Mitsubishi Delivers 635 Outlander PHEVs To Ukrainian Police

JUN 26 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

Mitsubishi Motors Delivers 635 Outlander PHEVs to Ukranian Police…Are there spectators in front of them?  Who knows.

Mitsubishi Motors has finally delivered their largest fleet plug-in order ever last month, with some 635 Outlander PHEVs now in the hands Ukranian Police.

Mitsubishi Motors Delivers 635 Outlander PHEVs to Ukranian Police

In Europe, Mitsubishi has sold 80,768 Outlander PHEVs through the end of 2016, and more than 5,000 in the first quarter of this year.

It’s still the best selling plug-in hybrid in Europe, and has ranked as the best-selling for four years in a row.

“The vehicle order stems from an emissions trading agreement signed by a number of Japanese companies with the Government of Ukraine. As part of its policy to reduce CO2 and greenhouse warming gases using the Kyoto Protocol Green Investment Scheme*2, the Ukrainian government will use the Outlander PHEVs as police vehicles.”

“This marks the second time MMC has supplied vehicles under the Green Investment Scheme, the first being to deliver 507 units of the i‐MiEV all-electric model to the Government of Estonia that began in October 2011.”

Ukraine Police Services Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

At the delivery ceremony, MMC President and chief executive Osamu Masuko said:

“I would like to thank the Ukrainian government for evaluating our Outlander PHEV highly and deciding that it is the right option for the country’s police force. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is not only environmental-friendly but also contains our latest technologies such as our advanced 4 wheel drive system “Super All-Wheel Control”, which makes it highly suitable for police use.”

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Still none here in the states…..


Those will make great taxis for St Petersburg in 2019.


This is a special greeting for president Putin. 🙂

Not many people know, but the Ukraine has a rapidly growing second-hand EV market because of the conflict with Russia.

Bill Howland

So this is where my tax dollars are going… 635 cars.

Asst Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (during Obama) stated it cost $5 billion to perform the Coup D’ETAT in the Ukraine in Feb 2014, overthrowing the democratically elected government.

Of course, our joke of a news media gets it exactly wrong – blaming Russia, when it was MY money that overthrew the legitimate gov’t.


I think it is very clear to everyone that this is just a Russian paid or unpaid troll.

What I worry about is that it is fairly difficult to make policemen to actually plug them in, I would prefer a full-electric BEV instead to make sure it runs on electrons.


If you had any notion Bill Howland of the conflict in Ukraine, 10K killed already… or if you had less of a small town America ‘idealism,’ then you’d know that your asshole $’s haven’t paid for these vehicles. And on case you’re wondering; I grew up in Upstate NY, so fully understand small town America and the sentiments, I’ve traveled on a bus from Kyou to Kharkiv and witnessed the armed checkpoints 2 years ago as they aim to stop the Russian insert gents and army over-running the country… and these days live in Europe and possibly qualify for being a little bit more informed than you

Bill Howland

vadik and packard352 : Glad to see you are supporting the current Neo-Nazi regime. Yes there is plenty of fighting going on, and Perishenko is losing.

Sorry you can’t dispute my facts. But then again too many here would rather believe fairy tales.


You should read up a bit on the “nazis” before using this word. Germany’s “nazism” is pretty much the same thing as Russia’s “Socialism”.
And one more interesting fact: Hitler and Stalin started WW2 together, as allies!


You are nothing but a Russian Nazi troll offering alternative facts. Everybody can see that. Please stop pestering.


Well, I live in eastern Europe. Over here, the only people that don’t hate Russia are the ones on their payroll. And all those “negative western media” stories about Russia are much more an understatement than they are “western propaganda”…

Bill Howland
You must work for NATO. How DARE the Russians put their country in the middle of all our military bases? If ‘Russian Agents’ – (you mean Russian speakers born in the territory of eastern Ukraine) don’t feel like being bombed and their kids being killed resist a bit and want their old lives back, I find that hardly surprizing. Does anyone seriously think that Russia couldn’t take care of the Ukrainian Gov’t in about 24 hours as they did with Georgia a few years ago? There, the puppet president, Saakashvilli – with an EU flag in his office was so nervous he was seen eating his tie on TV. Russia ‘handled’ the attack on South Ossetia, and later Abkhazia, after US Sec of State at the time, Condoleezza Rice, where she pledged her support for Georgia’s bid to join Nato. On Aug 7, 2008, thinking Russia would be distracted by the Summer Olympics in Beijing, the newly militarized puppet Georgia launched a large-scale military offensive against the Russian quasi protectorates of South Ossetia, and later, Abkhazia, were completely overrun in an attempt to ‘reclaim’ the territory. It is inconceivable that Georgian puppet leader Mikheil Saakashvili would have undertaken such a… Read more »

Who will be the first person to squirrel one of these Outlanders to the Donbass region, or the Crimean Peninsula?


“…Police…Are there spectators in front of them? Who knows.”

I don’t get it.

I don’t see any spectators. Just police and office personnel I assume.