Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Arrives In Canada For Media Test Drives


The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is easily the most-anticipated plug-in SUV in the U.S.

That anticipation continues to grow as residents of countries around the globe now have the ability to buy the plug-in Outlander.

In fact, North America seems last in line to get this plug-in SUV, but it’s coming.

Soon…we hope.

Latest word from Mitsubishi is that the Outlander PHEV will launch in the U.S. in late 2015 (right around the same time as the delayed Tesla Model X).

But if the recent test drives of the Outlander PHEV in Montreal, Canada are any indication of its arrival, we might assume that Outlander PHEV is ahead of schedule.

Fingers crossed…

Test Drives Underway In Canada

Test Drives Underway In Canada

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FWIW the Mitsubishi Canada website has very little info on the Outlander PHEV… a 30 second youtube clip with no audio that takes some searching to get to.

Can you link to it?

Go to: and scroll down a ways to the “This Is Our Future” section. If you click on the small photo of the Outlander PHEV the video pops up.

As an easier alternative, you can just see the video here:

Thank you. 🙂

It’s actually been reviewed a few times up here on short preview drives, including mine here:

Canada is not getting this version. What will eventually land here is the new model based on the concept shown in Paris. Mitsubishi Canada has been offering test drives since the summer in the current version (European spec)