Minnesota Pushes Forward With Plans to Install Dozens of Additional Charging Stations Despite Existing Ones Being “Seldom Used” (w/video)


With only 250 pure electric vehicles sold in the state (figured provided by Minnesota Auto Dealers Association) of Minnesota in 2012, it stands to reason that the state’s 100 or so public charging stations are “seldom used,” as a report from local 5 Eyewitness News claims, but that isn’t deterring the state from moving forward with plans for more chargers in the future.

None of These Are in Use

None of These Are in Use

It seems Minnesota is forward-thinking in this regard and will install dozens more chargers regardless of how often the existing ones are used.  Furthermore, state officials don’t even care if electric vehicle sales stay low there, as that won’t put a halt to charger install plans in the near future.

Minnesota, it seems, sees the big picture in this classic example of “If you build it, he will come” mentality and we applaud the state for its actions.

Critics, however, do not.  Some say it’s a waste of tax money since electric vehicle owners aren’t even using the state’s existing stations, but most of the stations there have been paid for with federal monies, not state-level grants.

Regardless of what the critics say, we believe Minnesota is making the right decision here in future-proofing itself for the rise of the electric automobile.

Source: KSTP

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Interesting how they don’t really mention how these cars are selling elsewhere besides Minnesota. They act like nobody is buying these cars anywhere. I think the viewers of this news program would be a bit more informed if they showed some photos of crowded charging stations over in California. I grant you, the ones here in Texas don’t get a lot of use either. But I expect that will change in the coming years.

Wow this could have been on Faux news, what an anti-govt hit piece. The ONLY driver they interview has a Tesla, so of course HE doesn’t have range anxiety. That also plays into the liberal elitist meme. What they didn’t tell the good folks of MN is that where EV infrastructure is built out, cars are selling out, there are waiting lists, and they are outselling other models from Nissan in some cities.

I would suggest that angry-sounding political rhetoric (“faux news”, “anti govt hit-piece”, etc) will not convince the general public to embrace EV technology. Rather, I would focus on the non-political fact-based advantages of EV technology: instant acceleration, low maintenance, silent luxury ride, low cost of electric fuel, the convenience of refueling at home from abundant domestic energy, etc.

Wow! Reminds me why I haven’t watched local news since the 90’s. I know that newstainment blatantly misrepresents facts and spins the story, but local news takes it to a whole new level. At least the comment stream on the source story gives it justice.

I’m from MN, and drive a Leaf. There definitely are not many charging stations right now, and we could use more. Part of the problem with any place where they are few and far between is having them in the right spot for a particular user’s needs. I’ve used only 2 chargers in Minneapolis, and mostly for novelty, because they are not on routes or in areas I use.

I wish New Jersey was more like Minnesota with respect to charging station installations!


Who owns these charging stations? I hope it’s not the state.

What does it cost to charge at one? I hope they’re not free.

Why? Because there will never be enough charging stations unless the private sector can install them for profit. And that will never happen if the private sector has to compete with “free” government charging stations. The main reason there are conveniently located filling stations in every U.S. city is because they don’t have to compete with government-owned filling stations that can undercut their prices.

If you build it….