Mitsubishi Electric EMIRAI 3 xDAS Assisted-driving Concept Car At CES

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One more concept electric car was presented at the 2016 CES in Las Vegas – the EMIRAI 3 xDAS.

It’s not related to Mirai (as the “eMirai” name might suggest) – it’s a technology demonstrator developed by Mitsubishi Electric (previous version was shown in 2013).

The main content here is the next-generation driving-assistance technology.

Whether we will see some of these solutions in Mitsubishi cars or other brands that uses Mitsubishi Electric stuff, only time will tell:

EMIRAI 3 xDAS Multi-Bonding display

EMIRAI 3 xDAS Multi-Bonding display

Human Machine Interface HMI
(1) Multi-bonding display
– LCDs panels on the dashboard and center console are laminated with and optical bonding process for
high visibility and operability, as well as aesthetic harmony with vehicle interiors.
– Larger images are achieved without larger LCDs by narrowing the widths between separate displays.
– High-visibility panels reduce reflections thanks to optical-bonding and optical-design technologies.
– Display items can be changed according to user preferences. Cloud content synchronization and
selectable contents layouts enable drivers to create highly personalized interiors.

EMIRAI 3 xDAS Eye movement reduction HMI

EMIRAI 3 xDAS Eye movement reduction HMI

(2) Minimized eye movement
– In-vehicle equipment can be operated without having to look at the display. The operator’s hand
profile and motions are detected for simplified adjustment of air temperature and music volume.
– Wearable device vibrates to notify specific passengers of information, etc. as required.
– Overwrite input function, which was co-developed with Tokyo University of Agriculture and
Technology, allows the driver to write on top of characters without confirming each time.

(3) Combiner 3D Head-up display (HUD)
– The HUD, which appears in the combiner provides three-dimensional images of objects up to more
than 10 meters ahead of the driver so that the driver can keep their eyes on the road ahead.
– 3D imaging with binocular disparity on Head-up Display.
– Adjusts the display’s position in the combiner according to specific situations, such as when turning
driving on an expressway, etc., for safer, easier driving.

EMIRAI 3 xDAS interior

EMIRAI 3 xDAS interior

Driver sensing
– The driver’s operating condition is sensed with a camera and a cardiograph that is based on a non-contact
cardiograph co-developed with the National University Corporation Kyushu Institute of Technology. The
driver’s face direction and line of sight are sensed via a camera.
– Safe-driving support and predictive assistance based on driver behavior.
– Proactive analysis of map data, for example, to identify intersections with poor visibility, and then display
side-camera views looking up and down the cross street. Further, the system learns to react automatically
whenever the same location/situation is reencountered.

– A cloud-based application analyzes the driver’s physical condition by comparing current behavior with past
behavioral data stored in the cloud. If fatigue is detected, suitable rest stops are recommended.
– Collects and shares information on dangerous locations. Also provides remote control of home appliances.





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Is it a car? I mean what is this? That doesn’t even look close to resembling something that will ever look like anything anyone will put on the market, ever.

It does look cool though. Maybe nice set piece for a star trek movie.


Exactly. That’s how concept cars are supposed to look — something so outrageous it’s clear they were just built for kids’ (large & small) entertainment value.


All kidding aside, I wonder if this thing is designed to be essentially a simulator you can sit in, to be used only when sitting still at indoor car shows and electronics shows, and the wheels only for making it easier to move from one show to the next.

That would explain the lack of doors and the complete lack of any top.


The body itself is not that radical, it looks a bit like a Honda 660 with the doors taken off…


It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.


It’s great. Pair it with the right i8 like body or a crossover, with AWD, and it should be a hit – if it uses long range batteries like the forthcoming e-tron SUV.