Mike Corbin Buys a Zero S (Hints At Seat Upgrade)


OK, if you’re Mike Corbin and you want a new bike, you can always write it off to some in-depth product research, right?  After all, the seats on Zero bikes are kind of notoriously uncomfortable, and if you’re the premier saddle-maker you’ve got to do your research.  Or maybe, being a legend in EVs and electric motorcycles in general, you decided to see exactly what a few decades of development have done to the market.

Whatever the reason, we got a little, cryptic note in the inbox the other day with the subject “Picked up a new Zero S today!” from Mike, as he joins another motorcycle Hall of Famer, Preston Petty, in the ranks of Zero Motorcycle owner: “Will keep you posted on product development for Zero.”

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When I bought my 2012 S, Zero was selling Corbin seats as a $300 factory-accessory purchase. So I bought one. While it was a little lower and the shape was an improvement over the stock seat, it wasn’t any softer and only added about 30 minutes to your ride before you wanted to get off. I installed an Air Hawk pad on the seat and that helped a lot. When I gave the bike to my daughter, she took the Air Hawk off of the bike and now rides it with just the Corbin seat. Hopefully any attempt by Corbin to improve the stock Zero seat will work better than his first attempt.

This is great news. I’m suprised that it took him this long to pick up a Zero considering his relationship to electric vehicles. I’ve been wanting a corbin seat since i first got my zero. Ive had a corbin seat on all the motorcycles that ive owned and they can’t be beat once broken in.