Mitsubishi Prices Outlander PHEV at £28,249 ($47,012 USD) in UK


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Order books in the UK are now open for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.  First deliveries will take place in May.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Price after the UK’s £5000 plug-in vehicle grant: £28,249

That converts to $47,012 USD, which doesn’t give us an accurate gauge of US pricing, but it’s a start.

Before jumping into our US price prediction, let’s first point out that the £28,249 after-grant price is for the entry-level GX3h Outlander PHEV.  A version we likely won’t get in the US.

Two more upscale Outlander PHEVs are offered in the UK:

GX4h£32,899  ($54,714 USD)

GX4hs£34,999   ($58,207 USD)

All UK-specific pricing takes into account the UK’s £5000 plug-in vehicle grant.

Still, we’re no closer to knowing the Outlander PHEV’s US price, but wait, there’s more:

“In a break from convention which usually sees hybrid vehicles attract a significant premium over other models in the range, the entry-level PHEV is priced exactly the same as the diesel GX3 auto.”

“Other hybrid models (GX4h and GX4hs) attract a £1000 premium over diesel options, but Mitsubishi says this is due to their added specification.”

Reports Autocar.

Okay, so the Outlander PHEV is priced identically to the diesel Outlander in the UK (in base trim at least), so where does that get us in terms of US pricing?

Seeing as though Mitsubishi doesn’t offer a diesel Outlander in the US (and only offers diesel and PHEV Outlanders in the UK), we’re likely no closer to determining a US price for the PHEV version, but perhaps the graphic below, which shows US base MSRP for all Outlander models will help us out.

Mitsubishi Outlander Base Pricing USA

Mitsubishi Outlander Base Pricing USA

Source: Autocar, hat tip to offib & David!

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This thing just got its 3rd recall:–sector.html

They’ve been wise to not sell it in the USA yet. Mitz doesn’t have a good reputation in the USA as is . . . and 3 recalls on a new vehicle? It would become a joke.

lol, new product growing pains.
It’ll probably hit the US after the bugs have been sprayed out. 🙂

Just teething troubles. Nothing like the last recall or more appropriately, investigation that shut down production. If anything, this 3rd recall sounds a lot like the Vampire Draw that the Model S had.

And if the Volt had three recalls, everyone would be up in arms talking about how crappy it is, etc. etc.

At this point it seems like it might never hit the US market. It needs a refresh before it does , so that means 2+ years

Now that the Netherlands isn’t demanding for thousands of them a month, it’s doing well in most countries (including the netherlands) with a few hundred a month. At the full rate of production Mitsubishi said it was at for producing the Outlander PHEV (30,000 units per year), I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Plug-In Crossover will be seen later this year like November. That is, unless the Outlander PHEV becomes stupidly popular again somewhere else.

Video review here, including real world mileage, interior pics including trunk space, and off roading:

From the two test drives, it appears to get roughly 20-21 electric miles per charge. Similar to a Ford Fusion Energi. Which I bet will be priced almost the same ($35k-40k).

“After the grant, it will cost £28,249. That’s less than a [Toyota] Prius plug-in and it’s less than the average price of a new car last year. “We think that with these prices we might actually have a tiger by the tail in terms of how many we’re going to sell.” The Outlander PHEV emits 44g/km, returns an official 148mpg and can travel for 32.5 miles on electricity alone after a full charge. In addition to the battery, it also has a conventional 2.0-litre petrol engine. Bradley openly admitted that the official fuel economy figures were not achievable in every day driving conditions. “There are almost no circumstances in which this will do [the official] 148mpg. It will only do it on the NEDC combined cycle. “We’re quite happy to start campaigning for more realistic measures for fuel testing. “We’ve done our own real world tests to see what it can do. After about 150 miles [on a single run] then the PHEV drops to being less efficient than the diesel engine. “We feel it’s really important to be honest with people. There’s no point in telling them it will do stuff it won’t.” He mentioned “massive savings for company… Read more »

The 32.5 electric miles is equivalent to when I hypermile my Volt at 35MPH and get 50 electric miles. Most other circumstances, it will be much lower.

Its not too tough to guess the price of the Outlander PHEV in the States.

A bit less than whatever the Prius PHEV sells for, if it is done in the same way as they have priced in the UK.

In The Netherlands it’s priced 6000 euros above the Prius PHEV. So whoever can explain car manufacturer’s pricing policies to me, I’ll promise him/her a nomination for the Nobel Prize.

They were selling all they could make in the Netherlands at 6,000 Euros more than the Prius, so that’s the price they set!
Car manufacturer’s pricing policies aren’t difficult to understand, they simply charge as much as they think they can get away with, except Tesla of course, who have hit on the novel solution of overcoming production constraints by reducing their price, and their price reduction in Germany has nothing, nothing whatsoever to do with their not selling! 😉

I claim my Nobel Prize!

Seriously though, thanks for the info on pricing in the Netherlands.
It is difficult to keep track of all the European markets.

Not looking good for those of us waiting for the Outlander PHEV in the US.


That’s a chunk of change folks!!