Mitsubishi Sells Over 500 Outlander PHEVs In First Week As Global Demand Intensifies

FEB 28 2013 BY CHRIS ROSS 17

Mitsubishi's Outlander PHEV Has An Electric Range of 37 Miles In Japan...Which Will Translate To About 25 In The US

Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV Has An Electric Range of 37 Miles In Japan…Which Will Translate To About 25 In The US

With just one week of sales on the books, the Outlander PHEV (full details and specs here) already has managed to outsell most of Mitsubishi’s other cars sold in Japan.  506 units were sold between Jan 24th and Jan 31st, giving the Outlander PHEV 5th place beating 11 of the 16 models available in that market.  The only 4 to do better were the EK Wagon, Delica D:5 & D:2, and Mirage.

Mitsubishi Outlander Dash Setup

Mitsubishi Outlander Dash Setup

This is an impressive start for the world’s first plug-in hybrid SUV.  Had the Outlander PHEV been available for the entire month and Mitsubishi maintained this cadence (averaging over 60 sales per day), they would have approached 2,000 sales!  

Of course some of this early momentum can be attributed to the first wave of early adopters.  But it’s worth noting that, according to a popular Japanese blogsite, many of those who pre-ordered either took delivery in Feb or are still awaiting delivery.  It will be interesting to see February’s sales numbers none-the-less, after its first full month on the market.

This popularity is trending in the Netherlands as well.  Members of our own forum here at Inside-Outlander are reporting that their dealerships have nearly sold out for 2013!  Although Mitsubishi has yet to deliver a single Outlander PHEV to the Dutch market and first deliveries are not expected until July, at least 2,500 pre-orders are already on the books (with speculation as high as 3,500).  Dealers are now quoting delivery times in the Oct-Nov timeframe for new orders.  Mitsubishi has pledged to build enough Outlander PHEV’s to meet this demand, but the real question is how long will buyers have to wait to get their hands on one?
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV's Roomy Interior

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s Roomy Interior

The challenge for Mitsubishi to meet demand will only get tougher.  This week reports came in that Mitsubishi intends to add Indonesia to the list of planned markets and there are rumors the Philippines may also get it.  Add this to the already announced releases in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America (January of 2014 at an estimate price in the mid $40,000 range) and it is clear Mitsubishi will have their work cut out for them.  

Outlander PHEV Engine Bay

Outlander PHEV Engine Bay

The Outlander PHEV will be sold in Indonesia through Mitsubishi’s distributor KTB Motors.  KTB’s Marketing Director, Rizwan Alamsjah, indicated that only the plug-in model will be available as KTB will forego the gas-version of the new Outlander.  

Rizwan explains that the PHEV’s modern technology is different and special, and that he believes consumers in Indonesia want products that are completely new (don’t we all?).  He adds that this will be the first PHEV marketed in Indonesia, noting the lack of charging infrastructure as a barrier to selling pure EVs such as the i-MiEV.  This isn’t a problem for the Outlander PHEV thanks to it’s range extending gas-generator.  While no firm release dates were announced, Rizwan hopes Indonesia will be one of the countries to get on the list for release sometime this year.

It looks like Mitsubishi may have a real winner on their hands, assuming they can make them fast enough.
Editor’s Note:  Chris also heads up a great resource for all things Outlander PHEV, as well as hosts a forum where Outlander PHEV owners and enthusiasts can get together at InsideOutlander

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Gallery:  (double click)

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This is definitely on my radar as a second vehicle as my primary car will be an EV. I really wished GM would put the Voltec powertrain in an Equinox though 🙁

Same here, on all accounts. I’d love to park one of these next to my Leaf. I just wish they made it with seven seats for the extended family…

I’m guessing the cost will be $49K. For $79K you can get a full size SUV with twice the battery and a real 40 mile AER. (VIA Motors)

$30 more is a lot, but you get what you pay for.

I too am waiting for an MPV from GM, or something from Ford regarding and SUV plug-in. (not waiting for myself to buy, too big of car for me, but just waiting to see how these do on the market).

MPV from GM??? Don’t hold your breath kdawg, isn’t happening until 2015!!

Mitsubishi will have a 2 year jump on them by then…

We should be putting the same tariffs on this vehicle as they put on the Volt which costs $80,000 in Japan after they add all the Japanese tariffs… they may not call them tariffs .. but that’s all they are… we should be doing the same here… see how many they sell after adding $40,000 to the price.

As a Volt and a Lexus hybrid SUV owner I couldn’t agree more with your statement. The EREV VOLTEC drivetrain produced by GM is the best balance of technology and cost performance of all EV options available today. To scale the VOLTEC system into SUVs and light trucks is a natural extension. Too bad GM dropped this strategy, for now at least. Competitors, like Toyota, refuse to take risks these days, like the one that marked their introduction of the Prius over a decade ago, and so they continue to milk their original hybrid technology, which is obsolete in comparison to the Volt/ELR platform. Mitsubishi has got it right with their PHEV system, I only wish they would outsource their design team to another manufacturer with more creative skills and produce a better looking vehicle.

This is what the Toyota RAV4 should have been. The plug-in gives you the EV power for daily commuting, but hybrid for longer trips in the SUV.

Short story related to the Outlander PHEV:

I happened to take my wife to a media show recently, and while normally I am met with a huge round of indifference from her when it comes to plug-in vehicles (she hears about them waaaay too much to care), she loved the Outlander PHEV, practically can’t wait to buy one.

She even brought home the literature/brochure, and it is still sitting on the kitchen table to this day.

If Mitsu can surprise us and price this competively in the US, they might have a rare plug-in winner on their hands…although to be fair, the ICE Outlander is already a winner of sorts, and makes up like a third of the brand’s sales overall today.

I feel your pain, my wife is similarly fatigued of plug-in news/cars. Great to hear her reaction to the Outlander.

The Outlander may turn out to be a bigger winner than I expected. That would be great for the plug-in market, as the rest of the players would (finally) recognize the potential.

Hahah.. Looks like they’ve sold more outlanders in a week than they did i-Mievs in a whole year.

Yup, when our Subaru dies someday, I could definitely see putting this next to our Nissan Leaf in the garage for our rare long-distance trips. That is, of course, unless an automaker comes up with something along the lines a PHEV Westfalia camper. C’mon, VW: bring that kind of variation of Bulli to market!

The pricing in Japan is very confusing, the Outlander PHEV with two electric motors, gasoline engine and 12 kWh battery costs less than the i-Miev.

Very interesting.
Is that before rebates ?

Interesting powertrain. Is that HSD up front? (and electric motor in rear).

Honestly, I’d be willing to pass on the leather and fancy electronics to have something a few thousand less. It will say much more in it’s utitlity rather than it bling.

The first company that puts out a full size mini van with this type of setup rules the game!

@Jason – You may get your wish. Mitsubishi’s Delica D:5 eight-seater minivan is based on the same platform as the Outlander. Hypothetically speaking, it should be possible for Mitsubishi to simply apply what they have in the PHEV Outlander to the next gen Delica minivan.

But is the Delica available in North America? It wasn’t 15 yrs ago…