Mitsubishi Outlander Sport PHEV in the Works?


“We are committed to huge investments in capital as well as huge investments in R&D.”

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi’s executive vice president for sales and fixed operations at Mitsubishi Motors North America, Don Swearingen told Edmunds.

Some of Mitsubishi’s “huge investments” include future PHEVs, possibly even a plug-in hybrid Outlander Sport.

The global success of the Outlander PHEV, which won’t launch in the US until 2015 as a Model Year 2016 offering, seems to have convinced Mitsubishi to expand its PHEV portfolio.

As Swearingen told Edmunds, an Outlander Sport plug-in hybrid is being considering, though there’s no set timeframe for its launch at this point in time.

The Outlander Sport (though bearing the Outlander name) is considerable smaller, lighter and more agile than the Outlander.  The Sport is a 5-seat compact crossover-ish SUV, whereas the Outlander is a mid-size 7-seat SUV.

Source: Edmunds

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Anyone got any guesses on what sort of date a ‘2016 model in 2015’ means?
Fall at the earliest?

Yup fall 2015 is likely for a 2016 model. At best it would be mid summer 15

That is very disappointing and will cost Mitsubishi some sales to other models.

I can’t believe they can’t get this thing on the us market sooner.

Total disappointment if it’s true.
I was hoping for December 14 to spring 2015 release.

I’m beginning to wonder if GM, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Toyota and every other car mfr unwilling to build a plug in hybrid SUV has some secret report convincing them we all just can’t live without putting $75 to $100 a week in the tank of the family truckster!

Late 2015 as a 2016 model? Might as well be vapor ware for USA buyers.

GM could make a killing putting the voltec or spark EV powertrains in a Trax/Encore now, and in the new equinox platform when it arrives.
Somebody’s asleep there, or someone’s paying them to NOT release the SUV variants…

I would buy a PHEV Equinox or Terrain…

The big carmakers are scared of a sales flop in the US, and with good reason: They tried making SUV hybrids to ease that gas pain, and nobody’s buying them.
Hybrids have a >5% share of cars, but only 0.3% share of light truck sales, and I bet a big chunk of that is the C-Max (which is an MPV, not a SUV).

There appears to be little overlap between new truck buyers and those seeking good fuel economy. It’s an extremely risky market to address in the US.

Although the regular Outlander can seat seven, I don’t think the PHEV version has been offered with more than five seats.

If the Sport Outlander is a smaller vehicle, will they need to squeeze out its fifth seat to install the battery?

No 7 seater option on the PHEV.
What they call 7 seater in Europe for these things is more like a parcel shelf anyway.
I doubt they will need to affect the 5th seat in the Sport as Mitsubishi put the batteries under the floor, not in a central tunnel, it just raises the seat to high to do 7 seaters but that layout won’t affect the 5th seat.

I saw it at the auto show.. Their 3rd row is much like Tesla’s, only fits children.
Honestly not missing much if the PHEV deletes those.


Are you aware of any affordable plug-in available in North America capable of seating six?

By affordable, I mean less than 60K before taxes and incentives. Must not be a compliance vehicle.

Nothing AFAIK.
The only ones that might fit the bill are Via Motors.
I suspect that they will be more than $60k.
As for how many people will fit in them, I am not familiar with the base models since I don’t live in NA so you would know better than I.

Thanks for your reply, Dave.

VTrux’s SUV is immense, it might seat six elephants. However, they’re quoting 79K for volume purchases for the base pick-up. I think SUV will be even more.

Mitsubishi seems to selling every one of these they can build, but supply chain is still immature. Tesla model S are still not available in Japan, despite being onroad in USA for almost 1 1/2 years…

Bring it on!
I am considering an RVR if a plug-in is not in my immediate future.
But if they make a PHEV one, easy sell.

Mitsubishi better have a redesigned Outlander to launch in the US because this current version will be extremely dated by late 2015/2016 launch time.

the current interior is already dated. and the exterior will be old news by then.

Here is the 2014 model at Geneva:

That’s the Outlander (2014)
This is the Outlander Sport, aka RVR or ASX in the rest of the world. The confusing name only applies to the US.

Kevin was asking about the Outlander, not the Outlander Sport, so that is what I linked.

that car is hardly a world premiere, its been on sale in the us since late summer 2013?
thanks for the video Dave, its a great find, but that car is old

how about something new Mitsubishi?

That is a slight refurb on the 2013 version.
Who knows what will be the version for the 2016 model year when the PHEV is supposed to go to the States?

I should add that it looks perfectly acceptable to me.
I don’t expect an SUV to look like a Maserati.

Then again I am of the ‘if the wheels go round’ school of thought.

Mitsubishi is an enigma. They’re good at some things including technological design, but apparently terrible at marketing and mass production, and they could use some advice on aesthetic design. They seem to have absolutely no corporate agility at all. They are slow, slow, slow. I love my i-MiEV and would love to buy an Outlander PHEV in a heartbeat to replace my Explorer, but being in the US, they’re not available. Also, the PHEV by Mitsubishi is looking more and more dated as months go by. If indeed the “Sport” model is foreseen, the current Outlander PHEV will be obsolete the moment it hits US shores. MMC needs some younger visionaries and some willingness to take a little risk. Otherwise their business will die with the corporate leaders at MMC, who, by their policies appear to be dottering old fools.

Pretty harsh considering they actually beat Nissan to the punch in producing a practical BEV for the mass market.

They are now producing the world’s first practical mass market plug in SUV.

The doddering old fools seem quite brisk on their pins.

The Outlander Sport won’t replace the Outlander, as it is a much smaller vehicle.

Mitsubishi like Nissan produce very Japanese designs.
I am not too keen on them, but then again I am not Japanese, and beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder.

Ins’t this the same size as the regular Outlander PHEV?

Let’s put it this way, if Mits offered a LARGER PHEV platform for my daily 25 miles, I’d pay $50k for it tomorrow (with feds $7,500 credit) .

My wallet stops at $42k. Build whatever you want. There’s NO, absolutely no, reason to spend more on ANY PHEV beyond that price point.

For that, I can get a used ICE platform and spend the difference on gasoline until I die.