Mitsubishi Again Promises Looming Launch Of Outlander PHEV In U.S., Fool Me Once…

JUN 14 2017 BY MARK KANE 26

Once upon a time the 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was coming to the US, then in was the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017…and well, you get the idea

According to Nikkei, Mitsubishi once again hints at the introduction of Outlander PHEV in the North America, which hasn’t happened roughly seven times so far (counting all the delays and missed promised launches).

Check out the most recent promised date of “Summer 2017” in the US set to be missed soon.  Boy, that 11 months went by fast didn’t it Mitsu?

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

With the huge decrease in PHEV sales in the Netherlands ,and worsened PHEV tax conditions in UK,  the pressure is likely being felt on Outlander PHEV sales in Europe, enough to start looking around for a new market – perhaps the US finally?

One of those first new markets becomes the Ukraine, where Mitsubishi already delivered 635 Outlander PHEVs to the police fleet, so why not offer it to the public too we suppose?

Hopefully Mitsubishi, now with the help of Nissan, will finally be able to begin sales of the Outlander PHEV in the U.S. Regardless, the chance of spectacular success has been missed as many customers disappointed by years of waiting for Japanese plug-in hybrid SUV have moved on,while more offerings have arrived (it ain’t 2013 anymore).

Editor’s note:  Yes, we are a bit pessimistic on the launch of the Outlander PHEV, but no we don’t dislike the offer – we are just jealous it has yet to arrive in North America…affordable plug-in hybrid SUVs are a bit rare in America to say the least

source: Nikkei

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26 Comments on "Mitsubishi Again Promises Looming Launch Of Outlander PHEV In U.S., Fool Me Once…"

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I would have bought these 4 years ago, but not now. They are clearly not committed to the US market. I would be worried about follow on support.

Yes. Just wait for the Model Y now.
Or, lease a Tesla 3, and then buy a Y after the lease is up.
Too late.

Mitsubishi you are Dead to Me! Your North American EV market commitment, is absolutely horribly horrendous!

Hope they keep the DCFC port if they bring it over. Rumors are they won’t 🙁

Right! Crippling it to only Level 2 charging might be the worst idea!

It should be standard, but no less than optional, and even then, it needs pricing right! Now that the Bolt EV DC QC port option price is known, I would sugest they should price it better (Lower)!

You do know that it is a short range PHEV right?

DCFC is not in the top 500 of things such a car needs or should have.

… said no one driving an Outlander PHEV in the UK.

The median number of miles driven daily in the UK is much less than the median in the US.

A medium range PHEV in the UK/EU is a short range PHEV in the US.

The median trip in the UK is not much shorter than the median trip in the US.

The average American drives many more miles per year because the average American takes many more private car trips and almost never uses public transportation. Unlike the average Briton.

Re-badge it as a Nissan and get on with it.
I would gladly have bought one of these over my Volt, and I suspect I’m not alone.

yeah could call it a Rogue PHEV?

BTW, i’m on a local dealers short list of 3 people that will call us all in as soon as this is released to have us start designing what we think would be the best configurations for them to bring on to the sales lot.

I would encourage anybody else to seek out the sales manager/buyer to see if you can do the same.

And then get charged over MSRP because they know you desperately want this new product.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I originally wanted an Outlander but now…….no thanks.

Mitsu, you lost me.


I think I speak for all us Americans when I say F U Mitsu…

Well, had mine just over 2 years and can only say, what a totally brilliant car this has been.

Due to high fuel costs here in the UK, this averages the equivalent of 105mpg in pure electric and 74 combined.

Getting around 25 miles in summer and 21 in winter in EV only.

British MPG or US MPG?

I’ll believe this when it’s not merely on sale here in the US but I’ve personally seen at least a dozen on public roads.

I have no idea what the heck Mitsu is doing, but “good product management” ain’t it.

Well SUV for Mitsubishi will look good but I hope a small compact car could come back too. So I know Mitsubishi will be ready for any type motorsport or doing some commercial for Mitsubishi.

Outlander PHEV and fuel cells are all pretty much the same thing to me.

In a few years we’ll have Model Y AND & Ford’s 300mi SUV (AWD?) plus probably others to pick & choose from. These will be real choices.

Not gonna believe until I see them on the street here in the US..

I have been fooled for the last 5 years…

The Outlander PHEV is now a GEN I car in a GEN II world.

They need to bring a GEN II version of the Outlander PHEV to the US. 16 kWh would be optimal.

I wonder how long their battery contract was for the original Outlander PHEV?

I will certainly look at it if it arrives. This is a proven car, a top seller in Europe. Yes, they have delayed many times, and they were among the ones who misled regarding gas mileage in Japan (am I correct on this?), but this has AWD and decent MPG running just as a hybrid on gas. I think its competitor may be the Kia Niro Plugin (no AWD) due this fall. Both have decent ground clearance and modest cargo space. The Mitsubishi has the edge on AWD and might a little on towing. The Kia may have the edge on hybrid MPG. Other things anyone knows that distinguish these? Problem for me is local Kia dealer but Mitsubishi dealer is a long ways…

I’d have to see Many on the road.. the first 25 I see I’ll auto-assume are test beds for ‘murican usage parameters, and Still not on the remaining 50-or-so Mitsubishi lots for actual sale, lol.
SUCH a shame.. is there Anyone actually manning the Mitsu consumer-auto ship? (Damn, is it June already, time for that PITA meeting about consumer products)

The 2018 Outlander PHEV is now available for pre-order and delivery in January 2018 via a dealer in the Minneapolis area. Here is their YouTube video:

Also, I queried a nearby dealer in Arizona who told me they are allocated two of them and will be able to provide service.

And, there are a half dozen dealers offering pre-orders in eastern Canada with 3 models offered beginning at $40-43K Canadian MSRP, which is roughly $32-35K US dollars. I think the US model should be eligable for $5-6K federal rebate. Here in Colorado, it might be eligible for $5K. If these crude estimates pan out, the net cost for the base model could be in the under $25K range…?