Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Again Delayed In US Until Summer 2017, Another Weak Excuse Given

JUL 28 2016 BY JAY COLE 94

Have a good look North America, because this is as close as you will be getting to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Have a good look North America, because this is as close as you will be getting to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Stop us if you have heard this one before…

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs release for the US has been delayed

Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko Said In November 2012 That The Outlander PHEV Would Arrive In The US In January of 2014

Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko Said In November of 2012 That The Outlander PHEV Would Arrive In The US In January of 2014…so close Osamu, so close

We bet you have, because this makes the 6th time we have heard this song (or possibly 7th time-who can count them all, it’s a lot).

This month’s delay pushes the Outlander PHEV’s release in the US back another full year, until summer of 2017, we assume as part of the company’s 2018 model year lineup:

“Following a thorough evaluation process, we have determined that, in order to meet a level of competitiveness that will exceed customer expectations in the United States, the launch of the Outlander PHEV will be delayed until the summer of 2017” – Alex Fedorak manager, Public Relations to Hybrid Cars on Thursday.

Just for “fun” we have compiled a list of previous excuses (because that is all they are) dating back to 2013 below.

January 2013 – Outlander PHEV launched in Japan on January 24th.  However before that, Mitsubishi boss Osamu Masuko (as he outlined Mitsubishi’s comeback plan for selling cars in America) stated that

“…the plug-in hybrid version (of the Outlander) will go on sale in the United States in January 2014.”

July 2013 – delayed but still coming in 2014

Our plan is to introduce the Outlander PHEV in the US during 2014 CY (calendar year) and we will be making a formal announcement at a later date.” – Mitsu Rep Sophia Ko to InsideEVs

The Outlander PHEV was delayed so often, that the first generation was missed entirely in the US

The Outlander PHEV was delayed so often, that the first generation was missed entirely in the US

September 2013 – delayed to “2015”

“The reason for this vehicle being introduced in 2015 rather than in 2014 is because we have received overwhelming demand from Japan and Europe and the battery supply unfortunately cannot keep up with the demand” – Mitsu Rep Amanda Savercool

May 2014 – delayed to “late 2015, Early 2016”, ARB criteria is blamed for delay this time

They think that deterioration of the battery might affect emissions”.  The company had to add a monitoring device, the engineering and addition of this monitor will likely push the vehicles US introduction back tolate 2015 or early 2016“ according to Tetsuya Tobe, manager of product planning.

We did speak directly to ARB on the matter, and they outright denied the claim, stating:  “ARB did not “hamper” Mitsubishi in this effort. The company was offered the means to go forward with certification and made its own decision not to do so at this time. This is the same certification mechanism offered to any automaker.”

December 2015 – as promo for the Outlander PHEVs US debut in New York, August 2016 was given as the start for  deliveries – Mitsu press

December 2015 – delayed a few months to “late summer 2016”

“later summer” to debuted was a 2017 model, possible with some tweaks – Mitsu Rep Alex Fedorak

So quite honestly Mitsubishi North America, you can take your BS reason of wanting a “level of competitiveness that will exceed customer expectations in the United States” and stick it in your ear.  We have had enough idle chatter from you, the only thing we want to hear from you now is that it is for sale on dealer lots today…or nothing at all.

Hybrid Cars, Hat tip to Adam R!

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That is unfortunate. The plug in Outlander would fill a niche that a lot of us are looking for. I have just about dismissed the idea that it will show up in the US entirely.
Mistubishi has bungled the delivery of the Outlander PHEV pretty spectacularly, you don’t often see Jay get quite this irritated. 😉

Very frustrating. I was shopping and had the check ready. I figured they couldn’t delay it again – that would be crazy!

At this point, I’m hoping for something from somebody else. I just don’t trust Mitsubishi anymore, and I’ll have to keep my current gas SUV for my second car.

I don’t understand why nobody else has come in with a great, reasonable range plug-in SUV at a reasonable price. Chevy could do it with their Volt. Ugh.

“Chevy could do it with their Volt. Ugh.”

I have been wishing for Voltec powered Equinox for over 5 years now!

That would work for me as well, but what I would really love to see is a Voltec Colorado pickup.

Rumors of a Honda CRV PHEV. It seems that Honda might beat Mitsubishi to the punch.

