MINI Electric Bows At The Frankfurt Motor Show – More Live Pics & Videos

Silver Mini Electric Concept with yellow trim

SEP 15 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

The MINI Electric Concept was one of the stars of this year Frankfurt Motor Show, but the lack of specifications for the upcoming model still leaves us wanting more from the BMW Group.

MINI Electric Concept live from Frankfurt, Germany – Image Credit: InsideEVs

But we can still speculate a little!

Taking into consideration the 114 miles/184 km of real world/EPA driving range for the most current 33 kWh version of BMW i3, we assume that when the MINI arrives in about 2 years, it will easily be able to achieve at least 120-150 miles (190-240 km) of travel – otherwise it risks irrelevance right out of the gate.

The production of the plug-in MINI will take place in Oxford, UK, while the drive-train will be produced at BMW’s Dingolfing and Landshut sites in Germany.

As there is no expanded details, lets instead check out the photos and videos of the electric Mini from its debut in Germany this week!

The yellow highlights certainly remind us of the Mini E from 2008 (around 600 were made in partnership with AC Propulsion for test purposes and gather data prior BMW i3 introduction).

There are also many details related to the British roots of the brand, such as the “Union Jack” found in the rear tail lights.

Mini Electric concept

Mini Electric concept

MINI Electric concept IAA 2017 Tom Moloughney

Mini Electric concept

Mini Electric concept

Mini Electric concept

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Another Euro point of view

Just read an article on site Pushevs in which Frankfurt show was reported as being boring as regards EVs. I do agree with Pedro who wrote this article. Too much “work in progress” (or VP…) and not enough production ready EVs, so indeed boring.

It’s a direct result of battery prices still being too high.

As soon as mass volume arrives, the government rebates will stop (governments cannot afford to subsidize EVs beyond a few % of market share in a large market)

Therefore EVs need to be profitable without gov rebates before their BOD will greenlight mass EV production.

Don’t expect a dramatic reduction in cell prices with more automation and bigger factories, they are down on the curve already.

The rear tail lights appear to be arrows pointing the wrong direction.

Either that or they symbol a Union Jack when viewed together from the rear !

Disappointing … I expected a ton more information about this car. I have to boo BMW for that, not good enough.

Concept here concepts there concepts everywhere

150 miles of range is the new bogey for mass market, affordable EVs. If Nissan can produce a 150 mile Leaf for $30k then the others better be shooting for that or better. And in 5 years I expect the 150 mile Leaf will be $25k (no more incentives by then) and the 200+ will be $30k.

I did buy gas for more then $6000 every year maybe a driver with shorter commute buys for $2000 still in 10 years time that a lot.
My modelS has never been to a service and I love the fact that I can charge at home and at work.

“As there is no expanded details, lets instead check out the photos”

Sums it up. I’m seeing a lot more concepts, and an affirmation that weak-sauce electrification is indeed the plan. But, first let’s wait a couple years.

We have a mini cooper lease that’ll run out in 2020. Hoping to replace it with an electric. Don’t think 120-150 (summer, no degradation, no AC/heating) miles will really be enough. Seems like the EV market will be much more competitive by then.

Ten years too late, mini.
It is a shame.
Mini ice cars are selling very well.