Mini Rocketman Confirmed For Production – Pure Electric Version Coming

NOV 10 2014 BY STAFF 11

The MINI Rocketman Concept finally gets the green light for production. According to MotoringFile, citing sources within BMW, MINI will develop the car based off of a pre-existing chassis from a partner automaker, allowing for an agile approach to market with lower costs.

The same drivetrain will allow the production of a fully electric Rocketman as well.

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Mini Rocketman

Mini Rocketman

2013 Toyota Scion iQ

2013 Toyota Scion iQ

While not confirmed, the clues point out to Toyota as being the partner automaker due to their close partnership on hybrid and future sportscars.

The Rocketman could be built upon the next generation iQ with the 1.5 liter three-cylinder BMW engine under the hood.

The small city car would allow the British automaker to make a statement, once again showcasing the DNA of the brand and its position on the market.

According to sources the decision was influenced greatly by this year’s Geneva Motor Show where there was a major focus on new small city cars from European manufacturers.

MINI Rocketman, however, won’t arrive until 2018

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Finally a Mini that’s actually rather small!
And hurray for making an EV version!

Won’t it be confusing that there will be the existing Mini and also this newer “mini-Mini”?

The survivability of small vehicle crashes is a concern, but this two seater mini is kinda cute. Guess it would be limited to city use? Not a lot of room for batteries…


been driving smarts for 2 years and haven’t had a single worry about not being safe

…aaaand just how many fatal collisions do you typically have per year? It only takes one.

How you personally feel about your safety, has absolutely no bearing on the outcome of physics, or the statistical evidence you’re denying.

Yes, all those dumb Europeans driving tiny cars are dying by the dozens, aren’t they? Wops, it appear they’re mostly surviving just fine.

Sample bias error…

Just because you’ve not personally died in a small car crash yet, does not mean it isn’t happening to others in smaller vehicles, at higher rates.

Some people still think cigarettes are awesome, too… 😛

Was excited up to the point of reading …

“The Rocketman could be built upon the next generation iQ with the 1.5 liter three-cylinder BMW engine under the hood.”

We all know what a flop the electric Scion Toyota iQ EV was being: over priced, underpowered and minimal range capacity (only 12 kWh pack for ~50 miles).

The mini-rocketman needs to like up to the ‘rocket’ part of the brand. If engineering specs follow the iQ spec legacy, it might need to be renamed the pico-sleighman.

This car would kill the Smart ForTwo IMO. Surely, by 2018, BMW would be able to make an EV version with some punch to it and at least 100 miles AER.
Just have to wait and see.

Wouldn’t give up my matte grey smart ed for this thing

anyone wunder how hard it would be to bolt a mini body to an i3 chassis-driveline?