Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales Higher In Canada Than U.S.

MAY 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

In April, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV became the best-selling Mitsubishi model in Canada and the #1 plug-in model in overall sales for the month.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Japanese SUV noted 589 deliveries last month and 1,344 after the first four months of 2018 (second place after 1,601 for the Chevrolet Volt).

The Outlander PHEV took some 22.9% of total Mitsubishi sales for the month.

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Kathryn Soubliere, senior manager, Sales Operations said:

“The Outlander PHEV offers an affordable solution to busy Canadian families and businesses who are increasingly turning to hybrid and environmentally friendlier vehicles but are not yet ready to give up their SUVs. For the Outlander PHEV there are no compromises in capability from cargo space to towing, fast-charging, and all-wheel drive in 100 per cent EV mode and this becomes very attractive to the customer especially as gas prices soar.”

Interestingly, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sells better in Canada than in the U.S. – 272 in April and 1,269 YTD with peak result of 373 in March.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
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Their gas prices are higher then the US and I don’t know about Canada but, not many people think highly about Mitsubishi cars.

Canadians appear to favour PHEVs over EVs. This is likely due to the large geographic separation between cities and the extreme cold having an impact on EV range.

Also, they may not have as much supply or as many BEV options vs say compliance states like California.

I think the reason might more have to do with the fact that PHEVs are easily available for sale in Canada, while most non-luxury EVs have waiting lists lasting anywhere from 3 to 8 months depending on the model. Most monthly sale numbers for EVs are simply a matter of how many EVs were shipped to Canada that month, as there are plenty of buyers waiting.

Need to see if I can get a test drive. Not sure why I would buy this over the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

22kW ChaDeMo charging, towing, all wheel drive, body style, better warranty, possibly better reliability… There are reasons. I don’t agree with some of them, but I can understand them. Fast charging is a biggie. I wish my car had it.

Not a fan of the SUV style and handling in general. A minivan seems much more practical.

EV range of only 22 miles is much lower than Pacifica. Towing is an anemic 1500 lbs. Non-hybrid Pacifica can tow 3600 lbs. Non-PHEV Outlander has a version that can tow 3500 lbs. Why is this one so wimpy?

Much less seating capacity, smaller interior volume. The Pacifica is HUGE inside. I don’t understand the US fascination with all things SUV and against anything practical like having tons of room with better gas mileage.

I watch ‘Alex On Autos’ for comprehensive car reviews. Alex graded the Pacifica much higher than the Outlander. The Pacifica is the more refined and better vehicle. But it will struggle in the USA where ‘real’ men drive trucks and minivans are for soccer moms. Rational thinking does not always apply.

Not quite the same class vehicle. The Pacifica is a 7-seater 2WD minivan (sliding rear doors); the Mitsu is a 5-seater 4WD SUV (including electric 4WD), is 1.5 ft shorter and has less cargo capacity. The latter also has offroadcapacility and is certified to tow, unlike the Pacifica.

I’ve been driving my outlander PHEV since I got it in January here in NY and it’s perfect for my needs. It’s also thousands cheaper than the Pacifica.

I thought about this vehicle a little. The dealers I talked to did not have good lease incentives through Mitsubishi.

As to leases, if I remember a Friend with an iMiEV telling me, it was not available as a Lease in Canada! Likely similar for this!

Actual chat transcript with local (Canada) Mitsubishi dealer:

Me: “Do you have any of the Outlander PHEV in stock at your dealership? Looking to test drive one.”
Dealer: “Let’s find out!”
Dealer: “Hello Ryan! I see you spiked an interest in our Phev there is no question as to why! It’s a very popular vehicle!
We do have a vehicle here designated to test drive…. we do have a process around this vehicle requiring us to
book an appointment with you and look over our financial options to ensure you are comfortable with the
payments before we allow test drives. What day works best for you to book the appointment?”
Me: “I’m afraid that sounds like an entirely unnecessary process for a test drive, so I’ll just find another Mitsubishi
dealer who won’t put me through the sales ringer before I have had a chance to even see the vehicle”

Mitsubishi finally has a product that people want to buy, and this is how they let their dealers respond. Pure idiocy.

I spoke to a Nissan dealer yesterday and asked them to let me test drive the Rouge Hybrid. He didn’t even know whether Nissan made such a model for 2018. (I’m just saying its not just Mitsu that have dealer issues)

That’s what’s wrong with the US model. The Dealer is the Customer to Nissan and Mitsu. They will sell what they want to sell. Roadblocks are there to push you to something else.

I think Mitsubishi deserves credit for advertizing this vehicle. I have noticed it advertized consistently on TV during NHL playoff hockey this year, which is prime advertizing space in Canada.

I’m sure Quebec’s brand new ZEV mandate (modeled after California’s) had a lot to do with the number of Outlander PHEV’s they decided to ship to Canada and the amount of advertising dollars they seem to be pumping into it. Great effect! Now let’s make it a stronger ZEV mandate so that Mitsubishi starts volume production of an all-electric model !

Bought my 2017 Volt after a 2 week test drive from the highest volume Volt dealer in Canada Bourgeouis Chevrolet in Rawdon QC. All by phone. Never even stepped foot inside dealership until I was ready to buy it. Driver drove the demo car to my work in Montreal (1 hour away from dealer) and they took my vehicle to appraise it. After 2 weeks they met my price on my trade-in and I made an offer on the demo they lent me. A driver came back to my place of work with another 2017 Volt Demo and took the one I was going to buy away to adjust a few things and prepare the sale. Drove the other demo 2 more weeks before I showed up at the dealer to sign all the paperwork and drive the original demo I wanted away and they had it perfect and fixed a rattle and an air leak. My Volt has been perfect 1 year later. The best dealer experience ever. No wonder they sell a ton! No games. I could have changed my mind and after 2 weeks I could of drove the demo back and got my vehicle back. Extremely… Read more »

Maybe because of the Snow concerns and 4WD need?

That is the ONLY choice there is for an affordable SUV with some EV range.

Is 589 deliveries in Canada alone? I’m quite surprised the huge gap between Outlander PHEV and Clarity (only 73 in April). Every Honda Dealership in Toronto area has a long waiting list of the Clarity. Either Honda has production problem, or they don’t think Canada matters in PHEV market.

Can’t tow enough in US.

Probably because no one in the USA knows this exists. If they actually wanted to sell them they would make a commercial for them.

I purchased an Outlander PHEV in March, here in Atlanta. Love it- really meets my needs. Mostly EV commuting and am getting about 150 mpg with the mixed gas usage.
I’ve yet to see a commercial advertising this car here. If they advertised, it might actually sell!

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