Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – Promotional Videos & Product Features

SEP 10 2014 BY MARK KANE 13

Outlander PHEV Ready To Rally

Outlander PHEV Ready To Rally

Continuing its marketing campaign of Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi recently released another set of videos.

These videos concern features of the car, as well as presenting rally adventures in Asia.

The Japanese manufacturer puts a lot of effort and hope into Outlander PHEV, which in July found more than 2,000 global sales.

Update for America:  A refreshed version of the Outlander PHEV will be coming to the US in late 2015, and will have an expected extended range of about 22 miles based on the EPA system.

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Very nice compilation of Videos.

As the Volt and Leaf were the primary ‘game changers’ here in the US due to the volumes of cars being sold, the Outlander has the possibility of huge sales. I see several great features almost guaranteeing huge sales volumes:

1). Efficient driving at all times, and fuel efficient use of gasoline when the battery is empty.

2). A 12 kwh battery to have sufficient range that most, if not all driving in the city will be done electrically from the battery alone.

3). A vehicle large enough to be a practical small family hauler.

4). Endurance testing which could be mentioned to the prospective buyer that they’re not really taking a chance with a Mitsu since it has been proven reliable.

So, if the asking price is anywhere lower than $50,000, I see huge numbers of these being sold. Now If Mitsu can start providing sufficient batteries so that they can start selling the vehicles here.

Mitsubishi have priced it a bit under the Volt in the markets where they sell it, so it should be way under $50k.

That is an assumption based off the cost to import and sell products is equal in all nations regardless of where the car is produced. Tariffs on imports from certain nations, complex type-approval procedures, and by banning use of imported vehicles by
government offices, differences in trade partnerships, differences in incentives, all affects the ability of a manufacturer to market and price a vehicle.

In places they sell the Outlander PHEV, how does it compare in price to the base Outlander?

The Most Advanced Plugin SUV out there.
Thanks Mitzu.

“Giving it the acceleration power only a conventional motor can provide.”

What the heck is that supposed to mean?

Sounds like it means “poor acceleration”

As is obvious from my barrage of posts: I think this has explosive sales possibilities IF Mitsubishi can get the thing here and sell it in the snow belt.

Yesterday I linked stats.
6 of the top 20 best selling autos are SUV or CUV.
35% of all autos sold in the US are AWD or 4AD
In the snow belt 50-75% are AWD or 4WD!

And yet NO available EVs are AWD or 4WD
and none are SUV or CUV (except the RAV4 which Toyota refused to sell)

It isn’t difficult. Sell people what they want. Americans want AWD SUV and CUV. They also cant in general pay more than $50k.

So the company who gets a sub $50k AWD SUV to the States will make a killing.

Mitsubishi has erred seriously in not getting it here asap. Especially since it has NO competition. All other SUV PHEV are at nosebleed prices OR are merely in rumor stage. Are you reading this Mitsubishi? ?? Bring this to MN, IL, WI, NY, CO, etc!!!
And for goodness sakes dont just sell it in Los Angeles!

Maybe they’re waiting to go head to head with the Model X. 🙂


Head to head with a car twice the price?
Any cross shopping will be by people who could afford a Model X, but figure that the Outlander will do and will save heaps of cash.

People looking for a $35k car don’t normally decide to spend $80k instead.

The bank manager might not like it.

Video of the PHEV on the 2013 cross country Asia rally:

They also completed it in 2014.
Here are the modifications for both 2013 and 2014:

‘The Outlander PHEV rally car used the competition-modified suspension from last year’s race car as well as raised ground clearance with the drive battery placed higher for improved off-road performance. The car’s Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) integrated vehicle dynamics control system was tuned for competition use to provide better traction. Other modifications included the fitting of a roll cage and underbody skid plate, the use of lighter engine hood, rear gate and interior parts, and additional sealing and a snorkel for water crossings. Apart from these changes, the car competed using the almost the same Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) powertrain and mechanical parts as the standard production model. ‘

Some serious off-road cred for those wishing to use it hunting, shooting and fishing, it looks.

Thinking about it, I can see I’m obsessing but this isn’t helping get the Outlander to the US

Thus, I think I’ll contact Mitsubishi corporate and also the local Mitsubishi dealers and ask them if it’s possible to be customer #1, or see if I can somehow grease the wheels. Also to try to educate both of them (Mitsubishi Japan and local dealers) why they really should release this car in MN and not just CA… and why they should do it before Nissan or GM does it.

and then hound them until they give me the darn car!

Wish me luck!

I’m not a great believer in trying to force things.

I’d just lease now for a couple of years, and then when you come to buy there are likely to be a number of choices.

Go with the flow!