Missy Elliot Rocks Seg-Thing, Break Dances, Doesn’t Explode


Right?  Where are you going to find a trending story like this anywhere else in the EV world?  We already know all about these seg-things, (which the rest of the world seems to think are called “Hoverboards”), from our obsession with Silly Scooters and Big Chuck’s adventures in China, remember?  (Oh wait.  It’s called a “Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board Unicycle Balance 2 Wheel LG battery 4400 Amh w/ Wheel bumper protection”.) It seems they’ve made it into Amazon, and you can get your own right here: Hoverboards on Amazon.  Now, with this video, you can expect to see them everywhere…  from the local malls, to, oh, Andrews Square in South Boston?  (Yes, it’s true.  Hipster on seg-thing sighting just the other day…  In Southie.)

Oh wait.  If you decide to pick one of these puppies up, do be a little careful when you’re charging them, will you please? Exploding hoverboard did £25,000 damage to our kitchen: Grandfather charges up Christmas present for his grandson – but it goes off ‘like a bomb’.  Caveat, uh, oh, what’s the latin? altilium prćcipiens?  When questioned on the type and nature of the batteries Big Chuck speculated were being used in these devices, he replied with a simple photo:

Seg-thing batteries?

Seg-thing batteries?  One man’s guess.

Without further ado, Missy Elliot,“WTF (Where They From)” – good look at the seg from 3:11 :

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12 responses to "Missy Elliot Rocks Seg-Thing, Break Dances, Doesn’t Explode"
  1. David says:

    The hoverboard shows up for about 20 seconds starting at the 3:09 mark.

  2. ffbj says:

    Creative Video, though that is not how they do it where I’m from.
    Figure ’em…

  3. Anon says:

    Music is insipid and you only see a brief glimpse of a cheap Chinese Personal Mobility Device.

    Wasted my time… Thanks.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say you knew exactly what was going on/what to expect in this story before you even clicked the link, (=

      It was never going to be a 4 minute documentary video on the electric Segway-thing with a Bruce Springsteen track playing in the background, lol.

      1. Anon says:

        Springsteen isn’t much better.

    2. Ted Dillard says:

      Here. I got a present for you. mr crankypants.


  4. Aaron says:

    Flammable batteries called “UranusFire”? Really? REALLY? I have a solution: Tucks. On the whole, they feel good.

    1. Speculawyer says:

      And they look like suppositories.

    2. Speculawyer says:

      UranusFire . . . damn it! They stole the name I was going to use for my natural gas alternative energy system.

  5. mhpr262 says:

    I hope the solsowheel type electric unicycles will take off one day, too. They apppear to be harder to learn, but they offer much more performance and offroad capability.