Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Named Best Company Car – Video

MAR 9 2015 BY JAY COLE 9

On thing surprised us about a report out of the UK on the “Top 10 Company Cars”, and one thing did not.

Another EV Review Rained On In The UK? Quelle Suprise

Another EV Review Rained On In The UK? Quelle Suprise

What didn’t surprise us?  It was raining during the comparison. (isn’t it always in the UK?)

What did surprise us?  The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was chosen as the top company car!

Not ‘in the top 10’, but first place…serving to further annoy those US buyers who now have to wait until April of 2016 to get one of the newly refreshed models from Mitsu.

Also of note on the list of “Top 10 Company Cars”, the BMW i3 (in range extended trim) is the only other plug-in to make the list – at number 5.

Why did the Outlander land in first?  Watch the darn video already.

After you do, then you will understand why the Outlander PHEV was the best selling plug-in for the UK last year at 5,370 units sold.  (The Nissan LEAF was second at just over 4,000 copies)

Hat tip to offib!

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Perhaps I have trouble counting this early in the AM, but watching the video, the BMW i3 seemed to be placed at #5, not #7 as mentioned in the text.

One of us, is having numerical difficulties this AM… (Cough, cough, Jay…)

What are you speaking of GuyMan? The story clearly says #5…and as always, I in no way went back and edited it after reading your comment.

Thanks, (=

Ok so a SUV is a great company car? Meh

People have families.

The Outlander (PHEV) a great all-round car. It got everything to please almost anybody from interior space for a family car, both for long distance travel or recreation or just to put in a baby stroller, towing etc. While the outer dimensions are not larger than for example a Chevy Volt (well, a few inches longer) which makes it still easily usable in cities.

It works great for the company as well as the person who will use it when not working, with or without a family.

While being economical and (fairly) green. What is there not to like? 😛

Photos of the updated Outlander available in a few weeks, where it is already being sold.

There is another plug in hybrid that made the list. They mentioned the Golf GTE at #4. So there are 3 plug-in cars on the list.

I hope the refresh that comes to the US will have good shifter placement so that my wife could use it to deliver the mail.