main choice for British consumers, and by the end of March, a total of 21,053 plug-in Outlanders were put on the roads.

Every third plug-in electric car in UK is Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

According to the Mitsubishi, in the first quarter of this year, over half (52.3%) of 7,468 plug-in hybrids registered were Outlander PHEV (around 3,900).  That is what you call a dominant market position.

“Launched on this day back in April 2014, the award-winning Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has effectively defined the emergence of the UK’s plug-in hybrid sector. In 2013, the year before its arrival, the total plug-in hybrid market across all marques stood at just 989.”

“In two short years Outlander PHEV sales have overtaken every other plug-in hybrid and pure electric car, even passing vehicles that have been around since 2011 such as the Nissan Leaf.

The Outlander PHEV has become the UK’s number one choice.

It’s not difficult to see why it is proving so popular. It boasts impressive fuel economy and ultra-low emissions – in a vehicle with the go-anywhere ability of four-wheel-drive. Combining electric and petrol power it has a range of 541 miles – 32 miles in electric mode alone, which is more than enough to accommodate the average daily commute.

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

As well as its official fuel consumption figure of 156 miles per gallon, the Outlander PHEV’s low emissions of just 42g of CO2 per kilometre mean there’s no vehicle tax to pay. It is exempt from the congestion charge and it qualifies for the Government’s £2,500 plug-in car grant. In addition, company car drivers can reap the reward of low Benefit in Kind tax (BIK), meaning a virtual pay rise of several thousand pounds per year.”

Lance Bradley, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, said:

‘Introducing new technology is very challenging and to sell over 21,000 Outlander PHEVs in the first two years has been an incredible achievement.

‘People are being increasingly attracted to environmental vehicle performance and the economy it delivers. However they still want to have a car that is great to drive and doesn’t cost significantly more than an equivalent traditional petrol or diesel powered car.’

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26 Comments on "Mitsubishi Sold Over 21,000 Outlander PHEVs In Two Years In the United Kingdom"

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You’d think those pinheads at Mitz would have taken this break-out hit of a vehicle and brought it to the USA to rebuild their dwindled precense in the USA.

But, no. It is hard to not leap to conspiracy theories.

Mitsubishi is a small company (compared to Toyota, VW, …) they can not easily ramp up production. They got overwhelmed by the demand.

What do you think is better. Have one country no cars and delay sales start, thous making all customers in one country angry OR having it available everywhere and get two countries where every customer has to wait 12+ months so you have angry customers in both countries.

Mitz is a massive conglomerate. And they have literally had YEARS to get this to the USA.

Simple, they are production limited and are getting a better deal in Japan and EU. US is low margin, high risk market.

Mitsubishi recently admitted they are coming to the US because they have managed to ramp up the production and attributed the extra delay to higher than expected demand in other markets.

Right or wrong, probably Mitsubishi thinks Europe is the natural market for PHEV’s due to gasoline heavy taxation here (about 75% of the price of 1 liter of gas). If you look for example at sale figures of the new GM Volt, they are rather poor for such a huge car market (North America), perhaps the Outlander would sell better but maybe not.

The real pinheads are GM who withdrew the Volt/Ampera from that market because they couldn’t or worse, wouldn’t sell it there, nor make a crossover version of it.

And worse, they don’t have an suv PHEV. And they had one ready in 2007! Saturn vue I think.

The Saturn VUE Green Line was an extremely weak hybrid with no plug. The motor-generator was driven by a belt for christ’s sake!

I’m surprised they even bothered to bring this to the US.

I know another company that is “… overwhelmed by the demand.” I hope they can ramp up production.

I do believe Tesla can do it 🙂

Model X doing it. Model Y on the horizon.

Yeah, the Toyota Mirai, ISIS is drooling.

It’s not in the USA yet,….. Announced yes but after all these delays nothing would surprise me.

Moot point now with Bolt coming to market. Expand bolt to CUV style is next step. Model Y is way too far in the future to wait.


Next step is LGs own gigafactory. Without it they will be overwhelmed by demand and no batteries for crossover will be made.

GM can mass produce shells. Can LG ramp up production 3-4x it’s current one?

If GM will “show them the money” I’m sure LG can meet whatever GM will commit to. The problem is that GM is not sure how many they can sell, so are likely weak on the production commitments.

Have had my Outlander PHEV for almost a year now and it’s the best car I have ever had !

Averaging 75mpg less electric taking it down to around 60mpg or thereabouts on 10K mileage.

Love it, but can’t wait for 200 mile + pure EV, probably Nissan.

I’m excited this is FINALLY coming to the US. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the build quality like in the Outlander? I have never owned or even driven a Mitsubishi but their rep in the US is not great. My wife currently drives a Mazda CX-9 (similar sized CUV) and I would love to replace it with the Outlander Phev when possible, but she won’t go for it if it feels cheaply made.

The build quality is pretty decent, not sure what the price will be in the US but here in the UK it was around $45k for the base model which I have. It handles very well and does around 23 miles in winter and around 28 in summer on electric only, very quiet in EV mode too !

I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised when it finally arrives.

Good for Mitsubishi and their dealer…. er …. Batter supplayer.

Can they use PHEV leader position to increase market position?

It still pains me to see no other affordable ev SUV in the market. Nissan, hello…… is there anyone home? Nothing in the SUV world, why? Ford same question, everyone talks about GM but really both nissan and ford have SUV hybrids why not phev’s?

Even the Juke which is admittedly small and quirky looking, but it is on the same platform as the Leaf.

Ford makes the CMAX which does have the stance and the headroom of a small crossover, but doesn’t sell the plugin version in Europe, which again boggles the mind. That is until we realize they only sell them in the US for compliance reasons. 🙁

What Ford really needs to build is something like the Flex, but with a little more style and a 20kWh battery in it along with the Energi drivetrain in the front and a 100kW electric motor in the back for AWD. They could learn something from the prototype BMW Power e-Drive. The problem is that they would need a battery system that can output 120kW+.

Like virtually anything that is good for the consumer and bad for Detroit, the US gov’t puts up massive import taxes on anything that might cut into their favorite industry babies din-din and so the companies don’t do it. What is affordable in UK becomes a 50K car in the US so it doesn’t make sense to even try. This type of import would be a game-changer to the big-three and they have no answer to it. Even when they eventually get an SUV it will be as poorly made as as any car the US typically puts out compared to the likes of Mitsubishi, Nissan and Tesla.

Pray for everyone in Japan. Don’t be surprised if there are vehicle production delays including Mitsusbishi outlander to the USA.
They should have kept the USA plant.
It’s clear Japan just isn’t stable currently.