Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Qualifies for UK’s £5,000 Plug In Car Grant


Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV

Was there ever any doubt that the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV would qualify for the UK’s £5,000 Plug In Car Grant?  Nope.

Outlander PHEV Badge

Outlander PHEV Badge

But Mitsubishi still wants us to be aware of the fact that, not only does the Outlander PHEV qualify for the grant, but that it’s the only 4×4 SUV to do so thus far.

“Mitsubishi Motors is pleased to announce that The Office for Low Emission Vehicles has confirmed the all-new Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle is eligible for the Government’s Plug in Car Grant totalling £5,000.”

Mitsubishi Motors UK’s Managing Director, Lance Bradley, stated:

“Having one of the first plug-in hybrid’s in the UK market that boasts 4×4 capability with an EV range of 32.5 miles and emissions as low as 44 g/km puts Mitsubishi at the forefront of a new era in the automotive industry.”

“The vehicle is extra-ordinary and very different to other hybrids in the market and we are delighted that the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has met the high level of criteria required to qualify for the Plug in Car Grant.”

Pricing for the Outlander PHEV in the UK will be announced soon.  The plug-in Outlander will go on sale in the UK in March 2014.

Some setbacks and battery production shortages have delayed the US launch of the Outlander PHEV until 2015.

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If they manage to get the batteries to not limit production then the Outlander plug-in is a hot candidate for a top spot in plug-in sales this year.

They are selling 4-5,000 a month now, more than the combined monthly totals of the Volt and the Leaf in the US

Mitsubishi could actually sell some cars if they can get this thing into the US market.

not sure what the rebate is a on a pack this size is it 10 or 12kwh ?

would be like a $3600 fed rebate in the US , lower the lease price a good bit

many in the US would by a PHEV SUV

The battery pack is 12kwh:

Every market they have entered so far they have pitched the price of the car at just below Volt levels.
I don’t know if they will manage that if they get less subsidy in the US due to pack size, but they should at least be close to Volt prices.

People see the price without subsides in the USA, which is good since most don’t qualify unless they lease.

‘Mitsubishi Motors estimates that Outlander PHEV global production volume will reach approximately 30,000 units by the end of March 2014 since launch in January 2013. Full year capacity (as from FY14) will be of more than 50,000 units, with Europe its largest market.’

It’s starting to look good. 50-60k from the Outlander, 70-80k from the Leaf and hopefully 60k from Tesla will make a good foundation for 2014.
Hopefully 30k+ for the Volt and Prius too. And 20k+ from Volvo.

And then a lot hitting 10k+…..

Anything less than 400k in 2014 would be really disappointing. I’m hoping for 500k (only counting western/japanese/korean brands and not including india+china).


Mitsubishi seems to have landed a good combo 12kwh pack , AWD with 2 motors
L2 16 amp charge at 240V thru J1712 or Chademo.

SUV AWD , lots of gasless driving, and long range when you need it.

GM should have already built this SUV with Voltec.

GM has been asleep at the wheel for decades. Mits has the wisdom to create a product that HAS a market. Go figure that they talked to real consumers.

Not like that new Cadillac….

The Volt is stunning engineering, so I would disagree with your notion that nothing good has come out of GM for decades.