Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales Surge in Japan; Did Mitsubishi Lead the World in Plug-In Sales in November?

DEC 27 2013 BY MARK KANE 18

An Endless Line Of Outlander PHEVs At Zeebrugge In The Netherlands Last Week.  Mitsubishi Says You Can Visit "Any" Dealer By Month's End For A Test Drive!

An Endless Line Of Outlander PHEVs

1,705 is the number of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sales in Japan for November.

This is few hundred more than the number of Nissan LEAFs sold there last month and worth over 0.6% of the total automotive market share.

November’s Japan results, combined with 2,736 Outlander PHEVs sold last month in the Netherlands, bring Outlander PHEV sales to 4,441 in a single month in two countries.

For comparison, Nissan sold 2,003 LEAFs in the U.S. in November, 1,306 in Japan and little over 1,000 elsewhere around the globe, according to EV sales blog, which all together brings LEAF sales last month to 4,333.

We don’t yet have all the data, but it seems that single-month Outlander PHEV sales are already on par or even slightly higher than the Nissan LEAF on the global level.

If we add sales of Mitsubishi i-MiEVs and MiEV delivery vehicles in Japan (and worldwide i-MiEVs) we could say that now, with probably ~4,700 units sold in a single month, Mitsubishi is the largest plug-in manufacturer in terms of single-month sales, right? At least in November.

The last thought is that electric kei-cars in Japan are selling poorly compared to the Outlander PHEV, but hopefully growth will come thanks to the already announced price drop for 2014 models.

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Dear GM….. Voltec Equinox please.


A Trax/Encore would be a welcome as well.

or even a voltec Captiva

To date i have 4391 units for the Leaf and 4441 for the Outlander PHEV, so probably November is the first month where the Leaf isn’t #1.

The 31 EV mile plug-in hybrid SUV seems to be popular in Japan and the Netherlands, however the full EV RAV4EV is not.

It must be that those who buy a large SUV, expect to it to be able to handle long road trips, along with offering enough EV power for daily commuting.

Which means the expected new 2015 Edge Energi that’s coming next year should do well.

You can’t buy a Toyota RAV4 EV anywhere in Europe or Asia.

That may be why sales are low.

My question that I would like to ask is what is the price on the Outlander PHEV compared to the other plug in cars on the road that it is going angst? Such as if this car is a few thousand dollars cheaper then everyone else or has more room or something like that it might explain why they are selling so well. Another thing going for it is that Mitsubishi might be neutral or have strong support for it unlike GM where they keep giving a mixed confusing behavior about their EV’s.

Cant believe gm has not figured out how popular a voltec suv would be !
Americans love suv’s, Lots of people would buy a plug in suv
Take a decent 4 dr hatch mid size suv and add a hybrid plug in system with 30 35 miles EV
hope ford does come out with the Edge energi, I would go look at it , never considered a Ford product before.

Btw if Mitsubishi wants to sell any reasonable number they better work on the styling
It’s a bit to space trooper for most Americans

Styling? That is in the eye of the beholder. I think it is a very good looking vehicle.

A PHEV SUV would sell huge numbers here in Northern California. Huge numbers. I can’t believe this low-hanging fruit hasn’t been picked by anyone.

Via Motors. But no real volume yet. They expect to crank up their Mexico plant any day now.

Am I the 100,000th person asking for a Voltec Equinox?

Adding me, make that 100,001.

I’d really like to see the MPV5 as well. Both could be done. Probably on the same platform.

Plug-in Market Share (on Total Car Sales) in November:

Norway, 11.9%
Netherlands, about 11%
Japan, above 1%

Western Europe, just above 1% (9,774 on total 975,281)

About 28% of European plug-in sales were the 2,736 Outlander sales (all in Holland, due to some changes in tax regulation for companies, from next year, there).
In December also Outlander PHEV sales will be all in Holland, for the last month.
Then I think we can expect more or less the same monthly sales of Outlander PHEV in Europe, just more distributed.


Heavy incentive-driven sales. Not really going to repeat like crazy once they run dry. But at least it’s a good start. The problem is “big incentive drops to zero” and the big rush to get them NOWWW!. Why not taper-off 20% per year or some such diminishing like the USA’s IRS Tax Credit will after 200K units per manufacturer?