Mitsubishi Electric Vehicle Sales Down 20% in Japan


Instead of growth, Mitsubishi’s electric vehicle sales are dropping in Japan.

Mitsubishi Minicab-MiEV

Mitsubishi Minicab-MiEV

After the first seven months of 2013, Mitsubishi’s EV sales are 20% lower than after the first 7 months of 2012

Through the end of July, the Japanese manufacturer delivered a total of 2,663 units, versus 3,331 during the same time frame in 2012.

The bad news is that sales drop occurred despite introducing a new version of its Minicab-MiEV electric: Minicab-MiEV Truck.

YTD numbers for i-MiEV are 1,115 (1,530 first 7 months of last year) and 1,009 and 5,39 respectively for Minicab-MiEV and Minicab-MiEV Truck, where 1,801 Minicab-MiEV were delivered through the first 7 months of last year.

Hopefully, Mitsubishi will recover, but for now instead of selling over 1,000 units like in record months, sales have hovered around 200 units for four straight months.

Without a significant price drop, the MiEV family probably will stay a niche product in Japan.

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There are too many much better options now. Mitsubishi’s kei car EVs can’t compete in the current market.

No surprise there.

What’s the price in japan relative to Leaf?

List price (might not reflect the actual dealer price)

2.6 mio ¥ (10.5 kWh)

3.8 mio ¥ (16.5 kWh)


3 to 3.8 mio ¥

Production of the Outlander PHEV will be continued later this month. Thereafter Mitsubishi will have time to look back into the EV business.

They need to update I-MiEV. They are not competitive with Leaf now.