Mitsubishi Chief Engineer Talks About Future Of Electric Drive In US – Videos

MAR 21 2015 BY JAY COLE 20

Mitsubishi USA’s chief engineer for regulatory compliance, David Patterson sits down for an extended 2-part interview with EV World and talks about all things plug-in – past, present and future.

As the two part video is quite lengthy (37 mins) – but also quite excellent, we have time stamped the topics of interest covered.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV at 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV AT Chicago Auto Show  (Image: Mike Anthony / InsideEVs)

Mitsubishi i-MiEV at 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV AT Chicago Auto Show (Image: Mike Anthony / InsideEVs)

Topics covered in Part 1 – above (time stamp):

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV history (1:00)
  • US conversion of the i-MiEV to North American spec (2:58)
  • Mitsu’s 20-20 plan – “20% of vehicles electric drive by 2020” (5:00)
  • PSA/Citroen’s rebadge of the i-MiEV in Europe (6:30)
  • Normal, Illinois – EV Town USA update (9:25)
  • What’s wrong with i-MiEV sales vs the Nissan LEAF?  Mr. Patterson points to his company’s small size, smaller ad budget – not the car itself.  Fair?  (12:30)
  • Small range an issue for the i-MiEV?  Plans for more miles in the future? (14:00)
  • Outlander PHEV introduction to the US in 2016 – “still squishy”, Mitsubishi forced to developed special US model – America no longer #1 EV market (17:00)

Full Size 4WD PHEV Built In America Coming Soon?

Full Size 4WD PHEV Built In America Coming Soon?

Topics covered in Part 2 – above (time stamp):

  • Choosing Europe for Outlander PHEV (0:00)
  • Mitubishi’s involvement in the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb competition (1:30)
  • Recall of all EV concepts/prototype vehicles back to Japan after tsunami disaster in 2011 (4:30)
  • Subsequent demand for the “MiEV Powerbox” (2 way power) in Japan for both the I-MiEV and Outlander PHEV (6:10)
  • Key “lessons and hiccups” learned over past 8 years – “ideal infrastructure” needed (7:30)
  • On Early Outlander PHEV battery issues (9:20)
  • Future of i-MiEV?  Different all-electric “sports” version?  Focus now is on PHEV – crossover SUV, 4WD SUV (10:30)
  • Outlander PHEV rollout plans for the US in 2016 (14:30)
  • 2016 i-MiEV changes – new 7″ screen/nav functions (16:30)
  • Hints about US production of a new PHEV (17:00)

Hat tip to offib!

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Thanks offib

I thought his little hints at the end about maybe making an outlander in the US were encouraging.

You’re making me blush. The little hint got me going too, if true, it would certainly be more affordable to build for Mitsubishi in the US. There’s no distinction if this will happen for the PHEV so no word if they will move production of the PHEV to the US. Maybe if Illinois built the glider and imported the drivetrain, something that we’ve seen from the e-NV200.

What have your heard about the e-nv200 here in the states?
My impression is that its release has been delayed.

It would make little sense now when the gen 2 leaf is around the corner

The only thing I really learned from this video is that Mitsubishi is a smaller car company than Nissan. I really always figured it was the other way around and that both were much smaller companies than Toyota.

In 2014, Nissan sold about 5.5 million vehicles. Mitsubishi sold a little over a million.

To add, sales are only a portion of corporate health.

Mitsu’s idea of Vehicle to Grid (a bit of a misnomer – you would then assume it would synchronize. Most people call this V2H vehicle to home, or what people have done for decades – take power off of a dc battery and run inverters. So the Outlander has 1500 watts, or enough to run an expresso machine (he mentioned expresso not the actual power level). This is pretty good in emergency, but not quite enough to start a larger refrigerator, unless it has an overload capacity for a second or two. Regardless of what Mr. Patterson says, Any Ice driver can go down to Harbor junk tools, spend a few $100, and get essentially the same thing without even thinking about it. If they can get by with less, then $20 will do it. Mitsu is to be congratulated since they are the only ones coming up (supposedly) with reasonably priced plug-in hybrids. He says ‘we don’t do Zevs’. Ok so why put a dinky battery in – for spite? Put the big battery in and get the zevs anyway. Again this guy seems to always worry about the wrong things. If you have a PHEV then charging is… Read more »

while I agree that the MiEV Power Box is a little silly at only 1500 Watts, the Leaf to Home box is much more practical at 6kW. Both of them will be more efficient running directly from the high voltage battery instead of going through the vehicle’s DC/DC converter first and then inverting from 12 VDC.

for camping or for disaster relief, 1500 watts is gold.

Actually my PV array is 1500 watts, its useful even for day in, day out grid use.

Wait WHAT?
Miszu is 98 on the CA ZEV credits, and only needs to bump up the battery 2 more miles to get 100, to get CA ZEV credits?

If that’s true, then, tell me why you’re Not doing it.
Isn’t that another revenue stream?

Raise the bloody Mitsubishi i-miev’s crappy range to a 100 or 120 miles and watch them fly off the lots.

Then they couldn’t sell the little tin can for $22,000 before incentives.

I was quite impressed with all the positive comments online about the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV… and then I read it has only a 20-mile electric range. So, the only reason it’s selling well is that there literally isn’t any other plug-in SUV being sold.

Within two years we’ll see offerings from multiple auto makers for PEVs with ranges over 100 miles. I suspect with real competition, Mitsubishi will have nothing worthy of much notice.

Mitsubishi is a small company, compared to automotive market leaders? Well, so is Tesla. But Tesla is trying hard to expand… and is succeeding! Mitsubishi doesn’t seem to be making any real effort.

Well, 22 mile electric range.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is selling well because it is the identical same price as its Outlander diesel equivalent. No need to justify a plugin premium. There are other plugin SUVs but they are expensive.

Mitsubishi’s USA plugin game is focused on the XR-PHEV not the Outlander PHEV. Its basically the next generation Outlander Sport, which is made in USA.

Mitsubishi rollout and expansion rate for its PHEVs is remarkably similar to Tesla rollout of the model S. particularly 2014 production and 2015 forecast. Both are earnest efforts, neither can afford to lose money.

The guy always excuse Mitsubishi but they are not quiet valid. Mitsubishi is smaller than Nissan right but that doesn’t explain why they can’t make an Galant sized ev and even less a Galant sized erev with the same 80 mile battery as the i3 and a small rex for extra range.
He is sweet talking not fair talking. Mitsubishi is not true willing in electrifying its vehicles.
For what real reason is any body’s guess but it is clear that something underneath is wrong and not going where the logic path would make it go.

It pretty obvious

Mitsubishi is more willing to PHEV its SUVs than it is to develop a new ICE Sedan.

if thats not prioritizing vehicle electrification, what is?

Mitsubishi Motors is struggling to stay afloat and achieve growth in Asian markets. The plan:

They’re moving to SUVs and pickups because that’s what’s profitable. Any i-MiEV replacement will likely come from the Nissan JV, if at all. PHEVs are the focus because they believe public charging infrastructure must come before BEVs can be successful.

“America no longer #1 EV market”

would be for sure with outlander phev.