Mitsubishi EVO Breaks Down While Racing Tesla Model S P85D – Video


Blown Transmission?

Blown Transmission?

Sometimes an overly complicated ICE car will break down as it attempts to race a Tesla Model S P85D.

It’s not easy beating the P85D.  You’ve got to give it everything she’s got if you’re seriously gonna try to hang with the Tesla.  Problem is that when you give it all you’ve got, parts can and often do break,

Such is the case here in this race between a Mitsubishi EVO and a Model S P85D.  The EVO gets a few feet off the line before it gives up.  Transmission blown?  Differential busted?  We’re not quite sure, but the EVO is gonna need some work before the rematch, which is “coming soon.”

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10 responses to "Mitsubishi EVO Breaks Down While Racing Tesla Model S P85D – Video"
  1. offib says:

    This is going to salt a few wounds.

  2. Cavaron says:

    Puh, this awful noise of the motor indikates, that it is old and outdated. Wouldn’t drive this for money.

    1. Ahldor says:

      Well, every ICE engine is outdated.

      1. Cavaron says:

        My point exactly 😉

    2. Foo says:

      The Mitsu just sounds like a glorified Model T (which of course, is all it is).

  3. ja says:

    The Proper Spelling…….Would Be…..

  4. Nix says:

    Bad place to street race. Not enough room to get off the road in case of failure.

  5. Nix says:

    The Mitsubishi should have no problem beating the Tesla. It just needs a few more upgrades, like this Mitsubishi:

  6. Nicholas says:

    Cavemen knuckleheads.

  7. Speculawyer says:

    Mitsubishi happens.