Mitsubishi Announces 2016 Sales Target For Outlander PHEV In U.S.

NOV 3 2015 BY MARK KANE 19

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s road to the U.S. has been a long, winding one, but now with the final straight just several months away, we’ve learned the automaker’s U.S. sales target for this plug-in in 2016.

According to Automotive News’ interview with Mitsubishi Chairman and CEO Osamu Masuko, the Japanese carmaker expects to sell 6,000 Outlander PHEVs in the U.S. next year.

With the Outlander PHEV first arriving in May, and taking a couple months to fill out inventory, this 6,000 unit target would put monthly sales at about 1,000 to 1,200 per month in the US.

Mitsubishi hopes Outlander PHEV will drive double-digit business growth in the U.S. next year.

Separate news is that Mitsubishi intends to introduce a new SUV between Outlander (which keeps getting bigger) and Outlander Sport (which will be smaller in its next redesign).

With earlier plans of 4-5 plug-in SUVs, we should expect that all three models will be electrified in the future.

Source: Automotive News

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Does this mean, they will make only 6,000 available ? It sure will be in short supply, then. I expect they can sell upward of 30k, if they try.

So it will be here in June 2016 or maybe earlier (honestly I expect another delay), sell 1K each month after that and done……lol

My guess is they won’t ramp up enough to sell all 6K in the first 3 months of availability.

Wow. 500 a month? With that low of a sales target, I now understand why they chose to start sales in the European Market first.

Maybe they are just trying extra hard to avoid the Volt and Leaf sales number snafu’s, where they never got anywhere near their projected sales numbers.

Is this a sales target or a sales limit? I think they will sell like crazy.

I bet they could sell this many in Canada alone. Talk about undershooting! Guessing they are only allocating this many to the US for 2016 and are constrained in manufacturing for now.

The title says 6000 for U.S. Canada probably will have a different quota.

I can understand Mitsubishi’s point of view. If you limit the supply, you can get good money for these from early adopters. If you flood the marker like Nissan did with Leaves, you end up giving the cars away at $99/mo leases and then absorb more loss when the leases end.

Ouch! in 9 months Mitsu will sell a quarters worth of Japanese allocation in the US….. home of the SUV. That’s a bit of a statement.

It’s been pretty apparent that the production of the Outlander PHEV is somewhat limited; that’s the primary reason why they only sold it in Europe, not the USA.

What we don’t know is if Mitsubishi limits production by necessity, or by choice. Perhaps it’s a choice; perhaps they’re making too small a profit margin on each unit to justify ramping up production. Or maybe it’s necessity; perhaps there is a bottleneck in supply, such as battery pack production which has limited the supply of other EVs (Model S, Leaf).

If it’s the latter, then we can hope that production will be ramped up in the near future, as worldwide li-ion battery cell production is currently growing by leaps and bounds.

Sure, it’s choice. They make money selling the car, but don’t want to make more money than now. This is how companies work.

I see you got the basic principles of comunism. 🙂

Wouldn’t you say it’s EPA and C.A.R.B. compliance?

I think that’s pretty plain. These are low-margin vehicles, but Mitsu needs the ZEV credits.

All ICE makers are playing the same game.

I am very sure if Mitsubishi wants to, it can easily sell 2x to 3x more. But I guess it doesn’t want to.

What is the starting price? $45K?

I was totally excited about this vehicle… two years ago. Now, the AER seems too anemic. If they up the electric range to at least 36 miles (on the US cycle…), then I might be interested, but not the way it is (something like 32 miles on the EU cycle). They lost me by waiting.

It’s taken too long to get to the market, there are more compelling EVs just around the corner

Hope it’s priced right and promoted.
Most Mitsubishi dealers already have ev training and L2 evse at the stores.
Still I don’t think it will be a huge hit here , the concept is good of course , but the brand isn’t the strongest here in the U.S. I will test drive and consider it as a possible next vehicle.

The first 4WD SUV that I can take on long trips, and not use gas for short trips, and I can buy in MA for less than $50k gets my money.

I just hope I don’t have to wait for a used Model X to get to <$50k

I don't think the Bolt will be a CUV/SUV, no matter how GM wants to market it.

The more I hear about the Outlander PHEV the more disappointed I become. First of all, it’s an air cooled battery – so if you follow the nissan leaf battery issues, the mitsu can suffer the same consequences.
Secondly, the EV mode power is anemic – in other words, if you go up a steep incline, the engine might kick in to assist. (this is from what I hear).
Thirdly, the EV range nowadays just doesn’t cut it anymore. The Volt, the Leaf, Tesla, etc. all have increased their EV mileage from one iteration to the next. The outlander? A cosmetic refresh.

I was excited for this vehicle about a year ago, but not so much now.

They battery in the outlander is LTO it is bigger and heavier than the Leaf battery but I wouldn’t expect any degradation issues.

I am always confused by people who compare the Outlander to the volt, they don’t compare the Cruze to the ICE Outlander. IMO this is far cheaper than the model X and far better than any of the other SUV offerings that have arrived or are promised in the next 3 years with the possible exception of some of the VW group’s future offerings that might be able to compete but until we have a price and a spec I’m not holding my breath.

I think this car is an ideal replacement for the thousands of SUV’s cluttering up the roads around schools all over the world that are driven short distances slowly around suburbs and cities every day.

Battery is cooled by air con circuit and is nmc type made buy mitz yuazza joint manufacture sorl have passedry re crook spelling
Vechical will tow 2 ton at 65 mph on battery alone but not far l have passed 30 000 mile towing with no problems minium weiht 700 kg max won’t go there

I was planning on holding out for the outlander EV but decided on the GT v6 instead. The timing of this release coinciding with $1-$2 gas and the fact that the 4cyl gas engine is just too slow for me, is probably going to be an objection of other buyers. These outlanders are so rare. People arent buying them. The dealers here in my city, of which there are three or four, deal primarily in used cars. New mitsus is sort of an afterthought and the sales people cant even answer basic questions like how do you fold down the seat. Its nerve wracking if you ask me and I worry about resale. I dont anticipate mitsubishi motors usa outlasting its warranty.