Mini Countryman Plug-In Hybrid To Launch By 2018


Last year's Mini Countryman

Last year’s Mini Countryman, Image Credit: Autoblog

Andreas-Cristoph Hoffman, Mini’s global head of brand communications, confirmed the addition of a plug in soon:

“We will see a plug-in hybrid for Mini pretty soon, and not with any of the models we have launched so far.”

BMW 225xe

BMW 225xe Active Tourer

Although he didn’t verify 100%, it is clear that the next-generation Countryman SUV will be the electrified model. He explained that the Countryman would benefit most as a hybrid due to its gas-guzzling large size and AWD.

The Countryman will be released in 2017, but not likely in plug-in hybrid form initially. It will use the same plug-in hybrid powertrain as the BMW 225xe Active Tourer. Hoffman said:

“We are not going to invent anything new for just one brand, and as you know we are benefiting quite a lot from the development of technologies within the BMW group for both brands. So we will rely on a known component to make it a financially viable project.”

Like the BMW 2-series, the entry-level Countryman will be powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder gas or diesel engine. This plug-in hybrid system has an overall output of 165 kW (224 hp). The maximum electric range is 41 kilometers (25 miles) on the NEDC test cycle. Acceleration is rated at 0-100 km/h (0-62 MPH) in 6.7 seconds.

The next-gen Countryman will be larger and could even offer a seven-seat option.

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The flood of underbatteried PHEVs from Germany is sad.

Well, if you crybaby Americans want a car with little compromise, please get an engineering degree and tell us where to stick such a large battery and keep room for a gasoline engine you so desperately cry for since you are impatient with charging large battery packs. Remember, it’s tough to eliminate those pesky items such as driveshafts, fuel tanks, exhaust systems and not have a battery pack that’s intrusive to interior space such as the volt.

Those tears in our eyes are the products of noxious fumes produced by the cheating German Volkswagon consortium. I see now Mercedes diesel is also under investigation.

Keep that crap over there we have enough cheating, polluting, companies already, no need to buy imported garbage that pollutes even more, and companies that scoff at our laws, and generally seeks to hoodwink the buying public into purchasing a product that is a lie and has turned into a boondoggle.

You are right about Americans being crybabys. In general that is true.

FYI, the picture at the top of a camouflaged car on a flatbed is definitely a Clubman, not a Countryman.

How can you say that the Countryman is going to be released as a hybrid when Hoffman’s quote plainly states, “not with any of the models we have launched so far.”

To me, this suggests that the hybrid will be an all new model. Ormaybe it will be pretty close to a Countryman, but it will be called something completely different?

Makes perfect sense.
CUVs (Built using Unibody frame) is the fastest growing segment and has already captured 30% of the market share in USA.

Introducing plugin version of the Countryman will help the model gain more sales and also the Mini brand.

Those who cannot afford the expensive BMW’s will go for Mini Countryman Plugin.