Mitsubishi CA-MiEV Images Leak Out Before Geneva Debut


Mitsubishi is debuting not one, but two plug-in concepts at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Just moments ago we posted the first images of Mitsubishi GR-HEV, a plug-in hybrid truck concept that the Japanese automaker will debut tomorrow in Geneva.

Now, we’ve uncovered the first photos of the sport CA-MiEV Concept, a pure electric vehicle that will hit the stage in Geneva tomorrow, too.

We’ve reported on the CA-MiEV in the recent past, but only had teaser images to share.  This time, stock photos are out and it’s obvious that the CA-MiEV bares almost no resemblance to the egg-shapped Mitsubishi i-MiEV available today.

The CA-MiEV is clearly sportier in appearance and makes a bold statement from all angles.

While we don’t have any additional details on the CA-MiEV at the moment, we’ll share what we learned from Mitsubishi a few weeks back:

“As a showcase of the various technologies, MMC intends to introduce across its range of global vehicles, this sleek Concept CA-MiEV vehicle which can accommodate next generation EV systems and high density batteries. Lightweight with advanced aerodynamics, the CA-MiEV will offer a 300 km (186 miles) driving range, perfectly suited for suburban and country daily life.”

As we noted before, 186 miles is not a realistic figure if the CA-MiEV ever where to be EPA rated.  Figure 110 miles or so under EPA test guidelines, but it’s just a concept for now, so any form of actual testing would be a long ways away.

Check out the images and then drop a comment to let us know what you think of Mitsubishi’s latest plug-in concept.  We think it’s quite the looker.  Over the top?  Yes, but aren’t all concepts?

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Its a Fit/Spark/Zoe/i3 clone.

Looks better than the i-Miev.

I like the front, clean styling. The back however is too much. At a certain point, you ought to stop designing. No more faults, dents and lines pfff. But 110 miles is past the magic 100..

Assuming it actually got produced, if it had 110 miles range, it would require a 24 kWh pack, and aluminum/carbon-fiber, body/chassis…or 30+ kWh pack, and a conventional steel body/chassis. Either way, not a mass market car.

It would take at least 2 years to production car, why should 30 kWh not be standard for mid-size cars in two years?

Because they would cost even more than the Leaf, which is struggling for sales.