Mitsubishi Launches Two Up-Level Versions Of Outlander PHEV

JAN 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi is moving forward with its hot Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV by introducing more luxurious trim levels: GX5h and GX5hs.

In UK, the up-level Outlander PHEVs will be priced from £44,999 (£37,899 after the Plug-in Car Grant), which translates to some $68,000.

For that you get leather seats, an upgraded audio system and a few exterior tweaks. Below we present the description from Mitsubishi and several photos.

“Cirencester – Sumptuous leather seats that are individually hand crafted, low level mood lighting, a sound system dynamically optimised with the vehicle’s interior acoustics and all-essential multiple USB charging ports are prerequisite in a luxury company car – and standard in the newly launched Outlander GX5h and GX5hs plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

Externally the new models have full length side steps for easier access and the addition of a rear spoiler.

Moreover the new Outlander GX5h and GX5hs invite very little interest from HM Revenue and Customs. The top of the range GX5hs priced at £44,999 attracts just £75 a month in personal benefit-in-kind tax and is exempt from road tax.

The vehicle has phenomenal environmental and economy credentials. It emits just 44g/km of CO2 and the official combined fuel consumption figure is 148mpg. It is eligible for the Government’s plug-in car grant and companies can offset 100 per cent of the purchase value against profits in the first year.”

Clive Messenger, Head of Corporate Sales, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, stated:

“The GX5h and GX5hs plug-in hybrid Outlanders offer such a fantastic package of benefits for both companies and company car drivers – high specification, luxury feel, low running costs, strong environmental credentials. We are expecting it to quickly populate company car choice lists UK-wide.”

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV


  • Sumptuous high-line Nappa leather seats, dash, door and console lining in Porcelain Beige, Claret Red or Gunmetal Grey.
  • Acoustically optimised audio system – seven speaker 420W premium Alpine Hi-Fi system, with silk dome tweeters to provide accurate and smooth highs, powerful 16.5cm midrange drivers and 20cm subwoofers for deep lows. The audio system has been specifically tuned for the Outlander GX5h and GX5hs interiors, in a soundproofed audio chamber and using sophisticated sound measurement equipment.
  • Floor level, front and rear mood lighting, LED interior lights and ‘puddle’ lamps.
  • Front and rear heated seats.
  • Twin rear USB charging port.
Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV


  • Integrated side steps.
  • Rear spoiler.
  • Outlander bonnet badge.
  • LED Fog lamps and DRLs with chrome surrounds.


The new Outlander PHEV GX5h and GX5hs will be available in all five Outlander PHEV colours:

  • Atlantic Grey (Metallic)
  • Glacier Blue (Metallic)
  • White Pearl (Pearlescent)
  • Frost White (Solid)
  • Amethyst Black (Pearlescent)”
Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

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Quick! . . . how can we cash-in on this hit vehicle?

Luxury trim levels!

Go for it, Mitz. You deserve it for being first.


I’m starting to think Mitsu is going to leave the states.
I mean, why else would you not sell such a winning vehicle to the SUV hoard of hungry US customers?

Because they cant make enough to meet European demand let alone North America? Im guessing.

Mitsu is not Tesla.

They are not hyper aggressive in expanding battery capacity therefore Outlander PHEV capacity.

They are not sure once Volvo, BMW and others join the SUV PHEV party they can sustain these sales. So they are afraid to invest in expanding battery production.

Robb, you are correct. On top of that, the battery-only range of the Outback PHEV is better suited for the EU and Japan than the US. Drivers in both of those markets drive fewer miles on average each day than US drivers.

I’m actually hoping that the version they bring to the US will take advantage of the full $7500 dollar tax incentive, and provide more range than the current model. That is worth waiting for.

Please stop with the cocktease Mitsubishi, start shipping these to the US already!

Despite all the teasing with US market, this news shocks me. “which translates to some $68,000.”

AT this price, the Outlander PHEV will be a huge failure just like the i-MIev even if it is the first PHEV SUV introduced in the US.

This would put it at direct competition of Volvo XC90 PHEV and BMW X5 PHEV. People will pay $70K for a Volvo or BMW before they pay $60K for a Mitsubishi…

It translates at direct exchange rates yes, however European prices are always inflated by at least 25% over what a vehicle would cost in the U.S. There’s no way the Outlander PHEV would cross the $50,000 threshold in the the U.S., even in the top trim level.

I certainly hope that is the case. Because it will be DOA like the ELR if the price is above $50K.

Speaking to the sales manager at A Mitsubishi dealer, there are several aggressively redesigned models in the pipeline for the US market. They are upset at how long it is taking. Having seen the promotional pictures they are not your typical Mitsubishi products and do include another plug in.