Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV On Sale In Japan Today, Extended Promotional Video Released

JAN 25 2013 BY JAY COLE 16

The Outlander PHEV is a four wheel drive, extended range plug-in SUV, and the first of its kind to hit the market when it goes in sale in January 2014 in the US.  The standard gas version debuts in September.

However, in Japan, the vehicle officially goes on sale today, and with that release comes an extended promotional video (below) of the vehicle that gives us a real good tutorial on the vehicle.

Oulander PHEV Instrument Cluster

As a refresher, Mitsubishi says the car can travel up to 60 km (37 miles) on just electricity, and has a top electric speed of 120 km/hr (75mph).   It should be noted that the range figure is based on the very forgiving JC08 standard.  We expect a more realistic range rating of about 25 miles when it gets rating in the US by the EPA.

The Outlander PHEV is electrically powered by a 12 kWh lithium battery, and also by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder MIVEC gas engine.  The company says this combination gives the plug-in SUV a 67 km/liter fuel efficiency, which is about 157 miles per gallon.  Again, allowing for conversion to US standards, we estimate about a 80 MPGe rating.  Extended range fuel efficiency is rated at 18.6 km/l (44 mpg) in Japan.

Japanese Ad Copy? Check. Thick European Accents? Check. "Hey, hon, we have driven long way, hows battery doing?" - "Don't worry the motor regenerates electricity power"

The Outlander has a price tag of 3,324,000 JPY to 4,297,000 JPY ($37,500 to $48,500) , but qualifies for a 430,000 JPY subsidy (at least for the next two months), bringing the base cost down to 2,894,000 JPY ($32,500 USD).  The vehicle is expected to have a starting MSRP in the mid-40s when it comes to America.

So, if you want to see the Outlander PHEV in action, check out Mitsubishi’s promo video below (but beware of serious overacting by some European actors for the english cut of the video):

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I really like this. I was hoping to interview someone at Mitsubishi at NAIAS about it but Mitsubishi wasn’t at NAIAS. I think a PHEV 4wd crossover will do great in the US.

Still waiting for GM to put the Voltec drivetrain in an Equinox. If they do it will replace my gas Equinox!

Hear hear! A Voltec Equinox would also replace my Honda Insight. As it is, though, between this and the C-Max Energi (if you don’t need 4wd), the segment already has some options in it. The future is getting more and more exciting!

Sort of, except that this isn’t available in the US for at least another year.

The Energi is an option for those not needing 4WD, but I’m still hoping GM puts out a Voltec SUV for crying out loud. They’re falling behind, argh!

Ugh.. How many times do they have to call it “environmentally friendly?” It looks like Mitsubishi still hasn’t figure out that the tree-hugger crowd is not the primary buying audience. They also claimed to be a “leader” in the EV industry. How is that? Their sales of the i-Miev aren’t exactly leading sales figures.

Watching this video has actually disappointed me some. I was hoping Mitsubishi would be more forward thinking.

“environmentally friendly?” is pritty much the mainstream in most countries (including the US, except perhaps the red states). Every election I get a direct mail from Republican candidates saying how environmentally friendly they are.

Right. Bottom line on selling this thing: don’t pay for gas most days–on commute and errands with full load of kids–but also use it for long trips.

If that 37 JC08 miles turns into 20-25 EPA miles, they will have a very good product on their hands. More range than the Ford PHEVs in an SUV package.

They will have this market all to themselves. Hopefully it rides better than the i(MiEV).

So they found an American voice-over guy, but couldn’t find 2 American actors. Or at least someone who’s native language was English? I couldn’t understand half the things they said.

…and another opportunity to post my all-time favorite Mitsubishi media Japanese to English literal translation screencap:

I think this will be a hit. EV range, more passenger room and ability to be a 4×4.
This is a good time to start saving $$ for it’s arrival next year.

I wonder who will create the first PHEV full size mini van???

“I wonder who will create the first PHEV full size mini van???”

VIA has a “van”, but I don’t think that is what you were talking about. You might be interested in their PHEV SUV though, but you’ll probably have to save a little longer than you would for the Mitsu.

I won’t be surprised if Honda & Toyota make plugin vans.

Ok well the video was alot of FUN and its your basic Hard Sell Commercial where they are selling the fine points of the car instead of selling sex or whatever. So let Misu Brag, its an impressive product. I thought for a second the Governator was back. I think they fibbed a little bit, in that all the ‘real world drivers’ were all Model Material. So they are going to have a 50 Hz, 240 volt power plug? I wonder if the North American version is going to have a 120 volt plug for camping, etc.

Bill, the aux power supply details released so far are only that it will support 1500W. No details on a 240V 50Hz inverter yet for Europe, though it would be expected. In Japan the inverter is 100V 1500W. The video is a Japanese spec model. You can see some pics here

OK, thanks JT. I guess the real question is, does it have a 12 volt auxiliary battery of a reasonable size, (my 2011 volt does but its a wierdo and its hard to get at, and I don’t think there is any reasonably sized heavy cable in the volt since the 12 volts is only used for little things anyway, the car engine basically starting with a low frequency 3 phase from the voltec. But after the warranty expired I could run an inverter of around that size by hard wiring it to the battery in the rear. My Tesla Roadster is somewhat harder to modify, as it only has a 10 ampere-hour motor cycle battery for the 12 volts in the right front wheel well.

‘Factory’ power in the Tesla is fused at 15 amps, and there are 2 – 20 amp circuits in the volt for accessories. But no easy place to hook up jumper clips and use a large inverter as you could do with almost all gas-guzzlers. Counter-Intuitive, eh?

Since Japan has both 50 hz and 60 hz are they just going to default to 50? I would assume most household stuff that would run on 120 volts 60 hz would run ok albeit slower on 100 volts 50 hz. I used to run into alot of 25 hz power industrially in my younger years. (all gone now), and it was rather fun and a challenge to get rectifiers, motors, drives and computers and monitors to run successfully on 25 hz, that is until switching power supplies started being universally used, then just beefing up the input capacitor was mostly all that was required. I occassionaly had to beef up the rectification to take care of the larger current inrush.