Mitsubishi Has Sold Its 10,000th Outlander PHEV in Norway

APR 26 2017 BY MARK KANE 45

Mitsubishi, despite being one of the not-so-big car manufacturers, has managed to become an electric drive pioneer of sorts, first with the all-electric i-MiEV, and then later with its first plug-in hybrid SUV, the Outlander PHEV.

Truly, it is amazing how successful Mitsubishi has been with that model is in Europe, recently hitting the milestone of selling 10,000 copies in Norway alone.

Almost as amazing, but in a less positive way, is the OEM’s reluctance to introduce the Outlander PHEV in the North America...but that’s different story.

Worldwide sales of the plug-in Outlander hit 100,000 just a year ago (with two-thirds of those occurring in Europe, with the bulk of the balance at home in Japan). Now for 2017, Europe alone is approaching the 100,000 sold mark, and will be reached later this year, barring a catastrophe of some sort.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

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Hey Mitsu, Norway but No USA? This is absolutely amazing!

Norway’s political system isn’t controlled by Corporate America, and Big Oil.

Maybe they’re police force is effective at bribery and extortion.

serial anti tesla troll

That’s true

Norway’s oil business (Statoil) is owned by the state so it’s kind of the other way around.

Norway offers more financial incentive that the US does.

33 miles all electric range. Who will buy it in the US? Unless they sell it really cheap or increase the range to at least 100 miles.

Since it would be the Best Hybrid/Plugin SUV on the market, many many people would buy.

This is the biggest marketing Blunder in Mitsu History.

I bet they don’t have the factory capacity to build more. Since US regs are difficult, they see no need to invest in the US as they sell all production capacity elsewhere.

Why they don’t expand production capacity is a mystery to me.

The lack of the Outlander PHEV in the US market has long been a mystery. Even excuses like ‘lack of production capacity’ seem pretty stupid since the Outlander PHEV has been around 3+ years and they could have built more production capacity in that time.

You are exactly correct. Mitsubishi has laid this out exactly as to what they are doing and why and several articles…including on this website….have reported the two basic issues: 1. Production capacity of batteries 2. Since they can sell all they can make and at high margins, it is anti-productive for them to make the changes necessary and to get certified by the US. Just a bunch of expense for nothing. They have stated quite clearly that they have about 40,000 battery pack per year capacity. Why not ramp up more? The 40,000 is the MORE. It was less a couple years ago. Presumably they are working on another upgrade in capacity but bear in mind also they recently came under the wing of Nissan. Same CEO and Nissan has a controlling interest. It is almost certainly the case that an upgrade in capacity will be coincided with a conversion to using Nissan technology and batteries for sake of efficiencies so it is going to delay the capacity upgrade. But every single time there’s thread on this website about the Outlander PHEV all the people with lack of reading comprehension and short term memory problems throw up their arms in… Read more »

“Since US regs are difficult…”

That’s a non sequitur. US regs are no more difficult to meet than EU or Scandinavian regs. And I would argue that Scandinavian regs are actually a bit more difficult.

It probably has more to do with the same fear that other OEMs selling in NA have…that PHEV SUVs would be so popular that they’d overshadow the gas only SUVs and eat into their profit margins since SUVs have higher profit margins than other vehicle types.

Name another plug-in hybrid SUV that does 100 miles on EV mode… oh wait, you can’t! In fact, no plug-in hybrid on the market of any size can do that.

The i3 with REx is close to that. But I think the 100 mile range PHEV is a bit silly. Makes it expensive and the ICE would be so rarely used.

The i3 REx can do more…200km+
But it’s not a hybrid, it’s a range-extended BEV (which is normally not considered a series hybrid).

The i3 REX has been kneecapped by US government restrictions.

I did the research, for me to drive a long trip in the i3 I would make it about 75 miles and then would be stopping for gas every 20-30 minutes from then on because it has a 2.9 gallon tank.

The tank size is limited to make the vehicle a Range-Extended BEV and not a PHEV by CARB rules.

It’s all about politics and numbers.

Do people not know what an SUV is anymore?
The i3 is a box of a car but no SUV.

We waited almost two years for it. Our commute is about ~30 miles. Ended up folding and buying a Model X60D. No regrets. Screw you Mitsu.

On the US market it would be a huge Embarrassment to the US and Japanese Auto Industry.

It is a plug-in hybrid, NOT a pure EV. 100 miles would be silly for a PHEV.

33 miles is pretty good for an SUV sized PHEV. It would be nice to see it go up to 40 or 50 miles though.

33 miles of range is more than enough for a PHEV SUV. I’d buy one. The RAV4 Hybrid is pathetic and there are no other competitors.

They are production constrained due to the battery right? Demand in Europe has kept on surprising them and they havent been able to get ahead og it and launch in the US.

