Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – Benefits & Features (Video)

MAY 29 2014 BY MARK KANE 10

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - Not Coming To The US In 2014, And Probably Not in 2015 Either

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs

Mitsubishi Motors UK is putting in a lot of effort in an attempt to promote Outlander PHEVs.

Recently, the company launched the biggest cross media Outlander PHEV campaign to date.

“The campaign, preceded by the announcement of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK’s sponsorship of Documentaries on 4 last month, kicks off with the advertiser’s return to TV spot advertising after a 5-year hiatus. The first spot since 2009 will air at 21:50 this evening in Gogglebox on C4, and also in the weekend’s European footballing showpiece – The Champions League Final – on Saturday evening at 19:35, the last break before kick off on ITV. The advert will also show on Sunday at 19:30 during Britain’s Got Talent on ITV.”

Mitsubishi is adding new Outlander PHEV material on the various Internet channels too. Here is the latest video on benefits & features of Outlander PHEV.

Three people using cars in different ways checked out the plug-in Mitsubishi SUV:

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The Imievs are here and haven’t hardly heard a peep about them. Any news on if they are selling?

They are here and selling, but more on a ‘technically true’ basis. Looks like Mitsu got about 250-odd of the 2014s landed and to dealers for this month.

Certainly will be the end of the “1” and “3” selling months. Probably looking at later in the summer before there is enough volume to see how people are taking to that new $23K base price + new standard option deal. As always we’ll have the full recap/exact numbers for all the plug-ins next week (Tuesday this time).

Last I heard, there was some technical issue in selling this in California. Right now, there is almost no PHEV SUV in US. This car will sell really well if it arrives in US.
Unfortunately, it won’t get the HOV sticker in California anymore. But still should do very well. For SUVs, pure battery EVs don’t make sense, as people can’t really go far to country side. This car is designed and priced well for market acceptance.

Hey ST,

I think maybe their was some confusion here, Big Solar was asking about the status on the just released 2014 i-MiEVs, not the Outlander.

The 2016 MY Outlander PHEV will be equipped with a new battery monitoring unit that will comply with new California regs…meaning a wait for the Mitsu plug-in SUV until the fall of 2015.

I do think as well that when it does finally arrive in North America it will be well received.

I did some math to see what this vehicle might cost when it is released here. I came up with an estimated MSRP of around $33,400 for the Outlander PHEV. Basically I took the UK price and converted to dollars, then compared the difference in price between a base model Leaf in the US and the UK as a reference.

I am skeptical of the 37 mile EV range I see advertised. I suspect it will be lower than that in the USA. I can see this being a big seller here and I especially like that it has Chademo and J1772 just like the Leaf. We need more Chademo vehicles on the streets!

I saw the advert on TV, it was short but quite informative. They did use the acronym PHEV, spoken, which I’m not sure was such a good idea.

While I’m definitely not interested in an SUV of any type, I’m glad to see this particular vehicle coming to market.

We’re still very early in the process of electrifying transportation, which means we’ll benefit greatly from every additional manufacturer or model that joins the party. That gives customers more choice, and it very effectively makes the case to people who aren’t obsessed with EVs that such vehicles are real and affordable and highly functional, plus you can actually (gasp!) buy one, just like a “normal car.” I still routinely run into people who are shocked to find out that my Leaf isn’t a PHEV but a BEV, because they were unaware such things were built and sold by major car companies.

DRL’s in the foglights?! STOCK? thats new

If Mitsu can bring the Outlander to the US for $33,000, that will be a huge success.

So, I’m guessing they will not.

ICE use regular or premium fuel on PHEV?