Minecraft Players Build Tesla Gigafactory In 2 Days – Video


Lithuania wants Tesla to build Gigafactory 2 somewhere within its borders.

To show just how much Lithuania wants this to become reality, the country gathered together some 40 Minecraft players to assembly a virtual Gigafactory in just 35 hours.

Actual Tesla Gigafactory construction progress as it stood entering this month

It’s quite the work of art actually, as even the interior is all done up.

Video description:

“Tesla built their Gigafactory in two years. Lithuania made it happen in two days.”

Teslarati adds:

“Sixty young creative designers formed 13 teams to work on the ideas how to pitch Lithuania to Tesla. And now one of those “non-conventional solutions” is hitting YouTube screens all over the globe.”

Check out the end result in the video above.

Tesla Gigafactory In Minecraft

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10 Comments on "Minecraft Players Build Tesla Gigafactory In 2 Days – Video"

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Next, changes name to Lithiumania.

“Look at us now Elon!”

+1. Very nice.

So if Tesla had only chosen to build the Gigafactory in Lithuania, I’d have my Model 3 by now???

Only the Lego edition!

Once charged, virtual batteries virtually never run out of energy! 😉

8-bit batteries may not have enough density. ?

It ain’t no Gigafactory if it can’t house 50 billion hamsters.

Still waiting for pictures / discussion of the next generation, long range Nissan Leaf…

The new head and tail lights from the spy shots improve improve the vehicle’s looks a lot.

I wish Nissan would get on with releasing some details on the car! 😛 I thought for sure we would know more by now.

Cool little re-creation!

But I’ll bet they were just playing in creative mode! If they built this in two days and actually mined the materials in the game while fending off Creepers, then I’d be more impressed.

I wonder if Musk’s secret plan is to build a portal to the Nether hidden deep within the Gigafactory…… 😉