Mission RS in Action and Detained by Police (video)

AUG 26 2013 BY MARK KANE 2

Mission RS

Mission RS

Mission Motorcycles have been busy this summer presenting the Mission RS electric motorcycle to press and potential customers.

Mission R

Mission R

Below you’ll find video of one such demonstration ride ended by the police.

Mission RS will be a highly limited edition bike with only 40 copies to be built and sold next year. Then, a cheaper version, Mission R, will go on sell.

Mission Motorcycles is saying that it’s witnessed overwhelming demand for Mission R:

“Good news—since our launch—we’ve witnessed an overwhelming demand for the Mission R. Due to the unexpectedly broad appeal of the bike, we’re lowering the deposit to $1,000.”

Both version RS and R will have a 120-kW induction motor and will be capable accelerate 0-60 in less then 3 seconds. RS has a 17-kWh battery pack and R a 12, 15 and 17 kWh option.

Now for that video of the demo ride that was ended by some flashing lights.  The police enter the scene near the end of the almost 9-minute video.

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What? How did the cop know to wait for them there. Cuz it looked like they were waiting for them in particular. What was the reason for the pullover?

Looks like the rider was going along Skyline Hwy 35. On the weekends, there are speed traps to clamp down on speeding.