Mitsubishi eX Concept Will Be Shown At Geneva Motor Show

FEB 22 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Mitsubishi eX

Mitsubishi eX

For the last several years, the Geneva Motor Show (March 3-13, 2016) has been a popular place to promote and introduce new plug-in vehicles, and it seems year will be no different.

Mitsubishi has confirmed its presence with the all-electric eX Concept, which debuted in late 2015 in Japan (see photos).

The eX Concept is equipped with two 70 kW motors for AWD and a 45 kWh battery.

We doubt the 400 km (250 miles) range stated by Japanese company though.  Given this is a JC08 rating, we’ll just go ahead and pencil in about 140-150 miles of real world range:

The eX Concept

Unveiled at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the acclaimed eX Concept hints at a future Mitsubishi Motors compact SUV where a sharp “shooting brake” bodystyle dresses up a new generation of high efficiency, electric drivetrain, fit for a real-life 400 km driving range.”

Also on the stage will be the best selling plug-in car in Europe – the refreshed Outlander PHEV.

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14 Comments on "Mitsubishi eX Concept Will Be Shown At Geneva Motor Show"

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Give it an optional Rex and throw it into the eu and us markets!

Also. Please build a bigger factory for your ev and phev’s offerings

They don’t need bigger auto factories, in fact they just closed one in Illinois.

What Mitsubishi needs is to expand the capacity of their JV with Yuasa to make more battery cells.

I think Mitsubishi leadership gets it that the 3000 GT VR4 and the Lancer Evo is their past and PHEVs and BEVs are their future but they are simply not moving fast enough to capture marketshare before GM,VW,Toyota et all move in with both feet.

Well said.

Why only 70kW? Would it kill them to put 100kW or 125kW? While range (if 250) is nice for EV folks, people get excited about power. If iMiev had 125kW, I’m sure there’d be lots of people taking notice.

Or build the CA-MiEV concept, already!

Its dual motor 70 kW, so 140 kW!

I guess we wait until the show for info on fast charge options.

What happened in Japan to cause all their cars to only get uglier and uglier with every next generation? Was it Fukushima?

Mazda is the only one left who makes good-looking cars. Too bad they don’t want to put a plug on them.

It looks like the “floating roof” design element, ala Chevy Bolt, is getting really popular.

Very exciting but so was the Outlander PHEV when it first debuted. We still haven’t seen the Outlander PHEV for sale in the US. It be a very long time before we can actually buy one of these, I’m not going to hold my breath.

250 miles on a 45 kWh battery. Yeah, their range claims are bullshit. My own spreadsheet estimator puts it closer to 150, this is mixed driving consisting fast and slow sections with 15% average regen and the heater/AC on a moderate setting.

As the article said this is on the Japan standard. And since Mitsubishi never actually releases their plug-in SUVs in the US, why cite the EPA standard 😉

Nothing wrong with 150 miles range, especially if the vehicle is fairly good sized and well apportioned. If it has good charging capabilities, it would probably be a popular car in the US. May not be for me, but still a nice car overall.