Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Becomes Europe’s Best Selling Plug-In Vehicle

JUN 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 16

Europe May 2014 - (credits to EV Sales Blog)

Europe May 2014 – (credit to EV Sales Blog)

Introduced in Europe in late 2013, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV became in May 2014 not only the best selling plug-in vehicle that month, but also Europe’s top selling plug-in vehicle thus far in 2014.

According to numbers hunted down by EV Sales Blog, Mitsubishi delivered in May 1,733 Outlander PHEVs and 6,047 in the first five months (this is still an approximation because many countries present registrations, not sales).

Anyway, no other plug-in vehicle was even close to 1,000 last month and Outlander PHEV has at least few hundred unit advantage over the second place Nissan LEAF, which YTD sold 5,559 units in Europe.

In May, Renault ZOE came in second with 785 and Tesla Model S was third with 754. Nissan LEAF seems to be off the podium, but the differences are very thin.

Of interest is the total number of plug-in vehicle sales in Europe – 7,783 in May, which is about two thirds of US sales.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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People love making excuses to explain poor Volt sales. This shows that it’s not the range or price etc that makes the Volt sell poorly. It’s just not the car people are looking for.

A CUV with good electric range, decent price and generally more space would sell very well in the US. But GM refuses to address the opportunity, instead wasting time and money making the ridiculous ELR.

Interesting thought. The Outlander does at least put an end to the myth that Europeans want buy a PHEV.

Let’s see if this is sustained sales. It simply could be initial backlog.

the cause for poor volt sales may also be price. Spot on about GM and their ridiculous ELR Sam.

Sam has hit the nail on the head. Any EREV SUV that can tow 6k, and is available at a reasonable price will be a runaway best seller in the US. How GM missed this opportunity and instead put its resources into the ELR is beyond me.

In the next months, the production ramp-ups of both the Outlander and Model S should start making the difference. Especially sales in Great Britain should make a huge contribution to Model S sales, with the massive (I suppose) backlog accumulated in years! But then, with Tesla being busy delivering also to US and China, while Mitsubishi mainly (or exclusively?) to Europe and Japan, probably the Outlander will come out as the best-seller for the year, in Europe. Just a matter of output capacity… The Golf GTE will also bring serious competition, I guess, but probably only from next year (in big numbers). e-Golf… probably not on Outlander (PHEV, of course) level of either production or demand. BMW also busy increasing i3 output… Curious to see how many of the 50,000 Outlander PHEV units Mitsubishi expects to sell from April ’14 to March ’15 will end up in European customers’ garages… And curious to see how the duel that I’d expect to take place in Norway between Model S and e-Golf for monthly n.1 spot will end up. For the year, I would not expect VW to be able to sell more e-Golf than Tesla Model S, there, in just 6… Read more »

Sometimes I wonder how can there be a backlog for a car with a six digit price?

Do I live in a parallel universe where median salary is not 100 000 annual?

(Yes I AM doing all right no worries, ty)

a) It’s a new market
b) It is production limited
c) It’s the best thing since sliced bread

Intersting fpr 100% EVs

2013 and 2014 Numbers together

Leaf: 16350 Units
ZOE: 11500 Units
Tesla: 8175 Units
BMW i3: 4682 Units
VW e-UP: 4332 Units
VW e-Golf: 277 Units

So Renault-Nissan is dominating Europes EV Market.

Another Thing:

With ZOE and Tesla there are ca. 20.000 Units supporting 3-phase AC fast charging 🙂

Not bad.

And ZOE was leading all 100% EV sales in Europe, outselling Nissans Leaf.

Renault-Nissan has dominated the arena. Enjoy it while it last, which won’t be that long. 😛

I think Mitsubishi is making a big mistake not selling this in the U.S.. They can’t use California as the reason as that is just not valid. How or why would that prevent it from being in the other 49 states?

Look up the Ford Mustang on Wikipedia and look at the sales numbers. Ford sold over a half a million of them in 1965 and again in 1966. These car makers today don’t have a clue.

It has a limited production. They can’t get enough cars for the markets they are in.

Imagine them taking it to the US and saying, hey guys you can get 200 a month to sell, how does that sound? When the demant would be ten times that much easily.

It’s not Mitsubisi delaying US entrance. California and other states (suppose) have come up with weird rules blocking Mitsu’s entrance to CA. Most likely, to protect Tesla.
If Mitsu is in CA, Tesla Model X is dead.

No one is blocking mitsu from bringing it to the USA. They arent selling any cars to speak of in the USA, why they wouldnt give this product to USA dealers who are badly in need of a hot product? who knows. training and equipment? No USA mitsu dealers already have that because of imev.
MItsubishi USA is missing a chance to be the first to market in the USA with a PHEV SUV.
You watch 1st well done PHEV SUV will sell very well. In 5-7 years many SUV’s in the USA will have some type of hybrid or phev system.