Mini Rocketman Pure Electric Car Could Be Production-Bound


Mini Rocketman Concept

Mini Rocketman Concept

The Mini Rocketman city car concept was revealed way back in 2011.

The tiny car never got the production nod, but now it seems it may.

Mini product chief Ralph Mahler discussed the Rocketman with Autocar and, in doing so, revealed that the Rocketman would likely be a pure electric car if it gets the production green light.

As Autocar explains:

“The Rocketman concept was first revealed in 2011 as a tiny 3.2-metre-long ‘mini Mini’.”

“Bosses at the time talked up its production chances, but the lack of an available platform and the challenge of engineering such a compact model meant it was never built.”

“However, Mahler hinted that the rise of electric technology meant the Rocketman could make production as an electric only model, because it was easier on a car with a small footprint to package electric components than conventional ones.”

Mini Rocketman

Mini Rocketman

Quoting Mahler:

“The Rocketman is inspiring us as of today, especially as an EV in the future.”

“It was something that was ahead of its time but is still inspiring. With a smaller car, it’s a bigger challenge. With Rocketman, and talking EV in the future, as the EV engine gets more portable, it’s give and take [as to whether it is possible to make such a small car].”

It’s believed that Mini would make use of the technology found in the BMW i3, though Mini has not yet confirmed any production plans for the Rocketman.

Source: Autocar

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The original Mini was 3.05m long, so this isn’t so much a “mini Mini” as just a Mini.

“ROCKETMAN” I wonder who they are Imitating/Impersonating…..0r are them beating a dead horse ???/

A Mini that actually is mini, that would be nice.

Bring back the 2008 Mini E i drove from 2009-2010 exactly the way it was and add cruise control and heated seats and i will pay just as much as i do for my Leafs.
I was prepared to pay the $50,000 window sticker price back then for it but it wasn’t for sale.
Leave the 12kw onboard charger but change the odu connector to j1772. Im even ok with the fact that it was only a two seater. That car was so good, id trade my Leaf and my iMiev to have it back.

I wanted that car.

“id trade my Leaf and my iMiev to have it back.”

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say there, since I wouldn’t trade a Klondike bar for an iMiev.

Seems like every 3 months or so we get one of these “The electric Mini is a go… Maybe” articles.
It’s a cool car, but **** or get off the pot already.


Fiat finds a competitor –maybe

This would be a nice form factor for Tesla’s Fourth Gen Car…

If they take the skateboard design from the i3, and put lots of batteries under the passenger compartment, I can see this working.

If they take an already small car, and fill the back with batteries and destroy all the storage space, it won’t work as well.

Oh, and 200 mile range or bust. It is the new normal.

Mini e-superleggera would be nice !

With 200 mile range of course !


Hey Eric,

I know it’s off-topic, but I saw that 3 years ago you covered StreetScooter

Maybe it’s time for an update?

Have fun!

Would make a nice EV conversion (assuming Cd for the convertible would be decent), but very much a niche car.
I hope BMW doesn’t spend any engineering effort on it at this point — they should spent all resources on more mainstream vehicles like an i5, both BEV and real-range PHEVs. Much better RoI.