Mitsubishi & Nissan Note Strong Drop In Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Japan

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Nissan Japan "Fancies" Up The LEAF With An Available "Aero Spec" Option

282 in April is very low

Plug-in electric car sales results for April are pretty weak in Japan.

The two most popular models – Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – had just 282 and 188 sales, respectively. That’s one of the worst result for both models in history.

Nissan sold less LEAFs only in December 2010, and April 2011 (the month after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami). Outlander PHEV didn’t see such a low level aside from the brief interruption in production in 2013.

Also, all-electric Mitsubishis (all MiEVs) are not attracting many customers, as only 42 units of three versions were sold.

Overall, Nissan and Mitsubishi delivered over 7,000 plug-ins this year – 2,500 below 2014 through the end of April.  It’s unlikely the two Japanese automakers will match last year’s sales volume with other models like the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S (no sales data available for either of these two electric cars) on the market.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales in Japan – April 2015

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales in Japan – April 2015

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Production conversion to a 30 kWh Leaf ?

Yeah, I wonder if the Osborne effect is starting for the LEAF.

That doesn’t explain weak Outlander sales though.

The updated ICE Outlander is available now however the updated PHEV Outlander will not be available for a few more months. I would say that buyers will wait for the new model.

Wait, the Nissan Note? Sorry, that’s a bit confusing. Anyway, holy hell! What’s causing this? They haven’t fallen to the hydrogen hype, have they?

Even if, there aren’t enough of hydroges around to be solely responsible for such a drop.

So either announced models refresh or announced import of some new car model.

April was always weak for *EVs.

They all delay for the Tesla Model 3. 

whats with the chevy ads popping up on still pictures now?

There are probably many reasons for this, but I think a big factor is the drop in the price of oil.

Most likely it is all the rumors and facts of the new, imminent models. As soon as the 110 mile 2016 LEAF hits the market it will improve somewhat… and when the 200 milers hit it will recover and continue its rise. The thing that will help Mitsubishi is updating the iMiev to 20kW or more battery at nearly the same price. 65 miles is too low to compete with the 85 milers for not much more money. As for the Outlander… wonderful car… can’t buy the PHEV here in Cali yet. Send it over… we will soak it up.

The rumors of new LEAFs with more range may have some impact, but doesn’t explain the Outlander PHEV’s weak sales.

A major factor may be that they’ve saturated the market for the low-range EV and the low-electric-range PHEV.

I suspect the weak LEAF sales in the US in 2015 are due to a combination of the two factors. And perhaps a third factor – that word-of-mouth of 2011 and 2012 LEAF owners about the large amount of battery degradation is taking a toll on potential new customers. Unfortunately, Nissan continues to be silent about what changed in 2013 so they can’t actually come out and say “yes, the earlier LEAFs had batteries that degrade fast, but that’s fixed now” – probably worried about having to replace ALL 2011 and 2012 batteries under warranty.

Combination of the drop in oil prices and the desire for range improvements, and the cheap used Leafs may have temporarily saturated the EV market.

Year to date numbers still look ok.

April last year took a big drop too! Don’t read too much into a single data point.

Ding ding ding! April seems to be a low month in general.