Mini Superleggera Gets Rendered For Possible Production


MINI Superleggera Vision

Actual MINI Superleggera Vision Concept

“To manage a successful brand, you should never stop investigating” ways to reach the next level of development, Mini boss Peter Schwarzenbauer told Automotive News at the unveiling of the Mini Superleggera Vision Concept.

That statement seems to indicate that Mini is perhaps “investigating” the public’s reception to the Superleggera Vision.  Could it be that Mini is actually considering making this striking Mini?

If this concept moves to production, then it’ll be toned down a bit.  For a look at what a toned-down Superleggera Vision looks like, check out these renderings from Theophilus Chin.

Mini Superleggera Rendering

Mini Superleggera Rendering

MINI Superleggera Vision

Actual MINI Superleggera Vision Concept

Schwarzenbauer adds:

“We wanted to test how Mini enthusiasts worldwide were reacting to such a different type of Mini.  So far, it has received overwhelming appreciation.”

If Mini green lights the Superleggera, then Mini sources says it will likely be priced at 35,000 euros ($47,700 USD).  That’s a lot of money for a Mini, but the concept does feature some sort of undisclosed electrified powertrain, so we do hope it gets production status.

We now wish Mini would tell us what’s under the skin of this striking concept.

Images: Theophilus Chin

Source: Automotive News

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If it comes out as a BEV it will get into my relevant set

Absolutely. If this is a BEV or EREV, I will definitely consider it when my Volt lease is up. I love the Volt, but want an electric roadster (at a relatively affordable price).


Rendering looks good. I wish they would use the Tesla door handles though. Roll bars look good. Real windshield looks good.

WTF are they thinking by getting rid of the Union Jack taillights though?!?!

Too “Shagadellic”. 😉

+1 hahaha

They’re going to have to modify the rear lenses more for side visibility; probably add side turn markers too.

Big like. Especially if it’s priced like a Volt. I will take mine in red.