Minnesota Among Top 10 US States In Plug-In Electric Vehicle Registrations

JUL 18 2014 BY STAFF 3

The Minnesota Star Tribune reports the following:

“According to the Electric Power Research Institute, the state had about 2,400 electric plug-in vehicles as of 2013. Per capita, Minnesota is among the top 10 states with the highest numbers of electric vehicles in the country.”

Most would not expect Minnesota’s electric vehicle uptake to be in the Top 10 in the nation, but there’s even more evidence that Minnesotans love electric vehicles:

“…sales of the emissionless vehicles have spiked 500 percent in past two years, according to Environment Minnesota.”

Why are so many Minnesotans going electric? Two reasons apparently:

“While some motorists choose the car for environmental reasons, others stress fuel savings.”

Source: Star Tribune

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Would be nice if the EPRI would share their data for all states.

I live there and did not know this. I do know that the charging infrastructure here is overbuilt for the current usage, which is a good thing imo.
Minnesotans are also fairly progressive. They do have a bit of the show me, recalcitrant Norwegian bachelor farmer mentality that
tells them that they are rarely wrong. But once you do show them, they exhibit a willingness to change their minds. Especially in terms of how to save money, i.e. Ev is better/cheaper, than gas for instance.
Of course this is mostly anecdotal on my part, but there are certain regional traits that can be quantified. Minnesota Nice for instance.
(Nice is very tricky word since you can be nice to someone while still despising them).

Minnesota Volt owner here. IMO Minnesota is in the top 10 because 1) there is a fairly strong Green contingency and 2) Minnesotans like to save money.

If you live in a city the electricity in MN is fairly cheap so the total cost of ownership of electric is much better than ICE.