Missy Elliot Rocks Seg-Thing, Break Dances, Doesn’t Explode

NOV 16 2015 BY TDILLARD 12

Right?  Where are you going to find a trending story like this anywhere else in the EV world?  We already know all about these seg-things, (which the rest of the world seems to think are called “Hoverboards”), from our obsession with Silly Scooters and Big Chuck’s adventures in China, remember?  (Oh wait.  It’s called a “Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board Unicycle Balance 2 Wheel LG battery 4400 Amh w/ Wheel bumper protection”.) You can expect to see them everywhere…  from the local malls, to, oh, Andrews Square in South Boston?  (Yes, it’s true.  Hipster on seg-thing sighting just the other day…  In Southie.)

Oh wait.  If you decide to pick one of these puppies up, do be a little careful when you’re charging them, will you please? Exploding hoverboard did £25,000 damage to our kitchen: Grandfather charges up Christmas present for his grandson – but it goes off ‘like a bomb’.  Caveat, uh, oh, what’s the latin? altilium prćcipiens?  When questioned on the type and nature of the batteries Big Chuck speculated were being used in these devices, he replied with a simple photo:

Seg-thing batteries?

Seg-thing batteries?  One man’s guess.

Without further ado, Missy Elliot,“WTF (Where They From)” – good look at the seg from 3:11 :

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The hoverboard shows up for about 20 seconds starting at the 3:09 mark.


Creative Video, though that is not how they do it where I’m from.
Figure ’em…

M. St. J.



Music is insipid and you only see a brief glimpse of a cheap Chinese Personal Mobility Device.

Wasted my time… Thanks.

Jay Cole

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you knew exactly what was going on/what to expect in this story before you even clicked the link, (=

It was never going to be a 4 minute documentary video on the electric Segway-thing with a Bruce Springsteen track playing in the background, lol.


Springsteen isn’t much better.



Flammable batteries called “UranusFire”? Really? REALLY? I have a solution: Tucks. On the whole, they feel good.


And they look like suppositories.


UranusFire . . . damn it! They stole the name I was going to use for my natural gas alternative energy system.


I hope the solsowheel type electric unicycles will take off one day, too. They apppear to be harder to learn, but they offer much more performance and offroad capability.