Mini To Launch Final Superhero Model By 2019, Confirms It Will Be Electric


Mini Superleggera Vision Concept

What’s A Superhero, you ask?

Don’t think Batman or a Marvel Comics character, but rather a vehicle that anchors Mini’s lineup.

Mini boss Peter Schwartzenberg brought up this superhero idea awhile back. Basically, as he explained it, Mini would trim down its lineup to just five core models that he calls superheroes. These models would forever anchor Mini’s lineup, with the possibility of some slight variations of these vehicles coming here and there in the future.

We already know four of the five “Superheroes.” 

  • Mini Cooper
  • Mini Cooper Convertible
  • Mini Clubman
  • Mini Countryman

Yes, our naming convention may be a little off (or spot on if you use U.S. terminology), but you get the idea.

Mini Superleggera – Image Credit: Tom Moloughney

But what’s the mysterious fifth superhero?

Speaking to Automotive News at the New York Auto Show last week, Sebastian Mackensen, global head of MINI, confirmed that superhero #5 will be electric and it will go on sale by 2019. Mackensen added:

 “The electric car is not meant to just have an offering so you can say you have an electric car, but really nobody buys it. No, it’s a real car, and people will hopefully buy it.”

So we now know it’ll be electric, but we don’t have info on the specific type of car it will be. Mini presented the electric Superleggera concept several times in the past, but there’s no indication it will come to market.

Mini Rocketman

There’s been talk of a possible electric Rocketman too, but again this hasn’t been confirmed by Mini.

We’d take either actually, as both the Superleggera and Rocketmen look stunning in concept form.

Also of note:  the first true plug-in production Mini comes to market next month in the form of the Cooper S E Countryman All4 PHEV – full details here


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All these announcements about new EVs that are supposed to go on sale in a couple of years… What’s​ the point? Do they really think anyone is getting super excited now and going to wait for a new Mini in 2019?

What do you mean “what’s the point?”? Do you really think no one will buy cars in 2020 anymore or everyone will buy a M3 next year just because it’s available and keep it in the garage until they need it?
Automakers need time to put their designs on the roads and besides you didn’t even hear the specs of this car so what’s the point of your post?

I think a lot of the general frustration he is expressing comes from stuff like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV being forever delayed, and endless Audi/VW concept cars for years that never make it to market.

So I understand the genesis of his post. But yes, Mini EV fans have been eagerly awaiting a Mini pure EV ever since the very successful Mini E pilot program launched way back in 2009. It has been a long, long wait. Which might also contribute to his sense of frustration.

If you can’t compete with what’s already out then you are forced to pre-announce things well ahead of time. Business 101.

This was Microsoft’s strategy for many years.

Don’t be a fool. Of course there people who are waiting for Mini EV, because they love the current Mini platform.

Anybody who is looking for a good looking and well driving small car will be glad to hear their plan.

I know you would love to see everyone in anything Tesla, but you should start accepting that the reality will be different when all is said and done.

If they really wanted to get this done – they would have the guts to set up a reservation list – like Tesla did for the Model 3.

Yeah, right! Because that’s how traditional car manufacturers sell cars…through reservation lists….
Tesla did that because they could use the money.
Remember people, this is not an industry where you have to be first in order to be profitable.

That is correct. Tesla’s pre-order sales system really only works because they don’t have independent dealerships. Central corporate wait lists go against the entire independent dealer sales model.

And yes, Tesla has very openly stated that they use deposits to fund the production of a new model, and that the funds are not held in escrow. This is because Tesla doesn’t have a dozen or two existing lines of cars to use to fund a new model, like many of the old guard of ICE car makers. This will remain true until Tesla has a half dozen or so cars/trucks under their belt. Then they can switch to a more traditional method for launching new models.

And if they set up a reservation list you would be here saying they need a gigafactory and if they had a gigafactory, you would say they need a “T” in their name and if they had a T in their name, you would want them to get a CEO who’s first name is Elon and if they did that…

LOL .. let it go, simply give up on the idea that the traditional car manufacturers will work the way Tesla does.

They will simply not, and I must say there’s no reason for them to change any processes … the only thing they have to change is the drive train type. They know the writing is firmly on the wall and there’s no escaping of that. And as the EV, PHEV market grows (not stopping of it now), their ICE production will decrease all the time as they have no interest in losing money, nor the shareholders would allow them … it’s really different for them than Tesla.

If they set up a reservation list – they would have to commit to actually try to build it – and in sufficient numbers. It seems they just want to postpone these desirable cars as long as possible – just in case this whole ‘EV’ fad would just blow over…

Nissan had a reservation list for the LEAF.

All the Bigis are ugly. They are not “Minis” they get bigger every year. Not Mini in any way.

It is a nice looking car. What platform is it going to share though?

Obviously can’t be the i3. Is Mini/BMW really going to have two all electric platforms?

Even though there’s not much details what platform will be used, I cannot see how this would be the same one as current i3 … just because the MINI has to yield vastly difference driving experience … and I am not talking only about straight line acceleration.

My big question is, considering BREXIT,*where* will it be built?


Krueger said it can be built in Oxford, Born (Netherlands), Leipzig or Regensburg (Germany), possibly at multiple locations. My best guess with Brexit is that most car manufacturers will move slowly to continental Europe but keep producing in the UK for the UK.

Why is it a big question, or why do you care in the first place? I am just curious …

If they sold micro-numbers of them, the halo effect of the ‘Superleggera’ would be worth it’s weight in possible losses.

As someone said above, 2009 – that was when the first electric mini was on the road. I know it wasn’t a production car but really did we have to wait 10 years before we got a production car? My opinion is the car companies are just cruising, there is simply no push to do anything until the legislation makes them. My personal opinion is if that’s the game they want to play then let’s tighten the legislation, in particular taxation of new cars. Every year in the uk 40,000 people die from road pollution – if the car companies want to drag their feet fine but let’s tax every high emission car sold to pay for the health care system. More tax equals less new cars and hence less pollution – especially if more tax equals more public transport.

Their MINI-E was made by ACPropulsion in California. It was all electric with a 150 mile range and V2G Vehicle To GRID so you could run you home in a power outage and sell back to the Power company On Peak from Off Peak. It will be hard for them to beat that.

Don’t care lol