For me this vindicates Tesla’s gigafactory strategy and is the main reason they dont have a great deal to fear from the imminent competition scheduled to arrive in the next 2-3 years.

Had ours 2 years now and it has been ther best car I have ever had.

Does equivalent to 105 mpg on all electric and 73 combined.

I get around 21 in winter and 25 in summer on EV only mode.

Totally brilliant car.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Go ahead, rub it in our faces……..


Great, Mitsu should be around at 125.000 Outlander worldwide!

That is a LOT of sales in a small county. But plug-in SUV is a great match for Norway.

Mitsu dealers have been strung along just as maddeningly as us consumers. Though i-MiEV production was stopped to free up batteries for the Outlander PHEV (1 i-MiEV pack = 1.33 Outlander packs), their US Dealers have been forced to keep the i-info showroom kiosks hot and ready, though neither car is available to sell.

Didn’t CA deny them the ability to sell it here until they added some additional battery monitoring?

That was the reason they gave for the 3rd (?) time they delayed the release, after initially delaying on not having enough batteries. But after that delay they had announced and canceled plans a few more times without mentioning that.

I think the next delay after that was supposed to be to wait for the facelift/updated body and interior. So many delays it is hard to keep track of them all.

The last time they delayed, they really didn’t bother saying exactly why. Or I was past the point of caring. One of the two….

We have actually reported on a new delay 7 times here at IEV…and there has been several different reasons why that has happened, and now 6 different new promise dates.

I’m quite sure 1 or 2 of the instances were legit, but not all….because it isn’t 2012 when they first promised it was coming in the future to the US, (=

Keeps track of the Outlander PHEV’s various cancellations, new dates, and myriad list of excuses would almost be as bad as keeping up with Tesla’s monthly sales numbers!


(not really, but it makes for a fun joke…)

This Mitsubishi outlander could be ready for Dakar rally event in the near future. And let’s hope Mitsubishi do get back in motorsport as well too.

They can easily sell that many in 6 month in the US alone if they brought the darn thing over already…

It is a bit frustrating that Mitsubishi haven’t increased the volume of production of this vehicle. If they had really pushed they could have rolled this drive train out across a number of different models by now and dramatically increased sales of the Outlander by offering across a wider number of markets. We had the Outlander in Australia for about 2 months – it sold out and we have never seen a replacement. Hopefully as the model 3 starts selling in volume the regular car companies will start to grow their ambition somewhat. I find it somewhat ironic that everyone is critical of Tesla not hitting all of its targets but at least they are pushing to a mass volume product. Nissan, BMW, Ford, Renault and Mitsubishi could all of produced something by now that could be selling in large numbers – even the likes of VW or the Koreans could have put together a reasonably priced PHEV by now. I hope Tesla squeeze the top of the market and the Chinese squeeze the bottom of the market and the laggards drifting along in cruse control in the middle get squashed. Even Toyota – the supposed enemy of the electric… Read more »


“It is a bit frustrating that Mitsubishi haven’t increased the volume of production of this vehicle. If they had really pushed they could have rolled this drive train out across a number of different models by now and dramatically increased sales of the Outlander by offering across a wider number of markets.”

That’s how I feel about the Volt drivetrain too. It should be in lots of GM models already.

The first version of it had GM losing money on every copy so no incentive to roll it out. The second version is way better and they have now included it as the drivetrain of the Malibu hybrid….not the plugin part but the rest of the drivetrain is the same.

That’s a good point. I just keep thinking that if they put $7,500-$10,000 worth of batteries into they Hybrid Malibu that they would have a big winner after federal and state incentives.

Maybe they are just planning ahead for the day where there is no federal incentive.

The Mitsu PHEV is on track to be for sale in the USA in June… just 2 more months YIIIIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah no that’s totally not even close. There is no planned sale date at all for the current product in the USA.
Take a look at all the comments here.
Ain’t gonna happen.

Although I haven’t personally heard that June date bantered around before, I do know that Mitsubishi just this past week added this vehicle to their North American website as a new model to be sold in the U.S. Yes, yes, I know Mitsu has been claiming for a long time that this vehicle will be sold in the U.S. but this is the first time it’s ever been posted on their N.A. website. I believe they indeed plan to offer this model in the U.S. BTW The Mitsubishi i-miev was also deleted from their N.A. website this past week. (I own 2 of these wonderful little electric mini-cars). Sad to see it go, but the Outlander PHEV will play a lot better to the U.S. consumer. I think Mitsu’s fear all along is that it will have so much appeal in the U.S. and they won’t be able to make enough of them.

Leave your manufacturing in Europe when you . Start producing in the USA I consider purchasing your product but in the meantime I’m buying American produce vehicles good luck

Who knows, Maybe Honda CRV Plugin will appear alongside this phantom Mitsu later this year.