Mitsubishi Recalls Almost 15,000 i-MiEVS, iOns and C-Zeros

JAN 24 2013 BY STAFF 2

Mitsubishi says it is recalling more than half of the i-MiEVs it has built to date, due to a brake problem than can effect the performance of their EVs when they come to a halt.

Citroen C-Zero Also Effected By Recall

In total about 14,700 electric vehicles will be recalled, including some of those i-MiEVs re-badged as PSA/Peugeot-Citroens, also known as iOns and C-Zeros.

According to Mitsubishi, the vehicles may carry an improperly shaped or damaged electric pump, which sends air to the brake booster.  The brake booster multiplies the forces applied from the foot and makes braking easier.

A problematic pump may cause the vehicle to run a longer distance when braking before it comes to a complete halt.  In an interview with Reuters, Tatsuo Yoshida, a senior analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities in Tokyo said:

“This is a matter of one part, and it’s too much to apply the issue to say there is something wrong with electric vehicles. The cause of the problem is identified and there were no accidents. But the problematic part is the brake, an important part for safety, and that means Mitsubishi Motors’ quality check procedure is too weak.”

The Peugeot iOn Looks Strangely Familiar To Us

For now it appears the recall only effects cars sold in Japan and throughout Europe, as the NHSTA in the US has yet to post a bulletin on the 600+ i-MiEVs that have been sold here, but that could feasible change shortly.
We would suggest contacting your local dealership on the matter over the next few days if you happen to own one of the 62 mile EVs.
Mitsubishi says the repair is a simple exchange of the pump and should only take about half an hour.
As far as largest plug-in vehicle recalls go, this faulty pump puts Mitsubishi at the head of the class with 14,700 units affected, followed by a General Motor’s ‘battery fix’ (as a preventative measure to fires that could happen several days after an accident) that numbered around 8,000 units.  Fisker also recalled 2,400 Karmas to fix a faulty cooling fan that could actually set a fire.
Given Mitsubishi’s struggles to sell the -MiEV in the United States, this probably is not the best news for thier first plug-in offering.

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Maybe this is the silver lining to having sold so few of them – fewer to recall and fix!

No complaints about mine- I’d been hoping that this vacuum pump would become common in EV conversions. It is extremely quiet and recovers very quickly from even repeated hard stops. No drumming like in the Volt, just a soft whine. The vacuum pump in Transit Connect Electrics also came from Mitsu. Dunno if it’s exactly the same item….