Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV To Go On Sale In Russia This Month

SEP 9 2014 BY MARK KANE 34

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Completes 8 Weeks Of Cold Testing In Russia

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Completes 8 Weeks Of Cold Testing In Russia

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation recently presented at the 2014 Moscow International Automobile Salon the Outlander PHEV along with concept models, the Concept GC-PHEV and Concept XR-PHEV.

As it turns out, the Outlander PHEV will start its adventure in Russia this month, as sales get underway.

It’s unusual that plug-in vehicles is available earlier in Russia than in the US, but sometimes it happens anyway.

We believe that Russia could be another strong market for the Outlander PHEV.

“The Outlander PHEV comes with the advanced Plug-in Hybrid EV System based on the electric vehicle (EV) technology of the 100% electric i-MiEV, achieving superior environmental performance together with great economic efficiency, offering environmentally-friendly all-electric operation for everyday use and mainly motor-powered hybrid operation for longer journeys. Through its Twin Motor 4WD system with independent motors in front and rear, smooth acceleration and quietness of a luxury car are achieved.”

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That is a pretty good proving ground for Canadians and those in the North Eastern US.

If it can survive Russian cold without too many problems its good, but surviving Russian roads will be the real proof of durability!

Here in the US, we are left salivating as everybody else gets this great plug-in while we are left in the cold, so to speak. Can someone please release a plug-in SUV here already please? ANYBODY??!!?

Porsche Cayenne is there, if you have some more money to throw.

I just tried looking for some, but I don’t think it is being sold yet. I saw some of the older normal hybrids. No plug-ins yet though. Would still be out of my price range though.

At least releasing the Outlander to the world this way it will not be labelled as a “compliance” EV for sale only in one state within the USA.

Well, being the second best selling EV in the world also helps… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Available in Russia because they build them there.

Sheesh. Will North Korea and Bangladesh get them before us too?

Only in limited quantities! ๐Ÿ˜‰

+2 ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe it’s Mistu’s sweet revenge for Americans hating on the MiEV ๐Ÿ™‚

Seriously, I think in most countries SUVs sell for a much higher margin than in the US, and with less crowded competition – and that might be the reason.

Assaf: there is NO competition for the Outlander! That’s what is so frustrating for me. There are NO other semi-affordable AWD EV or PHEV options in stores now, or even beyond the whisper stages! Toyota refused to sell the RAV4 electric. The Nissan Qashquai EV/PHEV is nothing more than a rumor. Same with Subaru. Chevy has nothing definite. BMW x5 PHEV, Volvo XC90 PHEV, and Porsche Cayenne PHEV will be nosebleed prices (and I think will be decimated by similarly priced Tesla X) ===== CONSIDER THIS: 6 or 7 of the top selling vehicles every year are SUVs or CUVs. So they’re popular! How many are in the EV space? none really. Country wide 35% of all cars are AWD or 4WD. In the NorthEast States 46-64% are AWD/4WD Upper midwest 37-76% are AWD/4WD Mountain states 55-72% AWD/4WD Only 12% of cars sold nationally are RWD In the EV world: 0% of cars are AWD Several major EVs are RWD (Tesla and i3) ==== Build what people want they want AWD and they want CUVs and SUVs. And they’re willing to pay more for it. We have enough micro mini cars and the RWD performance sedans. The Outlander would be… Read more »

we’ve lived many years in #4 on the top selling AWD/4WD states on that list w/out awd/4wd and NEVER got stuck. This was in was in the western part of the state — near the continental divide in the Rockies. The cars in the ditch were the 4×4’s with the wrong tires and/or the wrong driver behind the wheel. Need vs. want aren’t the same thing and want is influenced by marketing and market allocations.

‘Want’ is what sells cars, not need.
And want is what car manufacturers are interested in, if they want to stay in business.

Of course, that’s why marketing and market allocations reflect that. That doesn’t mean individual consumers cant be smarter and more restrained with their choices.

Nate: I agree that AWD is a want. But my data shows it’s a want that many many many people want. Like car stereos and multiple car colors and heated seats and windows that open. None of those are needs either. My fist car was a Toyota Tercel that had no passenger side mirror and no car radio! There is no question that winter tires are far more important for winter driving than AWD. There is also no question that winter tires on an AWD car work better than one on a FWD car and RWD car. But that’s immaterial. Because I can get winter tires in the EV ecosphere but I can’t buy an AWD EV. What kind of business plan is that? To exclude one of the most popular body styles AND exclude the super popular AWD? Especially when it already exists and is for sale in RUSSIA! Why not just sell three wheel cars that are fluorescent pink with purple lollipops that have orange Naughahide seats, a maximum speed of 38mph and no air conditioning or radio? (Ok maybe that’s a BIT melodramatic haha) Anyway I agree winter tires are a must (putting the Blizzaks on next… Read more »

JRMW, my post sounds like an old grandfather talking about the days they walked to school 3 miles in the snow with no shoes. It is probably easier to say that now that I am in a milder climate, or maybe I have just had to bite my tongue so many times when I see normally sane people around here buy a Tahoe or Durango because they live on a hill.

