Mitsubishi Pulls Plug On Outlander PHEV In Russia Due To Low Sales


On sale in Russia since Fall of 2014, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has never been successful there, with only 71 sold in 2014 and 23 in the 2015.

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV gets a "Quick" charge...only of the rare PHEVs with a DCFC connection

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV gets a “Quick” charge…only of the rare PHEVs with a DCFC connection

Mistubishi has therefore decided to remove the Outlander PHEV from the Russian market.

Conversely, the automaker still refuses to sell the plug-in SUV in the U.S., even though it would be an immediate success in the region.  (Mitsubishi now says the vehicle has been delayed for the ~6th time in the US and is not expected until late Summer as a 2018 model).

The standard Outlander accounts for two-thirds of Mitsubishi sales in Russia, but the higher price tag of the plug-in version has repelled buyers, so its exit is imminent.

We honestly believe that Mitsubishi never really tried to sell the Outlander PHEV in Russia. The real purpose for it being there was to conduct cold-weather testing, and to fine tune the vehicle’s operation and heating system for colder climates.

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Morons. They continually choose to dodge the US for fear they can’t keep up with demand, while wasting money on markets they can’t get traction in.

By the time it arrives in the US (if ever) it will be a “has been” vehicle, and will find and equally tough time being successful there too.

I think it broke over the tipping point of becoming a “has been” vehicle when they fooled us for the 6th time with yet another delay.

You know the old saying: “Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled 6 times again”.

If Mitsubishi wants to win back the enthusiasts, they are going to have to do something big to justify their latest delay. Something like a bigger battery pack to win over those who say the range is too short. We still haven’t gotten an official EPA range yet, either.

This is one of the EV’s that I thought was a no-brainer for success in the US. It is just so frustrating.

Mitsubishi has completely lost me on the Outlander.

I really want AWD (drove in snow & slush last Sat & Sun) and am more likely to get it with a Tesla Model 3 or AWD version of the GM Bolt than the Outlander.

Mitsubishi PHEV Outlander, after your 6 apologies to the US market, can you please just take your disappointments elsewhere. Even Russia has no love for U.

If it comes to the USA in 2018 then it will need a serious battery upgrade by that point to be taken seriously.

What other PHEV/BEV in its class will there be in 2018? Tesla Model X (Model Y probably not for sale yet), BMW i5 or X5 PHEV, Mercedes maybe?

The Jeep version of the Chrysler Pacifica.

Let me guess… they sold the car in Russia with CHAdeMO, in a country that has almost zero CHAdeMO charge stations.

But, *if* they bring it to the US, where there are over 2000 CHAdeMO stations (and growing daily), they intend to leave off the inlet.

No wonder Nissan had to get involved (before they go bankrupt).

Indeed Tony, Mitsubishi corporate needed saving from themselves, yet we’ve heard squat from Nissabishi since the takeover. Silence only deepens the suspicion that the Mitsu brand will go Suzuki on us, with no solid warranty service option, so sales continue to suffer. I recently helped a friend buy a brand new i-MiEV for $6500 (after the tax credit). Incredible deal!

Just to add to the Nissan-Mitsu talk.

While it feels like the deal has been around a long time, because it was floated and accepted with some provisions some time ago…it actually only closed on October 20th. Nissan has actually only been in technical control for ~6 weeks now.

Not sure what could have been accomplished/changed in that time-frame…for all we know Ghosn hasn’t even had time to put pictures of his kids on the Mitsu Chairman’s desk that he will probably never actually use in person.

With 34% Stake Nissan Adds Mitsubishi Motors To Alliance, Ghosn New Chairman – Video
-October 20th, 2016

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a change in attitude toward the US market next year from Mitsu.

The strength of the Yen has played it’s part in the delays also.

They are trying to sell a more expensive SUV PHEV in an oil rich country that doesn’t care about emission or global warming. (global warming might make much of Russia livable!)

And yet, US market is begging for it.

That is totally genius at the Mitsubishi management…

No wonder they had to cheat.

(global warming might make much of Russia livable!)

Wow. A very interesting way of saying how you really feel.

I guess you don’t get the “sarcasm” in there.


You can try using hints like: “/sarcasm” or “I’m saying things I think are actually false as a literary device” or “:-p”.

I had zero clue that you were going for sarcasm, and I’m normally up on such things.

The extra inventory they aren’t sending to Russia will come in handy when they release the Outlander PHEV in the USA in 2022.

I just heard that they are pushing it out to November 2023…


That’s a little better on the sarcasm. Practice makes perfect, you know. 😉

outlander phev turned out to be a total failure and cheating.
The battery in the city average time is 25 to 30 km. Middle mixed flow in different routes in the city left 21,38 mpg.

Overcharged for the cost of hybrid extra money there is no point ($ 60,000 in Ukraine and Russia), fuel, it still burns, and no question of 123.8mpg and can not be – a complete fraud on. (More precisely, – 123.8mpg can be achieved – if recharged every 30km, and not to be dispersed over 60 km / h.). full crap and not hybrid.

Therefore, it is easier to buy – outlander gasoline priced at $ 27,000.

If Phev in the form in which it is now, falls to the US market, – I think Americans would never buy anything however a significant number of cars with the logo of Mitsubishi.

I wife says, F U Mitsubishi.