Mitsubishi Premieres Worldwide Promotional Video On i-MiEV

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If You Say So

Despite not having intentions of making a 2nd generation of the i-MiEV, it appears (thankfully) that Mitsubishi has no short term plans to discontinue the car completely, as the company put out a 5 minute documentary on all the place the iMiEV has been, what it has done, and what the little electric kei car’s future could be in the community’s of tomorrow.

A Lot Of Japanese Influence In The Video

The video describes some power to house and power to grid options, as well as Mitsubishi latest racing effort at Pike’s Peak earlier this year.  The i-MiEV Evolution, a heavily re-sculpted i-MiEV, completed that race in 2nd, while the standard i-MiEV finished 6th (in the EV category).

In between the historical update/milestones of the car, we get testimonials from i-MiEV drivers in every country the 62 mile, all-electric car is sold in.

via ElectricCars.TV

It is still apparent that Mitsu has much larger plans for Japan, as the worldwide promotional video has strong Japanese undertones, and has been trimmed of about half its content (and Mitsu’s other commercial EV) from the i-MiEV’s home market.

If interested, the orginal can be found below:


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Sorry, I can’t help but comment…hands down that film contains the best EV-screencap of all time! (I had to hijack the story lead picture when I say it)

ditto, ‘cept I just don’t get that inflated sea slug at the festival– twould freak out even my sashimi-slurping kids…
Wish they had demonstrated the colossal cargo capacity of the i-MiEV, but of course, InsideEVs already did that best.