We need more choices in plug ins. I just don’t want you to hold your breath waiting for years for this Outlander PHEV because the situation doesn’t seem to have changed with it for more than a year. Mitsu is supply constrained and the USA is not a market they’ve been very successful with. We think of ourselves being the most important market, but that is not always the case.


But I waaaaaaaannnnnnnntttttt it!
(if you sound like an old codger, I sound like the whiny entitled whipper snapper that I am… well I’m not a whipper snapper but I’m clearly whiny and entitled)

You’re right, though. I’m probably waiting too long.

I just really really want an affordable AWD SUV/CUV in the EV/PHEV space. I really think it will sell like blockbusters. I understand why the first generation manufacturers made all these toy cars and RWD cars. But only a small number of people want those, so they don’t buy them… and then people say “well people don’t want an EV”

no. they don’t want a weird looking pastel micro-commuter EV with 60-80 miles range (or PHEV with 20 miles) that you have to drive without heat in winter, especially not when it’s RWD


If there is no more movement on this by March then I’ll angrily lease a Volt or Leaf or MB b class for 2 years until they get their head out of their bums

If they are so supply constrained, why did they just open another big market in Russia?

JRMW, I agree wholeheartedly with just about every word you have said, on multiple articles.

If it was easy to bring here, and there was excess production why wouldn’t it be here? Russia could be closer to where it is produced and favorable trade agreements and regulations could all be factors. They would not need to test with the EPA and NHTSA, certify with arb ARB, and do the same number of things they need to sell in Russia that they would here. I doubt the situation with independently owned dealer franchises is the same in Russia, but I guess it is possible. Earlier this year, they did cold weather testing in Russia, but I don’t recall them doing anything like this in the USA and its not like we don’t have cold (Alaska) or hot (Arizona) locations for them to do this.

I see more evidence that they are supply constrained not demand constrained. Mark could confirm this better than I could, but it seems obvious they’d like to produce more and are trying. Last year they missed production goals due to battery production problems so they started out behind.

Last month, they retool a factory to up Outlander PHEV production:

In the meantime, there has not been a demand issue:

I wasn’t quite sure from your comment that you agreed they have been supply constrained. That is my guess as to why Russia, not the US.

That doesn’t answer your question about why Russia (or any new market) at all. Good question. My best guess — Hot markets like the Netherlands are driven by incentives which can change. If they plan to increase battery production and retool factories for it I would figure those decisions have long term consequences and they would not want to be too overly dependent on the current hot markets and have the ability to spread out the places they can sell it too long term. If that is the case, then we are back to the question about why in the world Russia next.

There are other possibilities, for example, this could just be a not very well thought out mistake they are making.

What do you think?

I think the reason that the big boys aren’t offering them is that regular hybrid SUVs tanked.

For cars, HEV’s share is on a generally upward trajectory, hitting 6% last year. For light trucks, it peaked at 1% in 2008/2009, and declined from there. It’s now only 0.3%.

It seems that, unsurprisingly, SUV buyers in general don’t particularly care about fuel economy.

I agree … it’s a tougher segment in the US where SUVs don’t exactly mesh with the eco-crowd. I’ve read some real world experiences over on the user forum for the Outlander PHEV and though most like it, many are disappointed with the electric range. I’d guess, if Subaru ever gets in the game, a PHEV Outback would be a better fit for those who really need (or want) AWD.

Hybrid SUVs tanked because they only had minimal improvement in mileage and had a HUGE price premium.

The Toyota Highlander is 20mpg/25mpg
the Highlander Hybrid is 27mpg/28mpg

The Hybrid costs $10,000 to $20,000 more!

who is going to spend $10k to $20k more for a product that delivers 3-7 extra mpg?

The Outlander can get >100mpge

I do agree however that the first thing they need to do is up the range. I’d pee myself in glee and buy 2 if they could get 60 mile range.

but even their 20-30mile range would do well now since there is NO competition

Great evidence of why it should be gallons per mile rather than miles per gallon.

Just buy one Model X then and hope the seats are stain-resistant. ๐Ÿ™‚

And if you’re giving joy rides, the MX will certainly evoke more golden rain than the Outlander.

Thanks for supporting the sanctions, Japan.

Short of closing their Russian production lines, how are they going to do that?

‘PCMA Rus in Kaluga, a joint-venture assembly plant owned by PSA Peugeot Citroรซn and MMC, will produce the Pajero Sport, it has been anounced.

Demand for SUVs has been expected to increase in Russia, where Mitsubishi commenced full-scale CKD production of the all-new Outlander SUV at PCMA Rus in November 2012, after starting SKD production of the previous generation Outlander in April 2010.

The company ims to build on the Pajero Sportโ€™s success in Russia through local production catering to the needs of Russian consumers.’

If Nissan does bring their rumored plugin for Rogue next year – they’ll again eat Mitsu’s lunch. Like it happened with iMiEV.

That’s an exciting rumor, any links?

If you search for Nissan and plugin hybrid you get some hits. There is an article in greencarreports from June that quotes Andy Palmer as saying Nissan would make plugin hybrids of larger vehicles including SUVs. There are some reports about possible plugin hybrid of qashqai – which is sold as Rogue in the US …

Chrysler is supposed to get in on that action too, even including mini-vans! I’d be tempted for that.

Yes, electrify the minivan and/or 3 row SUV segment and there will be much less fuel burned.