Also, I’m sure Ford will come out with something in the next couple of years.

Since they already have these models, I doubt they’ll release details until a few months before release.

I hope you’re right. Seems reasonable to go for a PHEV SUV –
1) SUVs are selling well in the US, higher margins also
2) More room for battery
3) Battery weight makes less of a difference as a percentage of weight.

Honda or Ford (or Chevy as I mentioned) could nail it.

Don’t Write That Check! There is an old saying that starts with ‘Fool me once…’ HEED IT! I am sooooo glad that I bought my second Volt in Mar of 2012…and it was reading about THIS vehicle that made me realize that ‘a bird in the hand…’ So, while Jay’s timeline starts in 2013, I will take you back a full year before that when I decided that I would grow old waiting for this promised vehicle. Of course, time has moved on, my adult children now have both my 2012 Volts, I have a 2017 Volt and a Model X
…and there is STILL no Outlander to be had in this country. I guess I made the right call for sure.

At this point, regardless of my current circumstances, I would NEVER EVER consider a Mitsubishi offering. When I saw this headline, I literally ‘laughed out loud’. Mitsubishi has lost so much credibility at this point that they might NEVER bring this vehicle here because all those who initially considered it…have moved on…and told anyone who would listen that this company is not to trusted.

You mean “fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again”?

So glad that particular Reign Of Error is long over!

If only Chevrolet had stepped up its game and released the long-rumored Voltec SUV. We’re all waiting, and yet Chevy doesn’t deliver. What I wouldn’t give for a Voltec SUV that got 50 miles of range per day. And I hear that comment A LOT.

Even Tesla can do better then this 😉

I wonder what the Vegas odds were for the Model 3 being released in the US before the Outlander PHEV?

My money is on the X-trail phev being released in the USA with a remarkably similar shape to an outlander and the outlander never making it to the USA.

Exxon/Ford/GM/Chrysler Alliance Against Progress Strikes Again.

Someone needs to track the flights of the top level people at these companies, and report when they all meet together. COLLUSION to limit the sale of Hybrids and Plugin’s in the nation.

I don’t think you can place much blame on GM. They are releasing a totally electric (with an unheard of 200+ miles at this price) vehicle, which, if it is as conservatively rated as other GM electrics, I’ll be able to go 300 MILES on the thing between charges. Quite amazing when considering the low, low MSRP.

I repeat myself: GM will have accomplished something other automakers can only dream of – and although some consider it an ugly vehicle, it is space efficient since the nose is so small (only enough space for the motor) – but it is B I G inside; so many here were picking on GM for not releasing an electric that is a practical family hauler.

They just happened to probably make the longest range low-cost EV in the process – in otherwords it is merely an added benefit.

And people still whine about it.

But, But, I thought we were told the Bolt EV would be an EV for Beer Drinkers (The ‘Masses’), now you say its for the wine drinking ritz?

…….Oh, wait….that was ‘Whiners’….he…he…he+

Dear Mr Howland, your GM allegiance is well known around here and therefore your comments must be taken with a grain of unbiased salt.

Remember who killed the perfectly fitted first wave of 105 (2015 normalized EPA) miles Ni-MH EV-1?

The Bolt is too expensive for his category, will be produced in too small numbers, and will not have a decent network to rely on.

Any time I see someone bring up the hugely expensive, nearly hand built EV-1 as anything other than a historic oddity, I know they don’t know much about the economic realities of building cars.

Sure, ANY car built in small number will cost much much more. Obviously. Economics 101 tells us that when a product is expected to sell in large numbers (as the craze for electric was) selling them at a loss in the beginning will be more profitable in the long run when the substantial scale economies will kick in. Supposing that GM would have REALLY wanted to sell many that is…

The thing is the 1996 EV-1 was due to be sold around 35 000 $ But ultimately, GM decided to lease only, in a scheme aiming to take them back later. If not of the election of George petroleum Bush, car makers would have been forced to go on with the larger production of such good BEVs like the Nissan Altra, The RAV4 and the EV1.

GM back then had a head start and the price would have rapidly gone down as the production would have ramped up… But instead they crushed them all to kill the BEV craze.

