Mitsubishi Plans To Launch Whole Family Of Plug-In & Electric SUVs By 2020

OCT 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 26

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi chairman and CEO Osamu Masuko revealed to Autocar that the automaker is going full speed on development of a whole plug-in lineup of SUV of all sizes by 2020.

According to the interview, there will be at least 4 plug-in models, with a fifth under consideration:

  • All-electric or plug-in hybrid ASX (Outlander Sport / RVR) with AWD. Much depends on the Mitsubishi eX Concept impressions. The size of the car could be downsized current generation ASX (“the world’s smallest SUV“).
  • Plug-in hybrid between ASX and Outlander PHEV
  • new enlarged Outlander PHEV
  • Plug-in hybrid between Outlander PHEV and Shogun
  • maybe plug-in hybrid Shogun

Osamu Masuko seems to be set on the all-electric ASX, but a final decision hasn’t been made yet.

The Mitsubishi boss admitted that the Outlander PHEV’s success exceeded company expectations.

The Japanese brand intends to slowly drift more into the premium segment.

Osamu Masuko said:

“It is true that at first we didn’t have to fight other competitors and that in future we will face fierce competition. However, the signs that PHEV technology is spreading are positive. That means it will become a major technology for the future.”

“We must look very carefully at where society is going, and at the progress of battery technology, before taking these decisions. If we were to make the wrong decision, a small company like ours would not be able to compete. But we must reach our decisions quite soon.

“We see our future role as being to offer specialised technologies others don’t have; not a huge number of them but several that are very special. My own view is that the ultimate form for the vehicles of the future is the pure EV.”

Source: Autocar

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‘The Japanese brand intends to slowly drift more into the premium segment.”
AKA, add shiny, raise prices, more profit.

2020 maybe too late. In the US nobody even considers Mitsubishi when buying a car. I’m f they established themselves as the phev SUV company they’d have the market to themselves and with the new fuel standards will possibly be able to be comparable to an ice SUV on cost. if a plugin SUV sells this well in Europe imagine how good a competitively priced one would do in the US. GM missed the boat IMHO

If nobody considers Mitsubishi in the US how has Mitsubishi sold 73k vehicles so far in 2015 in the US?

> 73k

OK, I think you just confirmed what he said.

That’s more than Tesla’s annual sales.

The Tesla bashing trolls are too quick to nitpick 🙂

Well at least semantically depending on the branch it is correct or incorrect.
Maybe they just bought them without considering it.

I understand until 2020 all SUV will be available as PHEV. The ASX should arrive 2017 what i heared from a Mitsubishi manager.

At least one Japanese car company heading in the right direction. They’ve shown that they can sell plug-in vehicles in volume and at a profit. Good for them.

We’ve been hearing this for a long time.
Won’t believe it until somethings For Sale.

You are so right. I bought an i-miev 1n 2012. I have spoken with the sales manager every six months. He is so discouraged about the lack of anything to sell. He comes back from corporate meetings where they are shown pictures of future products but Mitsubishi keeps delaying making any decision to bring these “concepts” to market. In 2012 they were saying the same as they are in 2015.

They said the same in 2012 als in 2015? So what’s your problem if they stick to their announcements?

By 2020, Tesla will start development of the Model Y. If Tesla can release an affordable small SUV that goes 200 miles along side a completed nationwide Supercharger network, then Mitsubishi will be arriving late to the party.

The party will be 100 million cars sold annualy by then.

And Tesla will be around 200-250k sales per year by then.

Lots of party for every model of EV for lots of years to come… 😉

An electric Lancer would be great.

Masuko> “My own view is that the ultimate form for the vehicles of the future is the pure EV”

That is one of the most encouraging things I heave read in a while.

Maybe Mitsubishi is recognizing that they can transform their position in the market as the technology transformation occurs.

Fortune favors the bold.

Taking 5 years to release these new models isn’t exactly bold… and may be too late to capture much market share… But I wish them luck.

Put me down for anything the size of a ASX, up to and including something the size of an Outlander.

The Outlander would actually be larger than I really need, but I don’t mind as long as the price and stats are OK, and it has AWD. An ASX or anything inbetween would likely work just as well for me.

What i gathered from tge article is that Mitsibushi will be releasing 4 Suv models that will have a really small battery and also a gas engine. I don’t need both. Can we please just have the pure EV you are hinting at? A compact pickup Ev, and a Mirage Ev would be great as well. Not everybody wants a crossover or Suv. How about an electric 2 seater like a mazda Miata? Just because the hot trend in gas vehicles is SUV doesnt mean we need EV versions of the same old thing. Smart sells the only convertible EV! How about an Eclipse convertible EV? My wife would buy one if it comes to market before the Beetle Convertible EV.

Mirage PHEV?

Well at least Mitsubishi has got the right future plan.
Fingers crossed – the more PHEV – the more pure EV’s with decent range and price will arrive & the demise of the Hydrogen Fueled nonsense cannot come fast enough.

Mitsubishi can hype up all their plans until hell freezes over, but the cold hard fact remains… STILL NO MITSU OUTLANDER PHEV IN NORTH AMERICA.

WTF is your problem Mitsu? It can’t be battery supply constraints because it’s been months if not years that you keep coming up with the same excuse.

That thing is selling so well in other parts of the world that they should just kill that little rolling coffin they call the iMiev and focus on the PHEV Outlander.

Yeah, the battery constraint plus the fact that they probably get a better profit margin in Europe is the only logical reason I could see.

Beyond that, I start getting into conspiracy theory territory. I could see other automakers pressuring them not to bring this SUV PHEV to the USA because it will cut into the big profits they make on their convention SUVs.

I saw an iMiEV the other day. It made me smile. The just don’t work in the USA. They are so tiny and the battery is just too damn small. Double the battery size and it could be interesting though.

Nice to see them realize they have a hit with the Outlander PHEV. Of course they are idiots for not having it in the USA yet.

There has to be some kind of weird reason as to why it is not yet in the USA.

‘The Japanese brand intends to slowly drift more into the premium segment.’

The first gen Outlander PHEV was not exactly premium segment stuff. The revamp’ed 2nd generation Outlander PHEV that they are going to launch in the US next spring is supposed to be updated to higher standards that are closer to an entry-level premium car.

That could be a factor. Along with the much better European price incentives for a PHEV with a battery the size that is in the Outlander. It doesn’t qualify for the full incentive in the US.

I don’t know what to make of the news.

Mitsubishi seems to be slowly drifting away from the US market with their diminishing sales.

It would be a really sad day if Mitsubishi decides to go all plugins and then decides to stop selling in the US at the same time.