Mitsubishi Confirms No 2014 Outlander PHEV For US, Looking For Even More Production Capacity

SEP 30 2013 BY JAY COLE 16

Heart Of The Delay?  Not Enough Of These To Go Around!

Heart Of The Delay? Not Enough Of These To Go Around!

A few days ago we reported that there would be no model year 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander for the US.

This after some early battery issues with the car (which have now been rectified) and an unexpectedly large demand for the extended range SUV in Japan and Europe pushed back the vehicle’s US release window as the company is currently facing the same issue as Nissan – not enough batteries.

InsideEVs got in touch with Mitsubishi representatives, and it turns out that the company will not be bringing the Outlander PHEV to the US with the rest of the 2015 model year lineup that comes out in the fall either.

“The PHEV is expected to arrive in CY (calendar year) 2015 and the delay is indeed due to lack of battery supply…”

Mitsubishi Slide Illustrates Production Changes For The Outlander PHEV This Month

Mitsubishi Slide Illustrates Production Changes For The Outlander PHEV This Month

Currently, the Outlander PHEV is built at Mitsubishi’s Nagoya plant in Japan – and starting this month (September 2013) production capacity has doubled from approximately 2,000 units to 4,000 units as Mitsu has “consolidated the processes for installing PHEV batteries and motors from (the) subassembly line to the main assembly line.”

Even still, Mitsubishi tells us that this may not been enough capacity to catch up to demand and that:

Plug-In. SUV. 4WD. A Winning Combination Apparently

Plug-In. SUV. 4WD. A Winning Combination Apparently

“…MMC is working with the supplier to seek for battery production volume enhancement.”

And here we thought 4,000 Outlander PHEVs was already a pretty high number.

But apparently that number is still not high enough, and illustrates fairly well how anxious the world is for extended range plug-in vehicles that are not compact cars.

The electric Outlander PHEV combines 25 miles of range (converted to EPA estimates) in a 4wd SUV package.  The Mitsu is expected to MSRP at just under $40,000 when it comes to the US.

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At this rate, Model X will be out before Outlander PHEV.

True but at twice the price.

Hopefully this gets the ball rolling for GM and other manufacturers to roll out similar vehicles.

I’m sure they’ll F-it up.

I’d bet on Tesla before I bet on GM.

Somehow I think Ford is on the ball though in that they seem to have a lot of their plug in cars hitting the local highways more then anyone else besides Tesla.

Jay, thanks for getting clarification after the conflicting reports last week, some saying that is was coming late 2014 and others saying 2015. While this isn’t the answer most of us wanted to hear, at least now we know.

Now that idea of converting a 4WD Escape Hybrid to a PHEV is creeping back into my brain 😀

Heeh, I do not envy you trying to run things over at InsideOutlander (which for anyone reading the comments, is THE place to be for all your Outlander PHEV needs btw)

Truth is, the Outlander PHEV is, and has been, a moving target. We have spoken to Mitsu a few times, and everytime we get the current (and accurate) scoop direct from the horses mouth – but then something unexpected comes along to change what even they had planned. So it seems like every few months the whole thing gets reset. Mitsu has itself a rare ‘winner’ for themselves here, but sometimes that in itself can be a curse if you are not prepared.

My impression this time is that they are ‘going long’ with expectations so that they don’t come up short again…but that is only my opinion FWIW

Looks like the Tesla X will be first to US market with a plug-in 4WD unless the Voltec CUV emerges soon… the window is closing…


I would be pleased to see coming from GM, a small CUV likes the Buick Encore, but with the Voltec powertrain beneath its skin.. then I’ll be tempted to trade my Volt =)

Almost not i-MiEV demand outside of Japan and despite that, they run out of batteries?


In the meantime I’ll appreciate what I have in our ’13 Volt. By the time that lease is up it should be interesting to see what is available. Hats off to GM, Nissan and Tesla for delivering what they have so far.

I’ll say it again…Mitsu is marking time in the U.S., soon to do a “Suzuki”, and leave altogether. They average 5100 sales a month in a market that has been expanding for 3 years. That’s a rounding error for the big boys. Just a matter of time for them IMO, (despite what they say to the press).

If Mitsubishi brought even 1000 of them a month to the US it would be their #1 selling vehicle. They want to double sales? Get 5000 to the US a month, I think they could sell all of them. They really need to diversify their battery suppliers, start buying cells from LG Chem, they have a lot of capacity here in the US now. Plus LG has a proven track record of quality, unlike GS Yuasa which messed up batteries to Mitusibishi and Boeing.

What a great opportunity to have demand for your product so high.

Now, will Mits be able to rise to meet it? Better believe other manufacturers want to meet it with their products.

Toyota might be able to add an additional battery pack to the Hy-Hi and re-program the rear motors to perform like this unit. Of course the price point will kill that market for them.

I think if they miss this opportunity, it will be a tough road for that company.

When the market is RIGHT and you have what they consumers WANT, put all your resources into it.

They should be contracting with several other battery manufacturers and also looking at building plants abroad.

It is true that the car will leave you unimpressed. What will impress is the excessive cost of maintenance. Why would anybody want to buy such a poorly engineered car from Mitsubishi? They are not serviceable except at the dealer. They deliberately design in the need for special tools to remove components. Things like heater cores removal require the entire interior to be removed to get the part out. The dash board falls apart and then the dealer wants $2300 for parts and labor to repair. Point is – the vehicle is beyond economical repair. Maybe most people have already figured this out and that is why Mitsubishi sales are in the toilet. Don’t buy any Mitsubishi product until they improve their engineering practices. Last person out – turn out the lights. RIP Mitsubishi.