Maybe Bill was pointing out how increasingly unfair it is to put GM next to Ford. Ford moves units, but their innovation is way behind. It’s getting easier to make a boat with Tesla/GM/Ford and then contrast that against European brands and Toyota. The ramifications of being able to comply with domestic law, using domestic product, aren’t coming up in enough “meetings”. The US isn’t doing what China does. We’re showing what is possible. -Maybe I’m just all conventioned out.

Clearly Mitsubishi SHAREHOLDERS are getting SCREWED out of BIG PROFITS. But, the CEO may be getting a big bribe.

Chances are that with constrained production and better than expected sales elsewhere they are simply choosing established higher margin markets over entering a costly, risky and low margin one. Especially now that the design is no longer new.

The expected drop in demand in places like the UK or the Netherlands (lower incentives), that might have prompted them to promise the expansion to the US market, hasn’t materialised.

Just like SUV’s and pickup’s.
The hybrid concept has been in production for 19 years.
This is clearly collusion to benefit Exxon and not auto company shareholders.

Remember Nissan is in the process of acquiring a controlling interest in Mitsubishi. I’d say any news on future marketing of Mitsubishi vehicles will need to be taken with a gain of salt until the dust of a proposed Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance settles over the next couple months.

That’s actually a great point Brian. And looking at the BS excuse they offered this time I can totally see that coming out of a joint task force between Nissan and Mitsu regarding PR. Kinda makes sense.

Add to that the fact that Nissan have done little to improve the LEAF since 2013, have no concrete dates when they will deliver a LEAF 2.0 or for that matter any other BEV to the market.

They deserve each other.

I really hope that Nissan is simply playing the Leaf 2 close to the vest. Because once they announce a 60 kWh Leaf, every Leaf in inventory is inventory they will have trouble selling.
Crossing my fingers for a Leaf 2 announcement before the end of summer.

I’m speechless !

I have had mine since April 2015 and love it, I can only assume it’s to do with the USD tanking against the YEN ?

The profit margin on this vehicle would be too small in the US so they would have to raise the price to a level which would deem it very costly ?

Also the EPA mileage wouldn’t look so good either against counterpart countries ?


I knew and I bet they will delay again in summer 2017!

We will never see it!


What about Canada?

I bet it never shows up. This sucks.

At this point, who cares about this product?

They might as well wait for a retooled version with the assistance of Nissan and launch a whole new product.

A couple hundred Outlander PHEVs a month won’t be missed.

Sounds like they’re having serious engineering problems with it.

Sales are great in Europe and Japan.
They’re restricting sales in the US.

We need a web site, so we can find the collusion in realtime.

I was pretty excited about the PHEV Outlander a few years ago before the 200 mile affordable BEVs looked like they going to become a reality, now I could care less. I’m never again going to buy anything I can put gas into.

This. I prefer to go full electric.

But if one really needs a SUV then this would still be good unless you can afford a Tesla.

This delay might point to broader distress at Mitsubishi’s US arm.

For many years Mitsubishi’s sales numbers have been downright pitiful, their dealer network has been shrinking and their product pipeline drought-stricken. Mitsu’s only US manufacturing plant in Illinois is in the midst of being mothballed as we speak.

I think there’s a genuine possibility here that the reason the Outlander PHEV is delayed this time around is because Mitsubishi US is closing up shop and going home.

You could well be right. It is rather ironic that the car which has done wonders for Mitsubishi sales elsewhere and is their flagship product won’t make its way over here to save the flagging brand.

They delay the very product that could turn the brand around.

With the phev sales now at around 2k per month, it’s not like they are production constrained, they have 4k per month capacity, so they could easily handle US demand

I would not have bought one but I would have bought an Electric Xterra with range extender. If it had the all electric range of the LEAF they wouldn’t keep them on the lot.

Who wants to kill the electric car again?

ALL the ICE car makers.

They all live in the same world you do, do you really think none of them want a cleaner, healthier or more secure world?

That seems naive to me.

ICE vehicle manufacturers have consistently shown that they will put their own profits (well-being in a narrow sense) above that of the greater population.

I don’t think any maker has been followed more closely this past month, than VW. The closer you get, the more you think nothing has changed and, indeed, there are companies whose philosophical requisites include disrespect for environmental regulation. Apart from Michael Horn, they fired who they had to, for optics. That’s it.

The story above could be widened into “Ghost stories, of promised EVs past”. Mitsu hardly tops that list.

