This Might Be The Perfect Tesla Model X Bike Rack


Teslarati Installs Yakima Full Swing Bike Rack OnTesla Model X - More Images Here

Teslarati Installs Yakima Full Swing Bike Rack OnTesla Model X – More Images At Teslarati Here

Finding the perfect bike rack for the Tesla Model X can be somewhat challenging due to the back-in setup of most Tesla Supercharger stations. You don’t want your precious Model X hanging out in the lot with the associated risk of it being hit, nor do you want to be that guy/gal who blocks multiple Supercharger stalls while parking across several parking sites.

Teslarati recently set out to find the perfect Model X bike rack and believes it found the answer in the Yakima FullSwing Bike Hitch Rack. Yes, Tesla markets its own bike rack for the X, but it’s actually just a rebranded Yakima with a $100 markupย and it doesn’t swing out of the way to allow for easy access the the SUV’s cargo area or to allow room for backing into a Supercharger spot.

The Yakima FullSwing Bike Hitch Rack is a full $100 less than the Tesla-branded rack, yet it adds a cool swing-out feature that solves any Supercharger parking issues and allows the hatch to open freely.

Teslarati goes into tremendous details as to why it believes the FullSwing rack is perfect for the X, so be sure to check out the write up in its entirety by clicking here.

Interest in buying the Yakima FullSwing? You’ll find it on Amazon here.

More images of bike rack at source link below.

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I have an older version of the full swing – they are heavy. At 44 pounds that takes a lot of the 120 pound max. (Kids bikes are painfully heavy!)

Just about anybody who loves their bike uses a tray style hitch rack these days. They all fold out of the way to allow trunk access. Also look at that extra arm you have to install on the bike so you can dangle it behind your car. A tray style rack takes seconds to load and unload. If you are driving a model X you should not look at anything less than a Kuat NV.

This Kuat NV looks like it would not be good for the Model X due to the back end setup of many superchargers.


I actually didn’t think about that. The inability to put a rack on the roof would be a big PITA.

If you are predominantly mountain biking (or have a ‘mountain style’ bike, ie a wider fork), consider the North Shore Rack. We have one on our Leaf and love it, since it can be set-up to allow hatch access without moving it at all. When bikes are on it, you can pull a pin and lay them back. Works on most vehicles (and works great on our Leaf and Subaru Forester).

Scroll to the bottom and see the photo.

Would be in the way for back in supercharger access.

The second picture clearly shows using a supercharger with the rack….

Sorry missed the “back in” yeah. Not a perfect solution. Haven’t seen a sc station it would be a problem for tho. All back in stations I’ve seem have been against a curb so it would be fine.

One good reason I like the location of my Leaf port – dead center on the front.

Anyways, the other great thing about this rack is that you can remove the bikes in 2 minutes flat (or less!) So really it becomes a non-issue in my eye, at least around here, as most of the Superchargers you could back in far enough.

Very Nice.:)

I want to know how much that impacts on efficiency!

Build an electric assist bicycle, and leave the car in the garage, where it is most efficient. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmmm, no, the vampiric drain on a BEV sitting still for an extended period would make the energy efficiency, in miles/kWh, infinitely bad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ummm. I pop off the wheels, which have quick releases, and put the bike in the trunk. Fits in a Honda Civic, it will fit in anything with an actual trunk.

No thought of an outside un-aero rack. Maybe if I needed to haul more bikes I’d consider one. But, there’s alway the folding bike option – there are even electric ones.

The heavy bumper rack reduces range how much? A lightweight roof rack with lighter conventional doors would have increased range of the Model X. “Falcon Wing” doors are idiotic on a SUV.