Mini Superleggera Headed For Production In 2018

MAR 21 2015 BY STAFF 10

MINI Superleggera

MINI Superleggera

MINI Superleggera

MINI Superleggera

Considered by many the concept car of 2014, the MINI Superleggera will finally transition from a design exercise to a production series car. According to CAR magazine, BMW’s board approved the Superleggera production for 2018.

MINI will reduce the lineup to five models, down from eight. The British brand plans to focus on the three-door and five-door version of its classic hatchback, as well as on the Countryman crossover and Clubman wagon. Schwarzenbauer says that niche models are not only too expensive to produce given their small sales, but they also take up a lot of the marketing budget.

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Sources says the Superleggera will either adopt the complex one-off plug-in technology featured in the design exercise (e-motor up front, combustion engine driving the rear wheels) or the front-wheel drive architecture seen in the MINI range. If the latter is chosen, MINI Superleggera will be driven by three and four-cylinder engines, with a top model S developing 189 horsepower.

MINI Superleggera

MINI Superleggera

The new Mini was conceived, created and produced in a project between its Munich-based design department and Touring Superleggera’s coach building works in Milan. The former led the styling of the low slung two seater, while the latter undertook its traditional hand shaped metal sheet construction. Many classic MINI design cues have been carried over, including a hexagonal shaped grille, oval shaped headlamps, bonnet stripes and multi-spoke wheels.

They are combined with a series of traditional styling touches found on a long history of Touring Superleggera models.

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so electric concept… gasoline production car… sigh

I REALLY wanted this to be my next car, but only as an EV. I’ve been driving on electrons for a year and a half now, and will never go back to gas. Ever.

I’d rather they not make the Superleggera Vision at all if it’s not electric. Foo. It will just break my heart every time I see one on the road

I agree completely with everything you said.

And, I would add, I’m really getting sick of car companies being a tease and either de-electrifying concept cars or delaying them waaaaaay longer than we’d prefer or whatever.

As I keep saying here, there will be some positive surprises in our near term future (thanks to lower battery costs and increased consumer interest), such as a sudden announcement that Honda is restarting Fit EV production, or that Toyota is building a Prius EV. But until then, I sometimes think we plugheads are wandering in the wilderness…

If it has an ICE in it then they just lost a sale.



I agree.,This New Battery Technology Is Looking VERY PROMISING…So…,I’m Gonna Make My C class Last As Long as I need to, Until someone Builds a “Comparable EV” with Long Range batteries @ A Somewhat “REASONABLE” Price..Ready When You Are! If it Takes “whatever” Years. I’ll Be Ready To buy, when that Car Is Ready “For Sale” …I will Not Buy Another ICE Powered Vehicle ! They are like a Weeks Old Bread & Cave Man Technology! Period!………

BOO on BMW for not going BEV. 😛

Exactly. I just lost interest completely.


Please do not ICE this car. Otherwise, it’s just a Miata wanna be.

Don’t eff this up by sticking an ICE in it. Or by making it FWD. Do it right or just don’t do it.