Not none of them.
Tesla, BMW, GM and Nissan stand out.
The others? They’re saying yes to Exxon Bribes.

Unbelievable. I was trying to convince my wife that maybe she’d be better off with one of these instead of the Bolt, simply because she wanted a lot of cargo room and it would probably be cheaper. But I guess the Bolt will have to be the choice now.


Bolt ships to dealers in Q4 this year. Time for a test drive.

W T F Mitsubishi…

I mean seriously, enough is enough…


So Sad.

Can anyone hack the i3 Rex and add it to a Bolt EV? Nice range extended, 200 mile AER CUV plus an extra 100+ miles in reserve!

Maybe add a smart ED drive unit in the back and make it a Bolt 4×4 EV? Maybe a bit quicker off the line with dual drive, too! Might even add some extra range if it was done right!

Or, get a crashed Volt, suck out the drive and add it to an Uplander, for a home built PHEV CUV!

Anyway, such dream ramblings are fun!

I’m beginning to think we will have the Tesla Model Y CUV in the US before we will see the Outlander PHEV.

“…in order to meet a level of competitiveness that will exceed customer expectations in the United States…”

It’s too late Mitsu, you already failed at meeting our expectations way back in 2013/14 when you failed to deliver. Nobody wants your piece of garbage anymore. You could have had the entire PHEV SUV market in your pocket. Not anymore.

The Outlander is making the Model X look like the punctual kid in class, and that is hard to do.

It is hard not to think that there is a conspiracy of automakers to all delay their SUV PHEVs for as long as possible so that they can continue selling the profitable gassers.

It sure feels this way. Hopefully Tesla can successfully accelerate its plans and the model Y releases before 2020.
I’m already buying the Model “E”.
Tesla, I would like to buy another vowel.

Don’t worry america, you’re not missing out on much… buy an XC-90 T8 or a Q7 e-tron quattro if you must have a PHEV, they’re much better SUVs.

I wouldn’t worry too much guys, the Outlander PHEV previous gen was avaiable in Australia, but despite being a good concept, the overall quality of this and other Mitsubishi’s are just terrible, its like sitting in a car from 10 years ago, and that the current gen.

Just wait for the model 3 to suceeed, and then plenty of other EVs of all kinds will flow in the future.

We have a lot of those PHEVs where I live and you are absolutely not missing much.
Mostly people get them as company cars here because of tax reasons and couldn’t care less to charge them, and instead use the charging spots just for parking blocking anyone with a pure BEV to reach the outlet.
For those that try to run them on pure electric it’s frustrating as the ICE starts way to often even when the small battery isn’t nearly empty.
As a car it’s pretty ugly and much smaller inside than one would expect.
So, you should instead be rather pleased and proud of what you have developed yourself like the hyped Teslas, the new Volt and very soon the Bolt. Those are the cars we want to see in Europe now.

No CHAdeMo port, and now some B.S. Corpo-speak, to keep the NA market appeased once again. Stick a fork in this one, because it is game over on this proposed launch. Mitsubishi, just let Nissan swallow you whole, and be done with it! Game Over!

Stop stringing us along, Mitsu. Just announce it is not coming to the U.S. This is downright embarrassing for a large, multinational corporation.

And this, boys and girls, is why Tesla is building the Gigafactory. Mitsubishi is constrained because of battery availability. Tesla won’t have the same problem.

Are there any other PHEV SUVs expected in the next 12 months? This was in my plan before the end of the year.
I just looked at used Volvo XC90 plugins but those prices make an X look like a fair alternative.

All of the choices for a plug-in SUV in America are very high priced. X5, Q7, ML, XC-90 T8 – they’re all in a completely different price segment than the Outlander was promising. Mitsubishi could have asked a relatively higher price to start with and I think they would have been surprised at the number of takers.

Thanks for the list.

Only thing besides the plug-in Volvo is the BMW X5 xDrive40e (say that 5 times fast) plug-in with a whopping 13 miles of range. =/
And it starts at $62k.

For non-luxury PHEV SUVs? Umm…..the Ford C-Max Energi is the closest thing, which is pretty sad.

Thanks. I always forget about the cmax probably because there is nothing memorable about it. Might have to check it out if i get in a pinch.

