Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales Pass 40,000 In Europe

JUN 27 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi celebrates its own milestone of 40,000 Outlander PHEVs delivered in Europe since October 2013.

The Outlander PHEV is now even very close to overtaking the Nissan LEAF at 41,500.

For Outlander PHEV, Europe significantly eclipsed Japan, which as of end of May was at 22,000.

Outlander PHEV is now available in most countries in Europe, although 74% of sales are focused in just two countries.

The Netherlands, of course, with almost 18,000 units sold and the UK at nearly 12,000.

Over 8,000 sales come from Sweden, Norway, Germany and France.

40,000 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in Europe

40,000 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in Europe

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They could probably sell 40,000 per YEAR in the USA.

Imports and sales of the PHEV in the US may be quite dim, compared to your 40,000 figure.

I’d just like to gawk over the fact that over 70% of these sales belong to the UK and NL…

That’s totally great, but this should be seen as a good reason why much smaller markets are lacking with plug-in sales throughout the board. A very small portion of Outlnaders in Ireland are sold as PHEVs, but quite the opposite in the UK. The same must probably go for the i3 (its sales closely followed by the i8), e-Golf, Zoe and possibly the LEAF over hear. Sales could be much better if there wasn’t this change in priority or if battery production was more than enough.

It would make a lot more sense to deprioritise small markets of new, limited and highly demanded models. While desperate, I fear that Mitsubishi America may not have that much of a chance to recieve more than 10,000 PHEVs per year.

Well now that they own the battery company we should see improvements in peoduction

As per these figures, plus over 1,000 sold in Australia and New Zealand, culmulative global sales are now around 63,000. With PiP sales almost nil and with cum sales over 70k, it seems the Outlander PHEV will pass the Prius PHEV by the end of the year!

If sales in the U.S. take off the way it did in Europe, I think the Outlander will catch up the Model S in 2016 (at 75k now and probably 100k by December 2015.

Well, logically, it should surpass both of those cars!
I think most people would agree, it can’t really compare to the S, but it is a lot cheaper, so it should sell better than the S. But compared to the PIP, the Outlander is a much better Plug in, and seeing that the PIP, with its comically range, still is the top selling plug-in-hybrid, makes me doubt general common sense.

Mitsubishi will need to have a little Gigafactory of their own in the next few years.

When will Mitsubishi unveil/announce their next generation i-MiEV?

That’s a pretty good run rate, but it has been helped by some hefty business tax benefits that wouldn’t exist in the US.

Mitsubishi might have a bigger pricing challenge here, even with the tax credits.

Good on Mitsubishi delivering to true 1st world countries – at least they can truly appreciate them and Mitsubishi can grow their PHEV market segment.

The pretend 1st world countries will have to wait 😎

If it gets 37 miles of AER on the Euro test, what would it get in the US test? 75% of that? 27-28 wouldn’t be bad if that is the real world AER, 24-25 would kind of blow.
I hear the top speed is 75mph, is that due to a limiter or is it a complete dog? I have never seen a 0-100 kph time for it other than the NEDC time of 11 seconds which kind of argues that it is a bit slow. NEDC also states that the range is more like 33 miles.

The 11 second number is in EV-only mode. With the engine running it is supposed to be pretty peppy, knocking quite a few seconds off of that.

Having the genset kick on due to acceleration is less than optimal. One of the cool things about the Volt is that you can drive for efficiency, or you can drive spiritedly, and the genset stays off.

When I see hundreds for sale in the USA, I will finally believe this unit has arrived.

Unit then, my 16 mpg Montero is a great SUV.
I would be highly skepticle this Outlander could survive 210K miles like my Monty has.

PHEVs usually do have higher “lifetime” (battery life is a different discussion) because the amount of time, the ICE directly engages the wheels is very little and also if you are running ICE say 50% of the time, 200K miles on Car is actually 100K on the ICE. So, that is the general behavior, a well maintained PHEV should easily cross 200K and beyond.