I have been driving a C-Max Energi for almost two years and was looking forward to the Outlander PHEV when my lease is up in November, for the AWD and interior space. Buffalo gets a little snow, and I carry a bike inside during the summer. Time for a plan B.

Fellow C-Max Energi user here, for 2 years now, while others are still bickering I’m getting consistent ~30miles in EV mode out of my 45miles (mostly flat)commute. Love the car, performance and 620miles overall range. Little surprised people are not talking more about it. Hence my post. 🙂
As for Mitsubishi, well, I’m not sure how much is of their own doing, but yes I definitely smell a Big Oil stench around that one.

XC90 T8: Yup. Volvo wants >$1,000 each, for all 9kwh.

Only pure electric cars actually displace and eliminate gasoline consumption.

Plug in hybrids just reduce or moderate gas consumption. Their ultimate effect is to actually prolong the oil age rather than to eliminate it.

Whatever else the Outlander may be, in the end, it’s just another plug-in.

So you mean a PHEV like the Volt that replaces without much effort 70-90% usage is bad but another car that replaces 100% is good. What about the new planned PHEV from BMW that shall offer 70+ miles E-Range? Yiu think displacing 95% is still bad?

Daayum! Quite a bit of a read, Jay!

I am more disappointed with GM and Ford who have had PHEV technology on the market for years now and still can’t install it in the hottest market segment.

Agreed! Ford could have made a killing with a Ford Escape PHEV!

Looks like they don’t want the low hanging fruit ….. it makes no sense and is really too bad.

I think the financial angles discussed here make sense. We know they are cash strapped, Nissan just invested, so it makes sense that any new market introductions are on hold pending a bit of internal review and planning.

I’m just disappointed that they couldn’t find a way to allow orders: that would eliminate the need to preposition inventory on dealer lots.

This is terrible news! These 4 wheel drive phev’s would have been an important Stepping stone here in Quebec (because winter). Getting rid of the Chademo was annoying also, we have so many Chademo chargers here in Quebec, and Ontario will have many next year.

Mitsubishi has a few issues to work out. It’s more certain that the delay this time has to do with their mpg scandal that’s far from over, with long reaching implications.

Sales of the Outlander in Japan have crashed….

“In Japan, sales have been decimated from a consistent level of around 1,000 units per month prior to the mpg scandal to one-quarter that over the past three months. After selling 955 sales in March, Mitsubishi reported 250 in April, 174 in May, and 253 in June.”

Meaning that those 100k Outlander PHEV models sold may have a mpg correction and associated costly penalties to pay.

So it’s smart for Mitsubishi to not spread the problem wider than it may already be(and they certainly don’t want to bring a mpg/emissions scandal to the US….just ask VW), until they are able to clean up the mess they have already created for themselves.

This clean up should also require re-engineering and recertification.

Somewhat makes sense with everything that’s going on…
1. MPG Scandal
2. EPA has made MY17s MPG rating stricter
3. CA HOV stickers and $1500 are on hold

Add lackluster PHEV sales and the Audi E-Tron while different, still has a more “prestigious” badge and can only muster a 3XX/mo sales…And I just don’t think it would be profitable. For MY17, if came out with an EPA range of 10, 15 or 20, I really can’t imagine it making any difference in sales…Get it up to 35 and you’ll attract far more…Unfortunately, don’t be surprised if this thing is further delayed and this generation never makes it stateside…

I’ve been here arguing on PHEV story after PHEV story that there was nothing wrong with PHEV battery ranges in the 20’s.

I’ve argued that these 20-something PHEV’s can save as much gas every year as replacing a compact car with a Leaf in many circumstances (complete with math to prove it).

But endlessly I hear nothing but scorn for any PHEV that can’t beat the Volt.

So when I hear them say the don’t think they can “meet a level of competitiveness that will exceed customer expectations in the United States” with their current version, I can see where they might have gotten that idea from.

Can anyone think of any good alternatives?

This seems like it would have been the only affordable SUV with a plug. Now I’ll have to wait 5+ years for the next vehicle cycle for an affordable SUV with a plug. In the meantime, what are some good gas or hybrid alternatives?

Used RAV4 EV, but they are only 2-wheel drive.

If you have biodiesel available (or have the ability/desire to make your own) there is always the Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel that gets 22 mpg city/30 highway. Depending on your beliefs about biodiesel, it can be an alternative.